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Dave Chappelle once bought weed from Idris Elba

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In what’s actually a hilarious tale of “It’s a Small World, Even in Hollywood”, it turns out Dave Chappelle probably bought weed once from Idris Elba before either of them got famous. Hilarious!

From a sit down interview with GQ:

Idris Elba once said he used to sell weed at the New York comedy club Carolines. That can’t be true, right?

Oh, okay. So he used to work at Carolines. During that era of my life, there’s a high possibility that I bought reefer from Idris. Fast-forward to when I was doing Chappelle’s Show. Idris would come to the set sometimes. Not the set where we’d be filming sketches, but the set when we did the live portion of the show and we showed the audience sketches. It used to be a real hot ticket in New York. There’s a lot of women who used to work on the show…all very professional, with the single exception when Idris would come around. It doesn’t matter how big a star would be on the show, when he came around, women would just lose their goddamn minds.

So it turns out ladies always loved Idris – not that that’s surprising. The more you know! So what did Idris look like back in the day, anyway? This is what Google brought me, after much searching:

idris elba

I must say, I think he looks much better now – but what about you? Would you hit it?

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Dave Chappelle Is Still Pissed Over His Flop Standup Show

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Dave Chappelle performed at a Funny Or Die comedy show in Connecticut and it didn’t go well — he was booed. He threw a hissy fit, told the audience he hated them, and left the stage. He’s still pissed off about it. Here’s some of what he had to say about the incident, at a show he did in Chicago last night from TMZ:

“I don’t want anything bad to happen to the United States,” Chappelle said … “but if North Korea ever drops a nuclear bomb on this country, I swear to God I hope it lands in Hartford, Connecticut.”

Chappelle then called the crowd “evil” … and described them as a bunch of “young, white alcoholics.”

“I wanted to pull a reverse Kramer and call them all crackers or something crazy like that.”

Dude, whatever. You flopped. You bombed. You ate it. Hard. Get the over it.

Dave Chappelle Throws A Tantrum Because He Got Booed

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Dave Chappelle has a habit of walking away when things don’t go his way, and when he feels his fans don’t appreciate him. Part of the reason he left his popular Chappelle’s Show is because he didn’t like that his fans were always coming up to him saying, “I’m Rick James, bitch!”, one of his signature catchphrases. Then, in June of 2004, when the audience kept shouting the popular phrase during a stand-up show, Mr. Chappelle simply walked off the stage, prematurely ending his set. He then returned, only to say, “You know why my show is good? Because the network officials say you’re not smart enough to get what I’m doing, and every day I fight for you. I tell them how smart you are. Turns out, I was wrong. You people are stupid.” (Sacramento Bee via Wikipedia)

He’s done it again! From E Online:

The 40-year-old funnyman walked off stage during last night’s Funny or Die Oddball Comedy & Curiosity Festival in Hartford, Conn., after being heckled by some audience members.

Chappelle’s onstage tantrum occurred during his standup set. Over a mixture of fan cheers and boos, Chappelle said to the audience, “Thank you. Good night,” before setting down the mic and finishing his set. He simply walked off stage to Kanye West‘s song “New Slaves” as the applause faded and most of the crowd booed his untimely finish.

Actually, he said more than, “Thank you, goodnight.” Before that he said, “I like some of you, I hate some of you. I forget some of you, but I don’t forget all of you.” Then he mumbled something about how they were “ruining his chances for congress” (???) and then he left.

Comedians are jumping to his defence. Patton Oswalt tweeted, “Dear Dave Chappelle’s fans: He’s one of the best comedians working, & you’re not letting him do what he loves. Stop being assholes.”

OR how about Dave Chappelle deals with the fact that maybe there are occasionally going to be assholes out there who don’t worship him? I agree that hecklers suck. I think the venue should have kicked them out. I saw Lou Reed live and he had a heckler and Reed stopped playing and shouted something like, “Get this f-ckhead out of here” and everyone cheered and a security guard threw him out. Then Reed continued his set and it was awesome. That’s how it’s done, Chappelle.

Someone took video of the incident. Here it is:

Dave Chappelle Is Sorry He Wasn’t Very Funny on Friday

Dave Chappelle, bombing in progress, on July 23 (GETTY IMAGES)

Yesterday afternoon, Vulture published the single funniest headline I’ve ever seen outside of the Onion (“Dave Chappelle Tells One Joke at Charity Event, Proceeds to Stare Down Audience”). Chappelle’s awkward 53-minute set was hosted as part of ex-NBA player Alonzo Mourning’s Summer Groove charity gala Friday night. The set bombed, and CNN analyst Roland S. Martin sat in the audience, livetweeting the whole mess.

Dave Chappelle somehow saw, and recognized, the CNN analyst in the crowd. “…Dave started talking to me, asking if I was putting this on CNN. Yes, from the stage!” Martin tweeted. He continued, “He’s been on stage 46 minutes & told one joke.”

And since you were wondering, no. No, Dave Chappelle wasn’t on drugs or anything, as Martin was quick to point out in his tweets. And it wasn’t as if Chappelle weren’t self-aware during his own performance; in fact, he reportedly remarked on how hard he was bombing with the audience as it was happening: “I’ve been onstage more than 40 minutes. I’ve only told one joke. The audience has told 38 jokes. F—-ing fantastic.”

Apparently, Chappelle was disgruntled because audience members in the front row repeatedly chimed in during the opening three minutes of his act. But instead of killing his hecklers with comedy, Chappelle just kind of… tried to wait the audience out?

Not only that, Chappelle received four text messages during the show “and actually checked them,” Martin livetweeted. Finally, Chappelle was booed off the stage.

Yesterday, Chappelle returned to the Seminole Hard Rock stage in support of the same charity event. There, he apologized for his “bad attitude” the night before, and this time delivered a shorter—and funnier—10-minute routine.

I honestly feel bad for Dave Chappelle, and I don’t think he owes anyone an apology. It is little surprise he was so easily ruffled, because he’s avoided the limelight for literally years now—his mellow crowd banter has been temporarily displaced, it seems, by a help-help-I’m-out-of-practice panic.

But turning his ire into 50 minutes of just standing there, glowering? It’s kind of genius. Tedium has always been a cornerstone of edgy comedy.

After the cut, a 3-minute video clip from the beginning of Friday’s show: Right off the bat, Chappelle is obviously uncomfortable with the crowd’s enthusiastic interruptions. Near the end of the clip, Chappelle begins to castigate an audience member for “filming the whole thing on a camera-phone.” Yep. The audience turned on him soon after.

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Dave Chappelle Disappoints Real World Congressional Candidate

Oh, there are just so many elements to this story, and all I want to do is take a nap.

But remember Kevin Powell from Season One of The Real World?

He’s running for Congress in New York. Yes, it’s true.

So he had a big fundraiser scheduled for Wednesday night at a Manhattan club, and Dave Chappelle was scheduled to show up to perform. Guess who never showed up? Yeah.

Earlier, Powell had urged the crowd to bear with him, suggesting that the comedian was “on his way.” But as the 700 campaign contributors grew restless and the vast press contingent started asking questions, Powell made his admission that Chappelle actually would not be appearing. He blamed travel mix-ups.

“We were on the phones non-stop with Dave’s management to get him here,” said a contrite Powell, 42, who promised that campaign donors would get into his next celebrity event for free.

Powell also claimed that comedian Chris Rock was actually backstage to show his support for the underdog’s hip-hop-themed campaign , but Rock never took the stage — “out of respect [for] other comedians,” Powell said.

Does Dave Chappelle ever show up for anything these days?

The photo’s of candidate Powell and Chris Rock, who apparently did show up, at the event.

You Can Only Ride the Dragon So Long

Dave Chappelle Probably Does Drugs

Let me preface this by saying I think Dave Chappelle is one of the funniest guys in the business. He’s super duper funny. In fact, as I noted back in the day, (the “day” being April 18th) I’m a big ol’ fan of his antics.

That said, the man is clearly on drugs. Check this out:

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Dave Chappelle was hospitalized over the weekend for exhaustion, his publicist said Tuesday. The 33-year-old comedian checked into an emergency room on Saturday and was released a few hours later, publicist Carla Sims said. “It was exhaustion; he had been traveling,” she said. “He’s fine.”

Yes, the rigorous travel made him “exhausted.” Actually, you should throw some airquotes up if you can on the word “exhaustion” because it so so deserves them. Exhaustion is code for “even his friends (that also do drugs) were freaked out because he combined the dragon with the eight ball so they dropped him at the front door of the hospital before peeling out so that the cop who’s stationed at the ER waiting room couldn’t catch their license plate number.” Man, that’s a long code.

When people are tired they check into a spa. Or a Hyatt. Or they go back to their mansion and order up a bevy of hookers to make them grilled cheese sandwiches. What don’t they do? Head off to the hospital.

Maybe he was tired and I’m reading too much into this. Actually I am pretty tired right now. I could use a grilled cheese.

When I Say Manic, You Say Depressive


I really like Dave Chappelle. I loved his movie, Dave Chappelle’s Block Party, and I think he’s one of the more interesting humans to ever appear on the Oprah show. But check this noise out:

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Now that he’s back on the standup circuit, Dave Chappelle has a lot to say. The comic … shattered the Laugh Factory’s endurance record by taking to the comedy club’s stage for six hours and seven minutes on Sunday.

SIX HOURS. Imagine that. Being funny for six hours of comedy. That’s not even human, or possible. It’s inhuman. And impossible. Yet the guy did it. Instant diagnosis? He’s a stark raving mad fellow.

Now for the good news. I Love that. The best comedians of our time aren’t well adjusted in the slightest, they’re loons. Chappelle is currently the best in the business, I just wish I’d been there to see it. It’s something I would’ve actually told my grandchildren if I hadn’t preemptively written them out of my will so long ago.