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Dustin Diamond

Screech Is Going To Jail For Stabbing That Guy In A Bar Fight

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Earlier this year, Dustin Diamond pleaded not guilty to stabbing a man during a bar fight over Christmas, a crime he definitely committed and was arrested for at the time. Well, apparently the judge and jury handling his case wasn’t having his bullshit, and now Screech is going to prison, though not for very long.

From TMZ:

Dustin Diamond did not get saved by a Wisconsin judge … who sentenced the actor to 120 days in jail for a bar stabbing incident.

During Thursday morning’s hearing, Diamond also got 15 months probation, and cannot return to the scene of the crime or contact the victim. However, he was ordered to pay the victim $1,105 in restitution.

The “Saved by the Bell” star will serve his 120 days in two 60 day stints.

Diamond was arrested in December 2014 for stabbing a man during an bar altercation on Christmas night. He was convicted of carrying a concealed weapon and disorderly conduct … both misdemeanors.

During sentencing, the judge admonished Dustin for even carrying a knife — since Wisconsin’s such a safe place.

Why on earth would he need to serve a 4 month sentence in two different stints? Can any of the litigious/legalese-speakers amongst you enlighten me on this?

Glad to see a “celebrity” going to jail for what he’s done, but this is only cos he’s a has been. If he had more money/notoriety, no doubt he would have walked out of there a free man. 

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Screech pleads not guilty to stabbing charges

dustin diamond

I feel like Dustin Diamond will forever be trying to prove that he’s nothing like his Saved by the Bell character Screech and is actually a ~total badass~ and that’s why he’s turned into such a hot ass mess in his later years. His latest woes come in the form of charges stemming from the time he stabbed a dude in a bar fight – charges which he pleaded ‘not guilty’ to in court this week.

“I’m feeling very positive about the outcome [of the trial],” [Diamond's attorney Thomas] Alberti tells PEOPLE. “The deeper we dig the more confident we feel about the outcome. The police and the prosecutor provided us with video and witness reports and everything we see completely supports what we said all along happened so we feel very good about it.”

Diamond told police the bar fight started after he refused to shake hands with a woman who was bumping into his 27-year-old fiancé. The couple was arrested a short time after they left the bar.

I mean, obviously he stabbed the guy. He’s a (former?) drug addict and a complete lunatic. Did anybody watch his season of Celebrity Big Brother? I mean, come on!

For reference, Screech was charged with “second-degree recklessly endangering safety, disorderly conduct and carrying a concealed weapon” upon his arrest at the Grand Avenue Saloon on Christmas Day. Drinking at a bar on Christmas Day? I love it.

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Screech Stabbed A Man


So what did you do on your Christmas holiday? Did you get into a bar fight and stab a man? Well, Dustin Diamond, AKA “Screech” from Saved By the Bell, did. Call him old fashioned, I guess.

Apparently, Screech (I refuse to call him by his real name, call the cops), was defending his fiancee and in doing so, wound up stabbing a man. Dude got arrested. I guess it’s not all right and I guess he wasn’t saved by the bell. Though he remains chipper in his mugshot:


Here’s the story, from the LA Times:

“Saved by the Bell” actor Dustin Diamond was charged Friday with second-degree recklessly endangering safety, disorderly conduct and carrying a concealed weapon after a Wisconsin bar fight late Christmas night.

A Port Washington, Wis., police report said the former child star, famous for playing Screech on the sitcom “Saved by the Bell,” admitted accidentally stabbing a man while defending his fiancee from two men, according to the Associated Press.

In court, Diamond saw his bail boosted to $10,000 from $1,000. He had been arrested in the wee hours Friday on initial charges of possession of a switchblade knife, carrying a concealed weapon and first-degree recklessly endangering safety, a felony, according to the Ozaukee County Sheriff’s Department website.

The second-degree endangering charge is also a felony, the AP said. The other charges are misdemeanors.

TMZ obtained video from the bar, north of Milwaukee, in which an onlooker exclaims: “He’s got a … knife.” Police told the website that the wounds were not life-threatening.

Man, just when you thought you couldn’t dislike this guy anymore, he pulls an Andy Dick and gets arrested for something stupid. And look at his dumb mugshot. Look how freakin’ smug he is. I can’t stand this guy.

What did you do on your Christmas holiday?

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But is There Going to be a ‘Saved by the Bell’ Reunion?

photo of saved by the bell pictures reunion photos, pics
From TMZ:

Saved by the Bell” is another step closer to a comeback … Mr. Belding himself — aka Dennis Haskins — tells TMZ he’s all for a Bayside High reunion, just days after Mark-Paul Gosselaar said he wasn’t opposed to the idea.

TMZ broke the story … Mark-Paul was in L.A. last weekend … and told our photog, if the upcoming “Boy Meets World” revamp works out, then “maybe we’ll do a reunion as well.”

That’s all it took for Mr. Belding to board the gravy train … telling TMZ, “I have always supported a reunion of any kind including all of us” … before adding, “Honestly, the fans still love us and our show so much … they deserve it!”

As for the rest of the cast, getting them together may be tricky — Jimmy Fallon nearly made it happen in 2009 … until Tiffani Thiessen put the kibosh on the whole thing.

Man. Can I tell you how much I hope this happens? I really, really hope this happens. Mr. Belding, I don’t care all that much for, because he’s just like whatever, but seeing Zack and Kelly rekindle their on-screen romance? Come on, Kapowski. It’s not as if you’ve got anything better going on. Might want to rethink the 2009 Kibosh, huh?

As for the rest of the cast, I think it’d be super good publicity, too. Lark Voorhies … well, we all know what kind of craziness she’s been up to lately, and if Dustin Diamond isn’t too busy filming scat porn, then we’ve got those two also. Mario Lopez and Elizabeth Berkley? Easy. Mario would just be in his glory to be around three hot pieces of ass all at once, and Elizabeth, well. Where the hell has she been, anyway? … Never mind. Don’t answer that.

Screech Has Some Words About Lisa Turtle, Too

photo of lark voorhies lisa turtle pictures
Yesterday we talked about how Saved by the Bell‘s Lark Voorhies‘ mom came forward and blamed the “erratic” behavior that her daughter had been exhibiting over the past year on the fact that her daughter has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Which, if you can get past the fact that it was really f-cked up that a grown-ass woman’s mother is talking personal details of said grown-ass woman’s life without permission, I guess it’s what our moms do, sometimes, right? Give things away that we’d all rather not discuss with people who don’t know us, yes? Well, former SBTB co-star Dustin Diamond (otherwise known as ‘Screech’) has also come forward saying that she’s not the same girl he used to know, and he’s kind of worried about her, too.

From People:

In 2003, Lark Voorhies and Dustin Diamond reunited after many years to record commentary for a Saved by the Bell box set. But it wasn’t the Screech-and-Lisa reunion he expected.

“I was always used to playing off of her and looking into her eyes,” Diamond says of his former costar. “When I saw her at the commentary, it wasn’t the Lark I knew.”

Voorhies stared into space, Diamond says, much like she did during a series of interviews with PEOPLE. Voorhies says she is spiritual, but her mother Tricia revealed her daughter was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

She wasn’t always like this. Voorhies, who famously played the bubbly Lisa Turtle on the ’90s Saturday morning sitcom, was just as engaging offscreen, recalls Mario Lopez.

“[She] came from a real nice family – close with her mom. She carried herself like a little lady,” says Lopez, who played jock A.C. Slater on the show. “She was a sweet, pretty, cool teenaged girl. I was a big fan of hers. We got along great.”

She also got along with Diamond, despite her character rejecting his countless advances. Last year, the pair found themselves working side-by-side again, this time on an indie film called Little Creeps.

But the girl Diamond knew from Saved by the Bell looked more like the woman he saw while recording a commentary nearly a decade ago. Diamond recalls her darting off set and creating tension when she was there.

“Part of me is putting it out of my mind and not thinking about it, but the other part is that of concern,” he says. “Man, I hope she’s all right.”

So, OK. I don’t doubt what Dustin Diamond is saying to be true. But guys, it’s Dustin Diamond. He’ll pretty much comment on anything at all if it’ll give him a few seconds of press, right? But still. I find it really, really strange, and almost Britney-like that everyone in this woman’s life is making statements about emotional and mental health aside from the woman herself. And that’s just not cool, guys.

If You Didn’t Hate Screech After Seeing Him on Celebrity Fit Club …

Beet told us the other day that Dustin Diamond, better known as Saved by the Bell‘s Screech, has bundled together a collection of his delusions and found a publisher willing to call it a book.

This morning Double D (and he is a complete boob) was on Fox 5 to plug his new book.  He shared a story of when an extra on the SBTB set irritated him and he responding by pissing in her purse.  Oh. The. Hilarity.

If you saw Double D on VH1′s Celebrity Fit Club, you know that he’s a big fat liar (emphasis on fat since he kept leaving the show every other episode), but I’d still buy his book just to see what type of shit he’s trying to peddle.  Well, I’d buy his book if I could get it on my Kindle.  For … like, a quarter.



“We weren’t in rehab and Mr. Belding wasn’t my crack dealer.”

Mark-Paul Gosselaar, responding to accusations Dustin “Screech” Diamond makes in his latest attempt to salvage his finances and his fame with no thought of salvaging his dignity. Screech has “written” a “memoir” called Behind the Bell, about his days on the set of Saved by the Bell. Us Weekly has a sneak peak at all the fabricated dirt:

He also alleges costar Mark Paul Gosselaar — who played popular Zack Morris — used steroids before production started on 1994′s short-lived Saved by the Bell: The College Years.

“He suddenly exploded with manliness, loading 25 pounds of muscle on his once-scrawny frame in, oh, about a month,” says Diamond, who is not in touch with any of his costars. …

Diamond — who filed for bankruptcy in 2001 and had his own sex tape released in 2006 — goes on to say his costars hooked up off-camera.

“If Kelly [Tiffani Thiessen] was interested in Slater [Mario Lopez] one week, then backstage there was a lot going between them in Mario [Lopez]‘s room,” he tells the new Us Weekly. “Then, if Jessie [Elizabeth Berkley] kisses Zack, then you know Elizabeth Berkley is going in Mark-Paul’s room.”

I don’t know how much if any of this is even remotely true, but, even if it is, like, let me get this straight: These uber-attractive teenagers who had basically no social circle or life outside of that cast hooked up with one another? Often switching partners? GASP. I mean, I’d always surmised that some crazy shit went on in that greenroom, but teenagers hooking up? I’m sickened, just sickened. I have to buy the book now so I can find out what other juicy tidbits are in there. I bet one time Elizabeth Berkeley asked Tiffani Thiessen if she could borrow a tampon and Tiffani was all like, “Sure, but I thought you just finished your period?” and then Elizabeth Berkeley was like, “Oh, no, I’m not on my period. I just need this one to masturbate with.” BOOM!