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Dina Manzo

Bravo, Please Kick Danielle Staub Off Real Housewives

Danielle Staub Responsible For Dina Manzo's Departure

I already said that Danielle Staub is an unfit mother who should have her children taken away, but now I’m going to go ahead and say that this woman is so horrible that there’s not even room for her on reality television. On last night’s episode of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, we learned that Dina Manzo elected to leave the show mid-taping because she no longer could stomach the drama perpetuated by Danielle.

We also can’t forget that Dina’s daughter Lexi is no longer on the show and there are lots of rumors out there floating around that Danielle has something to do with it. With no main story line and a husband that refuses to participate in reality television, Dina’s plot line has now been reduced to talking about Danielle. If I thought Miss. D had two braincells in her head to rub together, I would give her credit for finagling that much screen time.

But she’s not smart. Danielle, in all of her desperate attempts to say relevant, is as transparent as any person could be. She is, from everything we know about her, quite possibly a sociopath. If it’s not bad business for Bravo to be doing business with a sociopath, then they should consider that her blatant manipulations (see: her sex tape) is bringing down the integrity of their entire franchise.

I am not interested in sitting through another season of Danielle Drama. I would rather watch the Manzo boys play the ham game for an hour than have the show infused with her deranged self-importance. It’s not even laughable anymore.