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Diane Keaton Thought Lena Dunham Was A Lesbian

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Admittedly, this isn’t “news” so much as it is just pure hilariousness. Basically, Diane Keaton ran into Lena Dunham at one of Jennifer Aniston‘s parties (which, that alone…) and when she saw her, she assumed Lena was a lesbian. I mean, I guess I can see why Diane would assume that, though I’m vaguely offended, because we certainly don’t want her on the team.

At a Trainwreck panel Monday night, Lena recounted (per Vulture) how she’d attended the fête with Judd Apatow. At first, Diane wanted to know if Lena and the 47-year-old producer were on a date. Judd, who is happily married to actress Leslie Mann, clarified Lena was just a pal who happens to be “significantly younger than me.”

Diane wanted to know Lena’s deal, though! So, as Lena recalled it, she looked at her, “and she said, ‘Do you even like men? Are you interested in men?’”

“It was the best thing,” Lena gushed. “So Diane Keaton was just straight up like, ‘There is a lesbian and I am Diane Keaton so I don’t even need to beat around the proverbial bush. I can just let her know.’”

I love that Diane Keaton doesn’t give a shit and just straight up came out and asked Lena what was up. I swear, people get less and less tactful every year over 50, and I can’t wait, to be honest. No one gets a pass at being reckless with their words like older people, so I’m totally into it.

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Diane Keaton reveals struggle with bulimia, eating 20,000 calories a day

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Diane Keaton is a legend with a long and successful career, and while I think she’s a hot ass mess in a lot of ways, I at least can respect where she’s been and what she’s been through. One of those things is a serious struggle with bulimia when she was in her 20s, wherein she apparently binged and purged on over 20,000 calories per day – a story she’s shared before, but not in such great detail.

From an interview on The Dr. Oz Show (via Radar Online):

“All I did was feed my hunger. I was an addict,” she told Oz.

Oprah’s trusted pal read off a list of foods from then-budding actress’ dangerous daily diet, which included a bucket of chicken, several orders of fries with blue cheese and ketchup, two TV dinners, pounds of candy, a cake and three banana cream pies.

“I was an obese person who had somehow tricked myself and managed to hide it,” the Let’s Just Say It Wasn’t Pretty author said. “When you’re living with a lie for four years, it wipes out any growth whatsoever.”

Keaton later recovered with the help of a therapist.

“One day I stopped,” she said. “I never, ever did it again. I just stopped and I don’t even know why.”

Damn, that’s crazy – though unfortunately not all that uncommon for girls, especially ones in Hollywood. Glad to hear she was able to get some help, though I wish some other actresses working these days would do the same…

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Diane Keaton Stands Behind Woody Allen


Diane Keaton hasn’t been shy about her love of Woody Allen lately; she accepted an award on his behalf at The Golden Globes with a long speech full of babbling praise. When Allen’s daughter, Dylan Farrow, came out with a detailed open letter stating the sexual abuse he did to her, she named Diane Keaton in the letter, asking “how could you forget me?” Now Diane Keaton has come forward with her thoughts regarding the whole controversy.

The Guardian interviewed Keaton and asked if she had a problem with publicly stating her love for Woody Allen. She replied,

No. No. No. He’s the strongest person I’ve met in my life.

They then asked if she “resented” Dylan Farrow for “dragging” her into it:

No. What are they going to do? Who else are they going to drag in? They have to drag someone in. I don’t resent it, not for a second.

And finally, the reported says, “Dylan Farrow’s accusation is that you publicly defended someone who molested her” to which Keaton responded,

I have nothing to say about that. Except: I believe my friend.

So, there you go. Diane Keaton stands behind Woody Allen. I really wish they had gone deeper into her feelings about this.

Allen has denied all allegations.

What do you guys think?

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Best And Worst Celebrity Looks Of The Week

Welcome back to Best and Worst Celebrity Looks of the Week! Time once again to take a gander at what celebs are wearing and dub someone BEST, WORST, and WTF. My picks are at the bottom. Let’s get right to it!

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Best And Worst Celeb Looks Of The Last Week of October


It’s been a while since we’ve had a best and worst celebrity looks of the week, so here we go. This is from the last week of October. I chose Kelly Osbourne for best celebrity dressing up as another celebrity. That’s her above as Christina Hendricks. Pretty dead-on.

I promise not to overdo it on the Halloween costumes.

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Love It or Leave It: Diane Keaton Tries to Recapture Annie Hall

photo of diane keaton pictures photos pics annie hall 2011 photo
See, I didn’t get this look back in 1977 (not that I was around then), and I definitely don’t get it these days. Especially with the six-inch heeled ankle boots. With flowy pants.  I think that might be the worst part of all of it. Like, what’s she trying to hide in them there ankle gaps, sixteen buttered croissants? A Christmas goose? Woody Allen‘s manhood?

What say you –

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You’ll Never Believe How Many Calories Diane Keaton Used to Ingest in a Given Day, How Much She Loves Woody Allen

photo of woody allen and diane keaton pictures photos
Are you ready for your mind to be blown? Seriously, like, zillion-caliber blown? OK, here goes: Diane Keaton, during her bulimia days, used to take in twenty thousand calories in one day. 20,000! In ONE DAY! My God!

Here are some excerpts from her upcoming book, Then Again: A Memoir, courtesy of the Daily Mail.

On bingeing and purging those calories away:

For breakfast each day, she’d shovel down a dozen buttered corn muffins, three fried eggs with bacon, pancakes and four glasses of chocolate milk. For lunch: three buttered steaks with charbroiled fat on the side, two-and-a-half baked potatoes with sour cream, apple pie and two chocolate sundaes with extra nuts. Dinner almost defied belief: a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken, several orders of chips with blue cheese and ketchup, a couple of TV dinners, chocolate-covered almonds, a large bottle of 7Up, a pound of peanut brittle, M&Ms, mango juice, one Sara Lee pound cake, and three frozen banana-cream pies.

On learning to dislike her looks from a young age:

Her body, she was dismayed to discover, looked big in the bathtub and her features failed to measure up to those of Audrey Hepburn, the radiant subject of a feature in Life magazine. To help matters along, Diane slept with a hair-grip on her nose, hoping to reshape it into a straight line.

The side effects from bulimia:

Eating and purging around 20,000 calories a day gave Diane heartburn, indigestion, irregular periods, low blood pressure and 26 cavities in her teeth.

Dating Al Pacino and trying to force him into marriage:

In 1990, when they flew to Rome to start filming Godfather III, she gave him an ultimatum: ‘Marry me, or at least commit to the possibility.’ Clearly, his response was not what she’d hoped for: they broke up, got together again and went on to have another ‘dozen’ break-ups.
‘Poor Al. Poor me — I never stopped insisting,’ she says. When they returned to the U.S., though, a family crisis drove even Al Pacino from her mind. Her father was diagnosed with a brain tumour, and died five months later.  Diane was distraught. Two months after her father’s death, she was sitting in a therapist’s office with Al when he announced that he’d never had any intention of marrying her and wanted to split for good. She watched him walk away without a backward glance.

And her true feelings about Woody Allen after all this time:

“I miss Woody. He’d cringe if he knew how much I care about him, but I’m smart enough not to broach the subject. I know he’s borderline repulsed by the grotesque nature of my affection. What am I supposed to do? I still love him.”

Damn. Talk about one intense lady. I admire her candor and her honesty, and in all truthfulness, I think I’d actually read this book. It sounds fascinating, and her self-awareness is kind of stark and appealing.