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Demand A Plan

Celebrity ‘Demand a Change’ PSA Gets a Rebuttal

The video response is called ‘Demand Celebrities Go F Themselves’, and shows clips of gun violence in films from which the original ‘Demand a Change’ celebrities spoke out against. Crafty, you know? And while I support the original video, featuring those celebrities speaking out against actionless, planless gun regulation in the United States, I can also agree with the makers of the second video, because I think Hollywood and the media have a large role to play in avoiding the desensitization of guns and their culture in America.

Something needs to be done, and when we can stop being hypocrites and saying, “Well he or she can’t have guns, but I can, because I’m mentally stable, and duh, no one looks up to me to be the example of what it is to be humane,” then this vicious cycle is only going to perpetuate itself.

Something I don’t agree with? The ‘Kill a Celebrity’ song playing at the end, and calling the celebrities “hypocrites” and “whores.” Yeah, there’s definitely some hypocrisy there, but calling someone a “whore” because they’re a hypocrite? I don’t know about all that, and quite honestly, the end of the video kind of invalidated the makers’ points on a certain level.

I do, however, think Sarah Silverman is a big, dumb asshat and pretty much anything eviscerating her character is OK by me.

Here’s the original if you haven’t already seen it:


Stop Gun Violence. Now.

The new initiative is called “Demand a Plan,” and I think it’s a pretty good plan thus far: Demand a Plan’s website states their aim is to “pass gun laws that require background checks for every gun sold in America, ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, and make gun trafficking a federal crime.” I can’t imagine anyone who’d disagree with that, so in light of this, demand a plan. Go. Now. Sign the petition. Seriously, why would you not?