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Damian Lewis Doesn’t Mind How ‘Homeland’ Ended

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SPOILER ALERT if you haven’t watched the season finale of Homeland, but shit finally got real. This season was as slow as molasses throughout, and while I get they were going for a slow burn, it was a bit too slow, if you ask me. In any case, they did finally throw a twist in at the end: Brody, after “redeeming himself” by killing someone high up in the Iranian government, is captured and hanged in a public execution as Carrie watched. Ouch! But also, hell yeah. That kinda needed to happen.

Damian Lewis isn’t holding any grudges about his character’s death – after all, Brody had nowhere else to go. The character had reached his end. In fact, I can’t even imagine where the show at large is going, but rumours are that Claire Danes is only back for a few episodes, herself, so who knows what’s going to happen.

From The Hollywood Reporter:

Always knowing you had a shelf life on the show, did you spend much time thinking about when it might come?
It was always intonated to me very strongly that my life expectancy was short. I came in knowing that I would be there for two seasons and not knowing anything beyond that. TV writing turns out to be quite a spontaneous discipline. These guys had to really be on their toes and change things up a little. I don’t think they knew quite how Brody was played. He was a hard character to write, and I don’t think they always knew how he would come off in the story. It just turned out that the Brody-Carrie story went gangbusters and people fell in love with it. It was a surprise, and we enjoyed it, but there was always this sense that Brody was a very unbalancing character. He’s a divisive character.

Which is why we’re seeing very different reactions to his death.
For some, he was one of the main reasons to tune in to the show, but for other people, he was the reason the show couldn’t grow. He was in some way limiting to the show. In the end, Alex stuck to his guns. They gave Brody an extra season because the audience loved him, but they weren’t going to go so far to find a way to write Brody into the show that will compromise the show just so we can write for this character. I feel happy with the way it played out, to have three seasons with a show I didn’t expect to be on for this long.

Fair enough. Seriously, there was nothing else Brody could have done. He’d been through so much and they couldn’t keep using him as some tool in bigger master plans to take over other governments. There was no way he could ever come back to the US and just settle down with Carrie and their kid or anything. The only solution was for him to die, and even Brody himself was okay with that.

What did you think of the Homeland finale? What do you want to see happen next season?

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Damian Lewis Is “Sorry” For That Whole “Fruity Actor” Thing


Damian Lewis realized his homophobia was showing (or his handlers did, anyway) when he complained about not wanting to end up like some “fruity, over-the-top” actor like Ian McKellen if he stayed in the theatre. So, in order to salvage his career – which is only sorta so/so level and will sink to nothingness post-Homeland – he’s put out an “apology” which is totally not heartfelt in any way.

“I am hugely embarrassed that comments of mine have been linked in a negative way to Sir Ian McKellen. I have always been, and continue to be, an enormous fan and admirer of Sir Ian’s.

“He’s one of the greats and one of the reasons I became an actor. My comment in The Guardian was a sound bite I’ve been giving since 1999 – it was a generic analogy that was never intended to demean or describe anyone else’s career.

“I have contacted Sir Ian McKellen and have given him my sincerest apologies.”

Sorry bro, but as a straight man, you don’t have the right to call anyone “fruity”. That’s not something that’s okay, especially given that he clearly meant it in a derogatory way. He’s a big strong man, who wants to be FRUITY? Fuck off. Also, he’s been saying that shit since 1999? It was a “generic analogy”? I doubt he’d make a “generic analogy” about how he didn’t want to end up like some “ghetto black person” or any of that bullshit – it’s the same thing.

The best “sincere apology” here would have been his realization that language like that is inappropriate and also hurtful to those who have been bullied or abused throughout their lives because of their sexuality, or even their perceived sexuality. It’s reenforcing the idea that the only way to be a real man is by having no feminine characteristics whatsoever. I realise that in Damian Lewis’ small brain, he probably doesn’t realise any of this, but I sure do, and I’m not feelin’ it.

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Ian McKellan Has Words for Damian Lewis

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Damian Lewis, who you probably know as Brody on Homeland, is a really talented actor, and in fact he got his beginnings in theatre. While most actors are proud of all of their work and even choose to return to theatre later in their career, Damian was really glad to get away from it all so that he didn’t risk being lumped in with all those “fruity” actors, like Sir Ian McKellen. While he didn’t mention McKellen directly, his comments certainly seemed like a dig…

“[I didn't want to end up] as one of those slightly over-the-top, fruity actors who would have an illustrious career on stage, but wouldn’t start getting any kind of film work until I was 50 and then start playing wizards.”

Okay, first of all, who – besides maybe your grandpa – still uses the expression “fruity”? Also, your homophobia is showing, Damian. Kinda makes me think you’re a dick.

But that’s neither here nor there. In fact, McKellen responded to it with grace and humour, as only a “fruity” actor could do, I suppose. Here’s what he told the Radio Times:

“So he feels sorry for me, does he? Well, I’m very happy, he needn’t worry about me. To rebut it, I wouldn’t like to have been one of those actors who hit stardom quite early on and expected it to continue and was stuck doing scripts that I didn’t particularly like just to keep the income up.

“I’ve always wanted to get better as an actor. And I have got better. You’ve only got to see my early work to see that. As for a fruity voice? Well, it may be a voice that is trained like an opera singer’s voice: to fill a large space. It is unnatural.”

I would have so many more choice things to say to Damian Lewis, but it just goes to show how classy McKellen is. Great response.

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