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Danielle Staub

Danielle Staub Got Served While Walking the Red Carpet Last Night

Danielle Staub Pays For Lying About Sex Tape

Danielle Staub had to know that lying about the details of her sex tape was going to come back and bite her in the butt at some point, but I’m guessing that she didn’t expect it to happen on a red carpet.

Last night Danielle attended a big Halloween blowout in Woodridge, NJ, and as soon as she took her place in front of the step-and-repeat, she was served with legal papers on behalf of Steve Zalewski, her ex-boyfriend.

From TMZ:

Danielle was stunned, but didn’t miss a beat — she simply handed the envelope to her publicist and continued down the red carpet into the party.

According to sources, Zalewski is suing Danielle for defamation because she has repeatedly accused him of secretly shooting a sex tape of her — which he denies doing.

Since she’s no longer going to be a part of the Real Housewives of New Jersey cast, Danielle has no income to speak of. Her legal bills have been out of control for some time now, but she’s really screwed now that she has no way to pay for them.

Be good people, you guys!

Danielle Staub Doesn’t Have a Terrible Singing Voice

I hate myself for saying this, but when I saw that Danielle Staub was trying to start a singing career, I thought she’d be a hell of a lot worse than she is. Last night, she and her rumored partner Lori Michaels were on Watch What Happens and they debuted their new single “Real Close”.

I expected the performance to be in the tradition of Kim Zolciak and Countess LuAnn. I imagined it was going to be a total abortion. But it really wasn’t. Did it sound like a housewife trying to parlay her minor success on reality television into a singing career? Sure. Let’s call a spade a spade. However, it wasn’t totally offensive. In fact, I would say that this performance is one of the least insulting things I’ve ever seen her do.

Bravo Wants Nothing To Do With Danielle Staub

It was announced earlier this week that my wish came true and Danielle Staub has been fired from Real Housewives of New Jersey. The former convict immediately made claims that she was going to be given a spin-off by Bravo, and if not that, she’d at least be appearing on the Real Housewives of New York City. No such luck, Danielle. No such luck.

Bravo is so fed up with dealing with Danielle that they want nothing to do with her. Especially after Real Housewives of New York City cast members said they would be leaving the show if she were to make an appearance.

Additionally, Danielle’s ex-husband has finally decided to step in and do something about the fact that his daughters are living with a crazy person. He decided to attempt to gain custody after discovering that no work permits have been filed for his daughter Jillian’s participation on the show. Breaking child labor laws? Not good.

All of this news is sad. The woman messed up her life and the lives of her children in order to participate in this show and in the long run, none of it will have been worth it. The good news (for us folks at home anyway)? Apparently Bravo gave her the heave-ho right before the reunion taping, so you know that that’s going to be two hours of completely buckwild television.

Good riddance, Danielle. No one will miss you.