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Courteney Cox

BREAKING: Jennifer Aniston And Courteney Cox Still Hot In Bikinis


Jennifer Aniston (far left) and Courteney Cox (far right) were spotted in Mexico wearing bikinis and I’m here to report that yes, they are still hot. According to E! it’s a “holiday tradition” for Aniston and friends (no pun intended, swear to God) to go to Mexico around Christmas time. Justin Theroux was there, as well as Jimmy Kimmel and wife Molly McNearney (pictured above, middle), and Howard Stern and wife Beth Ostrosky. Here’s some of the group joshing around, just being there for each other:


I find Howard Stern to be the weirdest part of all of this. How did he get in that group? I knew Kimmel and Aniston were friends, but I didn’t realize they were also close with Mr. Howard Stern. Another weird celeb connection was Aniston hanging out with Ed Sheeran over Thanksgiving, which I’m guessing happened because Mr. Sheeran is living in Courteney Cox’s beach house. Which is also weird.

Anyway, they’re in their 40′s and they’re crazy-hot and have way more discipline and abs than I do. I guess my lame NYE resolution is to get as fit as they are. I mean why not, I really have no excuse. If they can do it, I can do it. Right after this slice of pepperoni pizza and an evening of drinking. Bwuahaha.

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Is This Courteney Cox’s New Boyfriend?

Courteney Cox was spotted arriving at Jennifer Aniston‘s holiday party in Bel Air in a black Range Rover with a hot musician. Man, just for once, I wish someone would say that sentence about me. Maybe not the Range Rover part. Big cars scare me. Anyway, Ms. Cox and Snow Patrol member Johnny McDaid were photographed arriving together. Does this mean she’s not dating her co-star after all?

But the real question is, were they LEAVING together? Isn’t that the real find? Isn’t that the real clue of whether or not people are banging? Not the arriving, but the leaving? People has nothing on that, only on their arrival and how they’re a part of the same “unlikely circle of friends”:

McDaid, 37, is reportedly in Los Angeles while working with Ed Sheeran on his new album. Sheeran, 22, has been living in Cox’s beach house, and spent Thanksgiving with her and Aniston.

Well that IS unlikely.

Guys, I just want the best for Courteney. What’s Ryan Gosling doing? Is he still with Eva Mendes? If not, can we set up Cox and Gosling? We’ll call it Coxling.

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Courteney Cox Broke Her Wrist On Vacation

courteney cox

Courteney Cox had a bad time of it during a recent trip to Cancun when she fell and busted her ass – and her wrist – and had to catch a private jet back to the US. Well, “had to” is an exaggeration, perhaps, but she did cut her crazy vacation short due to the severity of the injury and may need surgery to fix it.

From TMZ:

Our sources tell us … Courteney was chillin’ with friends south of the border when it happened. We’re told she somehow slipped and when she tried to break her fall, her wrist snapped. Doctors came to her hotel room and confirmed it was pretty bad.

So much so, the medicos put a cast on the busted limb — but Courtney wasn’t taking any chances and booked private jet to take her stateside ASAP … to get treated by her own physicians. It’s unclear if surgery will be necessary.

I feel Courteney’s pain on this one, literally. While I wasn’t on vacation, per se, I did bust my ass trying to buy some Lucozade in Iceland back in January and broke my ankle in two places, requiring surgery (my first ever!), a metal plate and 8 screws in my ankle. I was in a cast and non-weight bearing for six weeks and it was hell on earth.

Here’s to a swift recovery!