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Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato Wants A Realistic Barbie


Demi Lovato thinks we need a better Barbie. Yesterday she tweeted,

1 of my biggest dreams, having collected Barbies since I was a kid, is to have my own Barbie BUT with my actual body type.. Weight & height

and the retweets flooded in. Ms. Lovato has been very vocal about her body issues and she’d like to see a more “realistic” version of the doll, tweeting such a Barbie doll would be, “one dope 21st birthday” present.

And she didn’t stop there. From Starcasm:

While encouraging her 14.7 million Twitter followers to tweet @BarbieStyle, Demi also suggested Mattel create a Barbie with some cellulite: “After all, around 95% of ALL women have it!!!”

The X Factor judge’s fans were quick to back up Demi.

“I’d buy a @ddlovato Barbie in a heart beat… I’d actually buy like 1,000 and give them to every little girl i see,” wrote one, who Demi retweeted.

Last year, a fan threw a Barbie doll at Demi while she was performing in Brazil. The young star then took a moment to give a very grown-up speech.

“I spent my whole life trying to be this and trying to look like this,” Demi told her fans. “And guess what? I’m not this. And it means the world to me that you guys still love me no matter what.”

I think that’s great, but I don’t want to see a Barbie with cellulite. That’s way too difficult for a toy manufacturer to make without making it seem like Barbie is filled with Gak. You guys remember Gak?

Demi Lovato’s Parents Told Her She Wasn’t Allowed To Kill Herself

demi lovato on x factor

Demi Lovato has gone through some pretty difficult stuff in her life. Apparently she’s struggled with depression for a very long time — since the age of 7. (She’s also said she’s had body dysmorphia since age 3.) And here comes one of the more bizarre things I’ve ever heard of: her parents made her, at age 7, sign a contract that she would not kill herself. Um, what? From E Online:

The principal called my parents and made me sign this suicide contract saying that I would not kill myself. They weren’t expecting that so young.

[On going to rehab in 2010] My parents were like, ‘You have two choices. We can either shut it down and not talk about it, or you can tell people what’s up.’ There was no hesitation, really. I opened up that gate.

Good for her for speaking about it, because I think it helps a lot of people, especially young women, to hear that someone so famous and seemingly perfect has deep struggles of their own. Maybe she’ll reach out to Paris Jackson.

This contract though…I mean, what in the everloving hell?

Demi Lovato Really Misses Selena Gomez

demi lovato selena gomez

Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez are both former Disney stars who spent many of their childhood years as really close friends. Like most teenagers, they grew apart for a few years and while they recently got back in contact, Demi admits she’s still feeling a bit lonely without her pal.

From BBC Radio 1 (via DS):

“We grew up together, we knew each other since we were 7 years old,” Lovato explained.

“For a while we grew apart and went our separate ways like most people do when they have childhood friends, but recently I have come into contact with her again and I really miss her and wish I could see her.”

Oh, dear. Poor Demi! I feel kinda bad for her, because sometimes she seems pretty lonely and it’s a shame. She’s still recovering from all the things she went to rehab for and seems to be kind of a loner. She’s not even going to tour this new album. Instead, she hangs out with Simon Cowell and talks about missing her childhood friend during a radio interview. I dunno – maybe I’m thinking about this too much. That’s probably it.