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Demi Moore


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Seriously, right? Is she supposed to not Tweet her moroseness ’til this whole thing blows over?

Honestly, though, I hear her. People are seriously snarking out over the fact that she hasn’t changed her handle from MrsKutcher to, what … I don’t even know. AngryLadyWithTooMuchBodilyPlastic or something? The ink on the preliminary divorce decree probably hasn’t even dried yet, and yet her followers think that her Twitter name is a priority right now.

Come on. We’re talking a mature, mature woman here. Who does age-appropriate stuff and does not bother with the childishness that ensues on Twitter. It’s not like she’s Courtney Stodden, who, if divorced, would change her handle to HollywoodStarDownToF*ck as soon as the door hit boyfriend in the ass, you feel me?

Quotables: Sara Leal Didn’t Help Ruin Ashton’s Marriage

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“I might have been a bump in the road – but for someone to file for divorce, obviously it was a long time coming. They obviously had issues way before I came into the picture.”

Isn’t that super news, guys? That former mistress Sara Leal isn’t feeling any guilt about cavorting with a married man? I know this is opening a can of worms for a lot of people, but let’s be truthful here: while part of her statement is correct (“They obviously had issues way before I came into the picture”), and if it wasn’t her, it probably would have been another hookup in another hotel, but the bottom line is “What kind of woman would get involved with a married man,” purely on a moral or ethical level? I’m sure it’s probably because Ashton’s all famous and stuff, and Leal just couldn’t help herself, but what does that also say about her? Come on now.

Are Ashton and Demi Over for Good?

Photo: Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore in June 2011

I’ve said it before, and I’ll tell you again: Ashton and Demi are total weirdos. They just might be meant to be. No, I know: Ashton sticks it everywhere, and Demi is insecure about her age. (They reportedly had an “open” marriage, and Demi was cool as long as she knew about Ashton’s dalliances. It’s akin to your “cool mom” promising you can experiment with Mary Jane as long as it’s under her roof. Yikes. Just, yikes.)

As PopBytes tells it, Ashton did try to win Demi’s affection back. With! A Lexus hybrid, valued at over $100,000. But it was evidently too little, too late, and Demi Moore filed for divorce anyway. I mean, really. A car? A car. Whatever happened to smoothing things over with a nice, big diamond?

But what’s this! Over the weekend, apparently, the estranged couple reunited for Kabbalah counseling. They left together, but the pair took separate cars. No word on whether one of the cars was a Lexus, though.