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Demi Lovato

This is Why Demi’s Been Bumming All This Time

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See this chick above? You know who that is. That’s Minka Kelly, the subject of many a male and female fantasy. Also, she dated Derek Jeter, and Lord knows he only dates grade-A ass (subject to final review). He also dated Cameron Diaz, didn’t he? That’s questionable right there. Review it.

As for the head line, the Demi in question is Demi Lovato, and sources are saying that Fez – AKA Wilmer Valderrama AKA Demi’s ex-boyfriend – is now hitting this. Well, that. As in Minka Kelly.

From the New York Daily News:

Minka Kelly is swapping ball players for the Hollywood variety. A source at Beacher’s Madhouse on Saturday night spotted Wilmer Valderamma exit the Hollywood club to escort Kelly and her friend inside. “He didn’t need to come outside and get her,” said the insider, who added that Kelly, who arrived at 12:45 a.m., could have gained access on her own accord, and that Valderamma had arrived earlier in the evening with Hayden Panettiere and a few others. Once insider Beacher’s, where Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus also spent the evening, the actor stayed by the side of Derek Jeter’s former squeeze for the entire night. The source adds, however, the pair were careful about appearing too affectionate inside the trendy club. A friend of Valderamma’s says the famous twosome “are getting to know each other” right now.

Oh. OH. Yeah, I don’t know about you guys, but some people might think it’s comparing apples to oranges – yes, good apples and good oranges, but apples and oranges nonetheless. Some people might even go as far as to say that there’s positively no competition when it comes to Minka Kelly being in the equation.

Who’d you rather, Demi or Minka?

Demi Lovato: “My Mother Didn’t Want to Believe I Was Sick.”

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Demi Lovato (who I think could possibly be the solution to the Blind Item that was posted last night) recently did an interview with the Daily Mail’s You magazine, where she talked about what caused her downward spiral that eventually landed her in rehab, and how she felt she was “born” with an eating disorder.

Demi on putting up the front that everything was okay for so long:

“I had been very upset and depressed for a while, but I could never say I needed help. I definitely have more confidence than I did a year ago.”

Demi admitted that she had an eating disorder and a cutting addiction for years, which was only compounded by the stressors of fame:

“I was totally shameful and confused and upset. I was so embarrassed. I didn’t just have to pay the consequences in front of the people around me, but in front of the entire world. I came clean after I hit the girl. Before that happened my mum didn’t know exactly how serious it all was. She said, ‘Why did you do this?’ I said, ‘Because I’m exhausted’ and she had to wake up and see that I needed help. My mum was so worried. She didn’t want to believe that her daughter was so sick.”

Demi on using her voice to better her circumstances and help those who may be suffering the same issues – and religion, too:

“I know that I have a voice and can use it for good or bad. It’s a gift from God. I knew I could share my experience and be of service or not tell anybody and be like the rest of Hollywood and hide my secrets. [But] I didn’t want to do that.”

On her dangerous dependency on food and how it affected her life:

“I think I was born with an eating disorder, because I’ve never had a relationship with food that was normal.
I remember looking in the mirror with nappies [diapers] on thinking, ‘You’re fat, change it’. I started overeating when I was about eight; I was a binge eater. I would bake a whole plate of cookies and eat them all. Then when I turned 12 I was bullied in school and they called me fat. I went from being an overeater to stopping eating and I lost about 30lb. From then on I continued undereating, but my weight plateaued. [Then] I started throwing up to lose weight.”

And finally, Demi on the “key” to a successful rehab stint:

“The key is that you have to want it. The problem with a lot of celebrities is that they go into rehab, but they don’t stay for the full amount of time. I wanted to go home after 30 days, but they told me, ‘No, you’re not better.’ I went through 14 hours of therapy every day. It wasn’t fun. There were sessions from seven in the morning until nine at night: Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Anorexics and Bulimics Anonymous and Self Mutilators Anonymous. It was constant emotional work and exhausting; by the end of the day, all you wanted to do was sleep.”

Are you listening to this, Lindsay Lohan? No? Somehow I didn’t think so.

Image courtesy of Seventeen

Miley Cyrus Cut Off Most of Her Hair and Demi Lovato Washed That Man Right Out of Hers, Maybe

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I like it! I mean, I liked it a lot when she had her long, flowing locks of … rayon, was it? but I really like it now that it’s short and natural and completely authentic-looking. It’s good. It makes her look more mature, and a lot of people have been waiting for that for years, even though she turned eighteen back in 2010 or something. F-cking perverts.

Another celebrity who completely did a look change-up was Demi Lovato, who also posted a photo of herself on Twitter as a golden blonde instead of her as-of-late fiery red:

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Looks good, right? And does that mean that maybe she’s done with Wilmer Valderrama? Because I’ve heard that when people do drastic things to their hair, that they’re either looking to make a big lifestyle change or, you know, they’re just going crazy. I think Demi’s still got a good, solid grip on reality these days (despite the rumored possibility of that Fez-reunion), so I’m going to go out on a limb, here, and assume it’s not the latter reason, and if it’s the former? Boy oh boy. Christmas just came EARLY, my friends.

Who do you think did the hair-change better, Demi or Miley?

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Images courtesy of Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato’s Twitter. Respectively.

Demi Lovato Couldn’t Have Been in Rehab, Because She Did This Photo Shoot With Tyler Shields

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So, yeah. Wow. Demi Lovato looking hot all over the place for Tyler Shields. Didn’t Lindsay Lohan do a Shields shoot right before – or after – rehab, too? I’m not saying that Demi was in rehab, but I’m not saying she wasn’t, either. Her “Twitter break” fed enough speculation to last another few weeks or, you know, at least until Wilmer Valderrama breaks up with her again. Plus, she also kind of denied it on Twitter. Demi said, “Don’t believe the hype…. All is well! SO stoked to head to Chile in a few days!!! Love all my Lovatics… MUAH! xo”. She said “MUAH” and “xo”. That definitely doesn’t sound like someone who’s just emerged from rehab, now, does it? Don’t people who just get out of rehab do things like hit babies in strollers with their cars and get photographed falling down on the ground drunk? Or – the best! – rock a pair of cocaine stilettos?

No, Demi wasn’t in rehab. She was doing photo shoots with Tyler Shields and shopping somewhere off the grid. No rehab there, folks.

But she’s probably definitely back together with Wilmer Valderrama. See what she posted on her Twitter the other day?:

“To the one and only @WillyVille – I only hope the world can see what an incredible man you are.. Happy Birthday Wilmer, you deserve it. :)”

Ugh, please get up off his dick already, girl. He’s gross and he’s no good for you, no matter how you try to make him look better or more appealing to the general public. It’s like saying, “Hey, herpes are good for you!” and expecting everyone around you to say, “Yeah, well, you might have something there!”

Come on now.

Blind Item: Demi Lovato Might Be in Rehab

A photo of Demi Lovato

A week or so ago, we had a blind item about a young starlet who is off her meds and back to drugs and booze and self-harming. As sad as it was, I think it was pretty obviously about Demi Lovato. Today, we have a brand new blind item for you guys to check out, and, well, it’s a whole lot more obvious.

From Blind Gossip:

Following a serious relapse last week, this award-winning performer was secretly admitted to a well-known rehab facility.

When word of her condition got out, her team – apparently caring more about PR than her recovery – pulled her out of the first facility, issued a denial that she was in rehab, waited a couple of hours, then put her into another facility. And that was just the beginning of their PR games.

They tried to knock the rehab story out of the headlines by planting a story about a breakup, but media outlets continued to carry the rehab story. They promised a staged photo op to prove that she was fine, but failed to deliver her because the rehab facility wouldn’t let her leave in the middle of detox. They said that she was just hanging out at home, but when friends stopped by to see her, they were told that she had suddenly gone to visit a relative on the other side of the country. They tried to fake her participation in a live online interview, but fans cried foul when they noticed that dormant Twitter accounts were being used for the questions and that the answers sounded canned and phony.

Sadly, these PR lies are just a continuation of a year of lies about her living a healthy, sober life following her last rehab. In reality, she is an out-of-control party monster. And, we are sad to report, her problems are even worse this time around: alcohol, self-harming, and lots of drugs, including cocaine and heroin.

There are lots of lies because there’s lots of money and projects and products and endorsements and magazine covers at stake. If the fans aren’t properly fooled into thinking she is a sweet, healthy girl, nobody gets paid! So they keep pretending that everything is fine (it’s not), that she is healthy (she’s not), and that they are so proud of her sobriety (Shut up, Mom). They need to keep her fans believing all of these lies order to keep the money rolling in.

Although we do know her new location, we will not disclose it. We want her to stay in rehab. Yes, even though her fans want to believe that nothing is wrong, she is definitely back in rehab. And anything you hear to the contrary is a crock of shit.

Uh, ok. First of all, the story on Blind Gossip is titled “Broken Girl is Back in Rehab.” Demi Lovato’s latest album is titled Unbroken. After the first batch of rumors of Demi heading to rehab, her rep denied it. The blind item mentions a planted story about a breakup, and I’m sure we all remember the tragic parting of Demi and Wilmer Valderrama. The blind item talks about a faked online interview, and if you check out Demi’s Twitter, she definitely has one of those. And then, of course, there’s the talk of the image of a “sweet, healthy girl,” and that certainly fits Demi. Did I miss anything?

What do you guys think? Is Demi Lovato back in rehab or what?

Demi Lovato Takes a Break from Twitter

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Ah, another celebrity trying to stay away from Twitter because they can’t help but sound like an ass each and every time they open their mouth, whee! See, when I think of celebrities saying, “I’m taking a break from Twitter, OMG”, I automatically associate those words with people like Ashton Kutcher and LeAnn Rimes. Who are just two of the celebrities who’ve claimed that they were taking breaks from Twitter, but couldn’t stay away for more than, like, a few days at the most. I didn’t really think Demi would be one to join that club, but here she is, saying that she’s taking a break from Twitter. Dear God.:

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So, could it be because everyone’s pissed that she’s reconciled her weirdo relationship with Wilmer Valderrama? Could it be because she got called out on the unstable Marilyn Monroe quotes? Is it because no one but me liked her short, cropped wig? Maybe it’s that her boyfriend’s Twitter handle is “WillyVille,” and that’s embarrassing, and yes, I’m hardly joking. Honestly, how embarrassing must it be to be associated with that shit? I mean, guys, he says things on there like “You should of been here.” Did you hear that? I’ll repeat it: “YOU SHOULD OF BEEN HERE.” Doesn’t that make you want to reach through the screen and just throttle the obnoxious little bastard? Isn’t that just the straw that breaks the camel’s back?

All in all, maybe it’s a good thing that Demi’s quitting Twitter, even if it’s a temporary thing. I mean, you’ve got to really lack something in your life in order to honestly miss it, and I think Demi’s Twitter is just one of those things. Give it a few days. We’ll be begging her to come back, maybe.

Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama, Together Again!

A photo of Wilmer Valderrama and Demi Lovato

You guys, this is such great news! It seems like we’ve been hearing about celebrity breakup after celebrity breakup around here for a while now (I still can’t believe it about Heidi and Seal), and it’s hard on the heart, it really is. Just one of those breakups happened between the always lovely Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama, who was cute sometimes on That 70′s Show. It wasn’t devastating at the time, but now it just seems like part of the problem, one more reason why true love doesn’t exist.

But it’s ok now, because these crazy kids are back together, living life and dancing to 50 Cent songs. This is wonderful! This is beautiful! This is hope!

From Life & Style:

Life & Style can reveal the two reunited at Hollywood club Beacher’s Madhouse on Jan. 18, and they seemed far from over, refuting reports from multiple outlets last week that the two were through.

“Right after Wilmer arrived, he made sure to say hi to Demi, who was sitting with Kim Kardashian,” an eyewitness tells Life & Style. “He kissed both of them on the cheek, and Demi couldn’t stop smiling. He kept making her laugh.”

As the night went on, the two couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

“Around 2 a.m., Demi grabbed Wilmer and hugged him,” the eyewitness says. “She kept her arms around him as they chatted with a friend. They definitely didn’t seem to be over each another!

“They danced together to 50 Cent’s ‘In Da Club,’ and she kept her arms around him the whole time,” the eyewitness adds. “They were facing each other, mouthing the lyrics to one another, and looked to be having a great time.”

Mouthing the lyrics to “In Da Club,” tell me, does it get any more romantic than that? Sigh. I think these beautiful people are going to make it, I really do.

Oh, wait. This is actually a bad thing? Wilmer has a habit of dating ladies who range from “not-so-likable” to “total trainwreck,” ladies like Ashlee Simpson, Avril Lavigne, and of course, Lindsay Lohan, and Demi was reportedly hooking up with Wilmer right before she went to rehab. Combine all that with the recent suspicions that Demi is back to booze and coke, and this doesn’t look good at all.

Wait a second. In that blind item, there’s a line that says “just a week ago she was out at some madhouse of a bar, drunk off her ass, doing multiple shots and snorting coke in the bathroom.” This report from Life and Style says that a week ago, Demi was at a bar called Beacher’s Madhouse. Is it a clue?

Personally, I don’t really know if I believe that Demi is back to her old ways, mostly because I don’t want to. That thought makes me sad. But regardless, the apparent fact that she’s back together with Wilmer Valderrama is nothing but bad news, and it’s not going to end well at all.

What do you guys think?