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Corey Feldman

The Two Corey Will Not Reunite For a Final Time

Corey Feldman will not be attending the funeral of his  BFF and frequent co-star, Corey Haim. The two have had a rocky relationship for quite some time, but supposedly that was behind them. Feldawg’s reason for staying clear of the Haimster’s funeral? He doesn’t want to start a media frenzy.

Feldman’s statement about his decision to skip the burial:

In the days following my best friend Corey Haim’s death, I have spent much time with his mother Judy, who has always been like a mother to me. I would love nothing more than to be by her side at Corey’s funeral, however, due to their strong religious beliefs and need for privacy, the family has decided to make Corey’s funeral on Tuesday a small private affair.

Understanding the recent media attention and to be respectful of the family’s wishes, I have decided not to attend.

Instead, I will remain in Los Angeles quietly mourning and planning his memorial. As a sign of respect, I am asking the media to honor Corey Haim by making the same choice. I am working with a few people who were close to Corey to put a memorial together within the next month. At that time, the media will be invited to honor and celebrate the legacy he has left behind, along with friends, fans and the rest of the Hollywood community.

Hey, whatever.

Mourning Corey Haim

I’m not going to give my speech again. You know, my don’t-do-drugs speech that I give every time we write about a celebrity overdose. But, ya know, don’t do drugs. And if you find yourself doing drugs and you find you can’t stop, ask for help.

Corey Haim didn’t think he had a problem, but his best friend Corey Feldman did. In fact, Feldman refused to film another season of The Two Coreys with Haim until he addressed his addiction. Haim wouldn’t do that. Here’s what Corey Feldman had to say about this loss:

I was awakened at 8:30 this morning by my brother and sister knocking on my bedroom door. They informed me of the loss of my brother Corey Haim. My eyes weren’t even open all the way when the tears started streaming down my face. I am so sorry for Corey, his mother Judy, his family, my family, all of our fans, and of course my son who I will have to find a way to explain this to when he gets home from school. This is a tragic loss of a wonderful, beautiful, tormented soul, who will always be my brother, family, and best friend. We must all take this as a lesson in how we treat the people we share this world with while they are still here to make a difference. Please respect our families as we struggle and grieve through this difficult time. I hope the art Corey has left behind will be remembered as the passion of that for which he truly lived.

Corey Feldman
“The Two Coreys”

Also weighing in: Producer Nathan Folks, a close friend of Haim:

Corey was a great person that struggled with being a past child actor. The pressure this town has on people to make it is very intense and Corey struggled with drugs all of his life. He was obsessed with vicodin and pain killers. When he came to my house, that was all he wanted.

He worked really hard to overcome his addiction to illegal drugs and was very anti-drugs and was in AA and NA for years which really saddens me. But it seemed like he turned to prescription drugs instead.

I was considering him for one of my next films; he was definitely ready for a comeback. It’s really a shame, he was true victim of this town.

Corey has an adorable mother who must be in shock. She went through a lot with him and to see his legacy end like this must be painful for her.

Heeeeeeeeeey guys just a heads-up that prescription drugs are every bit as lethal — especially for an addict — as street drugs. And I’m pretty sure AA and NA both make that clear, and I’m pretty sure Corey Haim knew it. So let’s just be clear on that — Corey Haim knew the choices he was making spelled doom. I’ve never heard of a drug counselor being like “You’re in the clear with the vicodin as long as you stay away from the cocaine.” Ummm no.

Alyssa Milano, who dated Haim when they were teenagers, tweeted this: “Just woke up to the sad, sad news that Corey Haim passed away. RIP sweet boy.”

Fellow ’80s actor Ralph Macchio wrote on his Twitter, “Always so sad and disturbing when the addiction and demons prevail. RIP Corey Haim.”

Todd Bridges, who has also battled drug addiction after coming to fame as a child star in the ’80s, released a lengthy statement about Haim’s passing: “Corey Haim was a good friend of mine and he will be missed. Too many people are dying way too young and it’s sad because of the loved ones who are left behind to understand what happened and to feel the loss. I hope he’s in a better place. I will always love my Brother, and I will never judge him. I understand his pain, but I also know now there is a way out. I hope anyone who is dealing with the same stuff gets out before it’s too late. Don’t let the death of others fool you into thinking that it cannot happen to you. If you play with fire, you will get burned.”

Leif Garret, who worked with Haim in “Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star,” released a statement: “This just goes to show that whether it’s street drugs or a prescription from the doctor, that all drugs are dangerous — as we saw with my friend, Heath, as well. No matter what form, it’s not to be taken lightly. Some people are lucky enough to finish the race and others crash and burn. I do not wish this horrible disease of addiction on anybody. I send all my condolences and love to Corey’s family. May he rest in peace.”

This is so, so sad, and I’m just beyond bummed that we’ve lost yet another life to the brutal disease of addiction. Please, please remember that there is help, for the addict and for the family struggling with a loved one’s addiction. The only light of hope I see in these deaths is that they may encourage someone else to seek help for their own addiction and prevent yet another family from enduring this heartbreak.

Ah, Corey Feldman, We Missed You

Corey Feldman, The Two Coreys, at Inspi(RED) Event Red Carpet, Pictures Photos

The star of the new series The Two Coreys (co-starring Corey Haim, of course), is way too cool and important to take off his sunglasses on the red carpet at the Inspi(RED) event at Mood yesterday.

Look, Corey, before this dismally reviewed reality series, the last time you worked was in voice-overs for Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! So, you know, take off your fucking glasses, dude.

Corey Feldman, The Two Coreys, at Inspi(RED) Event Red Carpet, Pictures Photos Corey Feldman, The Two Coreys, at Inspi(RED) Event Red Carpet, Pictures Photos