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Danielle Staub

Danielle Staub Got Served While Walking the Red Carpet Last Night

Danielle Staub Pays For Lying About Sex Tape

Danielle Staub had to know that lying about the details of her sex tape was going to come back and bite her in the butt at some point, but I’m guessing that she didn’t expect it to happen on a red carpet.

Last night Danielle attended a big Halloween blowout in Woodridge, NJ, and as soon as she took her place in front of the step-and-repeat, she was served with legal papers on behalf of Steve Zalewski, her ex-boyfriend.

From TMZ:

Danielle was stunned, but didn’t miss a beat — she simply handed the envelope to her publicist and continued down the red carpet into the party.

According to sources, Zalewski is suing Danielle for defamation because she has repeatedly accused him of secretly shooting a sex tape of her — which he denies doing.

Since she’s no longer going to be a part of the Real Housewives of New Jersey cast, Danielle has no income to speak of. Her legal bills have been out of control for some time now, but she’s really screwed now that she has no way to pay for them.

Be good people, you guys!

Danielle Staub Doesn’t Have a Terrible Singing Voice

I hate myself for saying this, but when I saw that Danielle Staub was trying to start a singing career, I thought she’d be a hell of a lot worse than she is. Last night, she and her rumored partner Lori Michaels were on Watch What Happens and they debuted their new single “Real Close”.

I expected the performance to be in the tradition of Kim Zolciak and Countess LuAnn. I imagined it was going to be a total abortion. But it really wasn’t. Did it sound like a housewife trying to parlay her minor success on reality television into a singing career? Sure. Let’s call a spade a spade. However, it wasn’t totally offensive. In fact, I would say that this performance is one of the least insulting things I’ve ever seen her do.

Bravo Wants Nothing To Do With Danielle Staub

It was announced earlier this week that my wish came true and Danielle Staub has been fired from Real Housewives of New Jersey. The former convict immediately made claims that she was going to be given a spin-off by Bravo, and if not that, she’d at least be appearing on the Real Housewives of New York City. No such luck, Danielle. No such luck.

Bravo is so fed up with dealing with Danielle that they want nothing to do with her. Especially after Real Housewives of New York City cast members said they would be leaving the show if she were to make an appearance.

Additionally, Danielle’s ex-husband has finally decided to step in and do something about the fact that his daughters are living with a crazy person. He decided to attempt to gain custody after discovering that no work permits have been filed for his daughter Jillian’s participation on the show. Breaking child labor laws? Not good.

All of this news is sad. The woman messed up her life and the lives of her children in order to participate in this show and in the long run, none of it will have been worth it. The good news (for us folks at home anyway)? Apparently Bravo gave her the heave-ho right before the reunion taping, so you know that that’s going to be two hours of completely buckwild television.

Good riddance, Danielle. No one will miss you.

Real Housewives Fans, Can We Talk About Kim G?

If you’re smart, you’ve been watching Real Housewives of New Jersey this season. The drama’s been explosive and petty and delicious and all those things that make reality TV as addictive as it is.

If you’re sane, you’ve noticed that the villain on this season is actually not Danielle Staub, although she’s pretty awful too. Most of the screaming matches have been instigated by Kim G., neighbor of Jacqueline and BFF of Danielle. Kim G. saw her opportunity to get herself on the TV show that was making her peers so famous and she’s gone after it relentlessly, involving herself in as many relationships on the show as possible.

Last week’s episode featured Kim G. and Danielle finally going after each other. After Danielle intimated to Kim that she was planning on finding her birth mother, Kim relayed that news to one of the Manzo, who passed it on to Teresa, who blabbed it to who sounds like the nosiest eye brow plucker in the world. Through this beautician, Danielle’s daughter’s friend learned of Danielle’s search for her birth mom, and then she told Danielle’s daughter. Ugh. What a clusterfuck.

Danielle lost her mind over Kim’s blabbing and the two of them threw down in what was easily the most classless fight I’ve seen in some time. In fact, you should probably just watch it for yourself:

So that was mortifying for everyone involved and even several who weren’t, I’m sure.

I figured where things left off that Kim G. had smartened up and chosen to disassociate herself from Danielle, despite it meaning less screen time for her. After all, she’s not even a part of the cast. Then today I saw this.

It’s a story saying that Kim G. crashed Danielle’s birthday party over the weekend, totally uninvited, stood in front of the press line and took photos and generally acted like she had any business being there.

From HollywoodLife:

Right as Danielle was about to walk into her party, rival NJ Housewife Kim G., arrived with an entire entourage in tow — she wasn’t even invited!Danielle, who was simply trying to throw a party for her and her friends was blindsided and refused to walk in until Kim G., was escorted off the premises. It took a little while but Kim finally got into her black Bentley and sped off.

This would be a good time to remind you that Kim G. is a mother. There’s a woman out there who has children (college-aged, but still human beings she should feel responsible for not dragging through the mud), who crashed her enemy’s birthday party with an entourage until she was asked to leave.

What this sadly all traces back to is the average person’s desire for fame. Kim G. has no business being on television, and because she’s probably aware of that, she’s needed to humiliate herself and her family in order to keep herself off the editing room floor.

While I certainly can find plenty of negative truths about Danielle, she’s at least a paid cast member. Kim G.’s embarrassing herself for free. And that’s just sad. Real, real sad.

Bravo, Please Kick Danielle Staub Off Real Housewives

Danielle Staub Responsible For Dina Manzo's Departure

I already said that Danielle Staub is an unfit mother who should have her children taken away, but now I’m going to go ahead and say that this woman is so horrible that there’s not even room for her on reality television. On last night’s episode of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, we learned that Dina Manzo elected to leave the show mid-taping because she no longer could stomach the drama perpetuated by Danielle.

We also can’t forget that Dina’s daughter Lexi is no longer on the show and there are lots of rumors out there floating around that Danielle has something to do with it. With no main story line and a husband that refuses to participate in reality television, Dina’s plot line has now been reduced to talking about Danielle. If I thought Miss. D had two braincells in her head to rub together, I would give her credit for finagling that much screen time.

But she’s not smart. Danielle, in all of her desperate attempts to say relevant, is as transparent as any person could be. She is, from everything we know about her, quite possibly a sociopath. If it’s not bad business for Bravo to be doing business with a sociopath, then they should consider that her blatant manipulations (see: her sex tape) is bringing down the integrity of their entire franchise.

I am not interested in sitting through another season of Danielle Drama. I would rather watch the Manzo boys play the ham game for an hour than have the show infused with her deranged self-importance. It’s not even laughable anymore.

Danielle Staub Should Have Her Children Taken Away

Danielle Staub Sex Tape

Danielle Staub from The Real Housewives of New Jersey is a horrible mother. If you’ve watched any of this season, it’s completely clear that even Danielle’s own daughters realize that their mother is off her rocker and willing to do whatever it takes to stay in the limelight. When Danielle is ranting about her co-stars, it’s her teenage daughters, Christine and Jillian, that give her a reality check. It’s truly one of the saddest things I’ve seen on television in awhile.

Well, now that money-hungry famewhore has pulled a Kardashian and made a sex tape. The NSFW clip can be seen here. This is not a Kendra situation. Danielle was not young when this video was made, in fact, you can tell it was made very recently because she’s rocking the same hair extensions in this tape as she is on her show this season. Danielle Staub, a woman with two teenage daughters, made a sex tape with some man that is now being released. Even if I give her the benefit of the doubt and assume that she didn’t plan for the tape to be released, agreeing to get down for a camera in 2010 shows a level of stupidity that is more than concerning.

Sex tape and manic behavior aside, Danielle has also been hanging around ex-convicts “for protection” these days. She invites grown men with violent tendencies over to her home where her teenage daughters live. All of these things add up to one hell of an unfit mother if you ask me. I’m not sure what Danielle’s husband’s role in their lives are, but as long as he’s not as batshit as his ex-wife, those kids will be better off.

The Real Housewives Franchise Keeps Cranking Out Talented Musicians

Danielle Staub is Releasing a Record

Not since American Idol has a reality show brought so many unknown singers to the public’s attention. First there was Kim Zolciak, then there was the already-established Kandi Burruss, then our ears were raped by Countess LuAnn, and now, the ultimate Diva, Danielle Staub has announced she is releasing a track.

Danielle is recording a duet with Lori Michaels, who supposedly some people give a shit about. Danielle talked to People about their collaboration and of course it was about what you’d expect:

On her song “Real Close”: “It’s a song about having commitment issues — one person is leaving, the other person is staying. It’s called ‘Real Close’ because you want to pull the person closer. For the main version, the vibe is very sexy, very raw. There’s going to be a dance mix, but the main version won’t be dance.”

On her singing ability: ““I sang in an R&B band when I was a young teen. It’s been a long time since I exercised [my musical chops] but when I was sitting down going over Lori’s music, this song grabbed me.”

On how, despite being a heterosexual, she is a card-carrying homo: “I’ve been part of the gay community for thirty years. The gay community is the one place, in all honestly, that I’ve ever truly felt safe and loved for just being me. Nobody ever cared where I’ve been, what I’ve done. They just let me be me.”

On the opinions of her Real Housewives co-stars: “I don’t care what they think. I don’t have a relationship with them.”

How amazing that Danielle can carve some time out of her busy baby cancer fundraising schedule to treat us all to some of her vocal stylings. What a freakin’ blessing. Also, have y’all been watching the show? What the hell was up with that ex-con Danny she brought to the cancer fundraiser? Jesus Christ on the Cross, that guy looked like Faces of Meth jumped off of Danielle’s computer and into her life. And I love that Danielle and her friend were dressed to the nines and they show up in a Bentley with an ex-con wearing a Hanes t-shirt and some Wranglers and Danielle is acting like she’s some bunk-ass version of Carmela Soprano. Ugh! The nerve.

Also, how much do you guys miss Dina’s daughter Lexi on the show? Major sadface re: her not appearing on this season.