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Colin Firth

Colin Firth: Would You, Still?

photo of colin firth and cameron diaz 2012 pictures
Because I know, despite the fact that he’s standing next to Cameron Diaz and looking like he’s totally OK with it, and despite the fact that he’s getting a bit on in age (he just turned fifty-two in September), he’s still completely and entirely gorgeous and doable in my book, which is a big, eclectic book filled with binders of women many handsome men like Gael Garcia Bernal and Adrien Brody. And also Colin Firth.

Which brings me to my next somewhat-related though definitely-a-result-of-disjointed-erratic-thinking: who were your celebrity crushes when you were, say, thirteen? Who got your little, bitty, adolescent heart beating? Because when I think of my current Hottest Men of All, it vastly differs from Sarah’s Hottest Men of Fifteen-Plus Years Ago. Back then my favorites were people like Isaac Hanson, Devon Sawa, Rider Strong, Leonardo DiCaprio, OOH! And Macaulay Culkin, too. I always had the biggest crush on him. I actually sent away for a signed photograph of MC back when Home Alone was a big thing, and I think I might still have that somewhere. Let’s see, who else … there was Matthew Lawrence, younger brother of Joey Lawrence (who I never “got”), Freddie Prinze, Jr.

Well that was a fun little sidebar. Who was on your list when you were a young teen?

Oh, right, and Colin Firth! Would you, still?

Justin Bartha is a Single Dude, Ladies

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Oh this was some news waking up this morning. Heck yes. Justin Bartha and Ashley Olsen, who dated for, like, fifteen years (alright, I give: it was only two) have split, sources confirm.

I’ve loved Justin Bartha for a really, really long time, and I’m not going to lie – I was totally devastated when I found out that Ashley and he might be shacking up together at one of her places in New York City. I mean, do you KNOW how HARD IT IS to break people up when they LIVE together? Heavens, I’m not even gonna GO there today.

Anyway, in light of Justin’s grand return to the male meat market, I’ve compiled a list, a similar list to the one that featured the ten hottest women in Hollywood, so cast your vote once and move it on, please.

#10 – Colin Firth
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#9 – Ralph Fiennes
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#8 – Rupert Friend
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#7 – Ashton Kutcher
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#6 – Justin Bartha
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#5 – Joaquin Phoenix
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#4 – Michiel Huisman
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#3 – Bear Grylls
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#2 – Ryan Gosling
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#1 – Adrien Brody
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Photo of Justin and Ashley courtesy of Just Jared