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Courtney Thorne-Smith

Quotables: The Lady from the Old Melrose Place Talks About Botox

photo of courtney thorne-smith pictures botox before and after photos

“It’s never been a secret in my personal life – I’ve just never been asked by the press. I’ve used it, I like it, it works well for me. That’s just the simple truth. I found I’ve been able to use it and have full expression and look really normal. I found the frown line was distracting me – I was conscious of it. Now I’m not.”

Well, Courtney Thorne-Smith, I wouldn’t exactly say you’re “normal-looking” now, post-Botox, because frankly, the areas around your browbone and the bridge of your nose sort of look like melted wax. But if you’re saying that’s the look you want to go for, and that’s what you think you naturally look like, hey. *Who am I to judge, you know?

*I’m totally judging.

Everyone’s Having Babies Right Now!!!!


It’s baby day!

Courtney Thorne-Smith birthed a baby boy today. (At the age of 40! Congrats!!!)

And David Alan Grier’s wife had a little girl today.

Dammit, I totally should have had a baby today. I knew there was something I was supposed to be doing other than lazing around on my couch, eating pizza and not blogging, because sometimes, ya know, I just don’t wanna fucking blog. I have the easiest damn job on the entire planet and some days I’m just like, “You know, it sure does seem like an awful lot of effort to talk shit about people. Because I have to be awake to do that. And I’m just not into being awake right now. Zzzzzz.” That was pretty much all of today. Sleeping and eating. Like my cats. One of whom peed on my bed, which I can’t sleep on now. Because it smells like pee and is partially yellow. Ew. So I have to sleep on my couch. Which may be why I’m sleeping all day; I’m not getting a good night’s sleep at night. Anyone know someone other than my ex-boyfriend who can help me get a good deal on a new mattress?


Congrats to everyone on their babies and their pee-free beds.