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Danny Noriega

Danny Noriega is Even More Obsessed With Nicki Minaj Than I Am

J/K, mothafuckas! No one will ever love the Harajuku Barbie more than me, but do y’alls remember Danny Noriega? That really adorable and super duper gay boy that came in like, maybe fourth the year that the two David’s were finalists on American Idol?

Well, I may have possibly been doing a little bit of YouTube searching earlier today and come across the video above of Danny taking his best shot at Nicki Minaj’s verse on Kanye’s “Monster” track.

OK, that’s exactly what happened.

So then I started clicking around in the “related videos” section and I discovered that Lil DanDan has actually made like, MAD VIDEOS of him rapping along to Nicki Minaj. I support this so much that I’m not really going to critique the dude, but one thing that would really put these videos over the top is if he mastered the “eye-pop, overbite” look that Nicki does so well.

Also, check out him doing “Bottoms Up”:

Rest In Peace, Anna Nicole Smith is right.

Anyway, I find this to be just about one of the greatest things on the Internet right now.

I’m double dog daring you to top me with a better YouTube find in the comments.