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Obama Impersonator Yanked from Republican Stage

Obama impresonator Reggie Brown

Comedian Reggie Brown has made a career out of his Barack Obama impersonation—his cadence is right-on, and with a little makeup, Brown is nearly a dead ringer for the 44th president. Plus he’s pretty funny.

It’s small surprise, then, that Brown was hired to do a set, in character, at the Republican Leadership Conference held at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside this weekend.

The set started well, and it made pretty funny use of a slideshow presentation, but after about 18 minutes—and just as he was getting ready to zing Michele Bachmann!—the Obama impersonator was escorted offstage. (RLC President Charlie Davis himself did the axing—all smiles—and Brown handled the indignation very nicely.)

Gawker reports that Brown’s uncomfortably off-color, racially charged digs at the president were what arbitrated his ousting (and Charlie Davis agrees), but nearly every other media outlet is reporting that, when it comes to their own kind, ahahaha, Conservatives can’t take a joke.

In the video, you can hear the crowd turn just as soon as “Obama” makes his first joke about presidential hopeful Mitt Romney and his “first lady, second lady, uhh, third lady…” (Romney is Mormon.)

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Ken Jeong Was Hilarious 13 Years Ago

Oh, come on, I know. He’s funny now, too.

Here’s a 28-year-old Ken Jeong (The Hangover Part II, NBC’s Community) trying his hand at stand-up way back in 1998. What an excellent find! The clip might be NSFW, unless you have a cool boss, or headphones.

Now, at first I was all, “1998? That wasn’t very long ago.” Then I did some math on my fingers, realized that the majority of Beliebers were born in 1998, and stifled a tiny sob as I felt the icy grip of death clutching my left shoulder.

Speaking of death and dying…! Not only is Dr. Ken Jeong, M.D. oodles funnier than 1996 Seth Rogen but — I honestly believe this — Ken could have revolutionized comedy with his unexpected brand of “doctor humor.” (Watch for the hilariously unfunny “You Might Be a Diabetic” bit.)

Sarah Silverman’s Show Has Been Canned

And quite frankly, I can’t believe that it’s stayed on the air even this long.

The Sarah Silverman Program is in its third season and execs state that this season will be the show’s last … and you know there was no avoiding the chopping block, in spite of the campaign that was waged on Twitter to save the show from imminent cancellation. These newfangled networking sites can do a lot — like bring Betty White to SNL — but can’t entirely save something that’s shit to begin with. Sorry, Sarah. Your ticket’s up.

Unfortunately for Sarah Silverman haters (like myself), she’s not going away anytime soon. She currently has a few projects up her sleeve including the promotion of her new book, which was released last month, and other D-list stuff.

I fully expect her to slink off into obscurity within the next few months or so. Weeks, if we’re lucky.