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Courtney Stodden

1Courtney Stodden’s Rack Is Real and She’ll PROVE IT (Tomorrow)

Photo: Screencap from an early interview with Doug Hutchison and Courtney Stodden

She’s done it yet again: somehow I’m still talking about Courtney Stodden. I don’t know, you guys. Anytime I do, I hurt and offend myself.

This time, Courtney Stodden wants to prove to you that her magnificent rack is rill. (For a long time, I believed it was, actually, but these days? Eh.)

So get ready! Get set! Courtney has delegated none other than Dr. Drew Pinsky—the most credible medical authority around!—to help her prove to ye disbelieving masses that her gazoombas are genuine. Reports US:

On Monday’s episode of Pinsky’s Lifechangers, Doug Hutchison, 51, looks on as his wife gets an ultrasound on TV to prove her breasts are real.

“A knife has never touched this body,” Stodden confirms in a preview clip from Monday’s show.

While the results of Stodden’s ultrasound won’t be revealed until the episode airs, Lifechangers doctor John Diaz admits he has his doubts about Stodden’s bod. “Like most people, when I saw the pictures, I did suspect that you had some breast augmentation,” he told the aspiring singer.

And there you have it: Courtney is pulling a total Kardashian, all in the name of Science. Are her boobs real? Can you even wait to find out?? I can’t believe I have to wait one whole day!!!

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(Image up top via A Nice Ring to It.)

November 6, 2011 at 8:30 am by Jenn

22“Stars” Without Makeup: COURTNEY STODDEN

photo of courtney stodden no makeup pictures photos
Oh. My God. If this didn’t just make your entire Friday (kind of like it did mine), I just do not know what to tell you, guys.

Also, I’m surprised. I didn’t really know what to expect (Frankenskin? Surgery scars? A six-year-old girl?), but it definitely wasn’t this. She looks almost, dare I say it, normal. You know, normal? I know we don’t really apply that term a whole lot when it comes to this bitch, but I grudgingly suppose it’s OK to use here, just this one time.

Lastly, is anyone else as freaked out as I am that this girl drives? With those shoes? And those staged faces?

Anyway, thanks, Courtney Stodden, for making this girl’s Friday morning a little bit brighter.

November 4, 2011 at 5:30 am by Sarah
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4Courtney Stodden Still Has The Best Mom

A photo of Courtney Stodden

This is just like that time that Courtney Stodden‘s mom, Krista, said that Dina Lohan is a great mom, only better. And by “better,” I mean that this time, Courtney’s mom is talking about how she persuaded a 51-year old man to marry her 16-year-old daughter.

On the beginning of Doug and Courtney’s courtship: “I could really tell my daughter had the kind of love when you want to marry a man or be with a man. Even though she was just 16, I knew it was going to take a pretty big man to handle her because of her sexuality and because of the attention she gets.”

On Doug’s pure love: “See, with Courtney, with the way she looks: how is she ever going to know if someone loves her for how she looks or for her heart? I wanted her to be with somebody—and she wanted to be with somebody—that loved her for her heart. So this was perfect for her! To have a long-distance relationship to where they could just communicate through words, there was no sexual anything, we knew he loved her for her heart.”

On how Courtney didn’t need her teen years: “These people that say, ‘You could have waited,’ I really don’t understand this way of thinking. Why do parents think that kids need to have those teen years spent going out with different boys, going out in different cars, going out on the beach together alone? There’s a lot of bad stuff that happens in those teen years. They end up being killed in car crashes due to driving with people that have been drinking. Oh, but they’re gonna have their teen years. My daughter is safe. I know where my daughter is.”

And now she compares Courtney to Anna Nicole Smith: “The gay community has been so loving to her. I know that Anna Nicole Smith had a great rapport with the gay community, and I think they’ve been waiting to have someone they can connect with, and I think Courtney is that person. She is different and stands out. Frankly, we thought she’d fit in better in Hollywood.”

Well, at least now we know where Courtney gets that whole maladjusted thing, right? This lady doesn’t understand why her 16-year-old daughter should have waited a few years before getting hitched, AND she pretty much calls her the next Anna Nicole Smith. Um, doesn’t she know how that whole thing ended?

Does this change your view on Courtney at all, now that you know more about her origins?

November 2, 2011 at 5:30 pm by Emily
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11DUH We Have Photos of Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison’s Halloween Costumes

photo of doug hutchison and courtney stodden pictures photos pics
The thing I can’t figure out, though, is whether Doug is dressed up as Courtney, or if Courtney’s dressed up as a skank and Doug’s just emulating that to follow suit and … oh, wait. Right.

Anyway, I think we know where Courtney gets her tits and abs – check out the photo in the gallery of Doug’s super amped-up cleavage. AIRBRUSH IS CONFIRMED, ladies and gentlemen.

Whatever, I guess. Let’s not ruin this thing for Courtney. She’s been prepping and priming for, like, the whole seventeen years she’s been on this planet, so let her live in her glory. Let her have her moment. Please?

October 31, 2011 at 3:30 pm by Sarah

4Watch This: Courtney Stodden, Pageant Queen

Nope, we still aren’t done with Courtney Stodden, and whatever she and her mother are up to is totally working, it devastates me to admit.

Here’s the precocious Mrs. Hutchison as a 15-year old, competing in the Miss Washington Teen USA Pageant. You can see how, even in the distant, uh, back in 2010, little Court is already demonstrating her unique and special brand of gammin’ and struttin’. Looking good, kid!

October 28, 2011 at 12:30 pm by Jenn
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13Some More Photos of Courtney Stodden in High School!

photo of courtney stodden in high school pics
You know, seeing these photos make me sad for Courtney Stodden. Really, really sad. She was this adorable (yes, sort of on the highway to Skanktown, but let’s look beyond that for a minute) girl who had her entire life ahead of her. She had friends and went to school and liked taking pictures of herself. She was exploring her budding sexuality like a normal teenage girl, and now look.

She’s married to a fifty-one year-old pervert, has left all of her age-appropriate friends behind, and will live the rest of her life as someone on the outside – never really accepted on the level she wants to be, and too much of a stigma to go back to where she was to start.

Christ. Is it too late for Courtney Stodden? Say, like, if she wanted to drop this whole weird situation, forget the reality show, lose the hooker boots, and go back to school? Go home? Would her old girlfriends take her back as their own? Would her fellow seniors accept her with open arms? Is it TOO LATE for this young girl to start over??

You suck, Doug Hutchison.

October 27, 2011 at 5:30 pm by Sarah
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