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Chyna Needs to Go to More Hospitals, Less Porn Conventions

A photo of Chyna

Chyna, depending on your perspective, had either a really awesome weekend or a really terrible weekend. The awesome part, if you’re into that sort of thing, is that Chyna spent her weekend at porn conventions The terrible part, if you’re not into this sort of thing, is that Chyna couldn’t stay conscious for most of it.

Here’s what happened on Thursday:

It all went down Thursday night at the Catalina Hotel in Miami (the same hotel where the new CW show “The Catalina” takes place).

The former wrestling star strutted her stuff at the XXX convention kick-off party. According to our sources, Chyna pissed off multiple party-goers with her crazy antics … most notably when she  jumped in the pool naked with a friend.

We’re told at one point … she actually passed out in the water. Our sources says Chyna was thrown out of the party after the pool fiasco and taken back to her room to sleep it off.

And here’s what happened on Friday:

Former wrestling superstar Chyna collapsed in front of the main stage at a XXX convention in Miami moments ago … TMZ has learned.

Sources at the scene tell us … Chyna was hanging out at the 2012 Exxxotica Expo when she suddenly dropped to floor.

We’re told several people rushed over to help … and carried Chyna out of the expo and into a nearby hotel where she’s now resting.

Sources say Chyna was checked out by paramedics at the scene — who didn’t feel the porn star needed to be hospitalized.

Astonishingly, something somewhat similar happened on Saturday:

Former wrestling superster Chyna collapsed at a porn convention in Miami today and was taken to a nearby hospital … TMZ has learned … her third such episode in as many days.

Chyna was appearing at the 2012 Exxxotica Expo to help promote Vivid Entertainment’s porn parody of “Avengers” — she plays She-Hulk (yes, really). A rep for Vivid tells TMZ the company was worried about her after yesterday’s medical scare … but Chyna insisted she was ok.

We’re told Chyna made it to the convention center today, but passed out in the lobby and was taken to Mt. Sinai Medical Center in Miami Beach.

I think that if you pass out in a pool, ideally someone close to you, or even a stranger who, you know, saw you pass out in a large amount of water, would say “hey, let’s slow down a little, that’s how Whitney Houston died.” But even if that didn’t happen, if you just straight pass out two days in a row, then that should be a sign to you that something isn’t right. I’m glad that Chyna finally decided to go to a hospital after she passed out the third time, but jeez, way to hold out on obviously necessary medical treatment in order to keep attending porn conventions*.

*Which, in case you’re wondering, is an all-too-common occurrence.

This Is Sad: Chyna Is Starring in A Wrestling Porno

A photo of Chyna

You guys remember Chyna, right? She used to be a lady wrestler, but then she developed addictions to various substances, made a sex tape, and became suicidal. I’m not really sure what order all that happened in, but all of it together means that Chyna’s life was kind of a mess: that is, until she went to rehab. Then, of course, she relapsed, and … I’m not really sure what happened. I never read anything about her, but according to Wikipedia, she starred in her first pornographic film last year, Backdoor to Chyna, “which is promoted as including her first anal sex scene,” so that’s something.

But 2012 is a new year with new possibilities … like a wrestling-themed porno. Great.

From TMZ:

Former WWE superstar Chyna is finally getting back in the ring … taking on 9 dudes at the same time … except it’s for a porno movie.

TMZ has learned … Chyna was totally serious about pursuing a XXX career … and just wrapped up on a Royal Rumble-inspired flick in which she locks up with a bunch of dudes who all look like famous wrestlers … including a wannabe Hulk Hogan, wannabeTriple H, wannabe Ric Flair and more.

Weird thing is … Chyna and the REAL Triple H actually dated for a while before he married Stephanie McMahon back in 2003.

The WWE obviously has no affiliation with the Vivid Entertainment flick. We called the wrestling titans for comment, but haven’t heard back yet.

It’s sad because I watched Chyna on Celebrity Rehab, and she seemed like a really sweet woman. She seemed like a good person with a lot of issues, and if she’s starring in some porno flick, then clearly she isn’t getting any better. This might spark a debate, but I can honestly not see a single reason why someone who respected and loved herself would do porn. It seems so unhealthy to me to want to have sex on camera for other people to watch, doesn’t it? Like, I can’t even imagine that mindset, that porn would be something cool or fun to try, at all.

Poor Chyna. I really hope she finds the help that she needs, because this obviously isn’t going to end well.

Dr. Drew’s Rehab Didn’t Work For Chyna, Obviously

Joanie “Chyna” Laurer, a former WWE wrestler who we last saw on Celebrity Rehab, has found herself in the hospital once again for substance-related issues.

Although it was initially reported that Chyna was being treated for alcohol poisoning, TMZ is now saying that Joanie OD’d on Benadryl. Supposedly she takes the allergy medication as a sleep aid from time to time (as do I. That stuff makes me pass out and it’s non habit forming like Tylenol PM, which is the devil’s medicine), but “accidentally” took 4-5 times the recommended dosage. I take two pills because my tolerance for OTC drugs is very high. I would assume Joanie’s recommended dosage is about the same. If ya use your math skillz, that means homegirl took like, 10 Benadryls. So obviously she was puking her brains out.

It’s gotta suck to be one of the forgotten addicts from Celebrity Rehab, you know? The last thing most of the people on that show will ever be known for is being junkies and the only time we’ll ever hear about them after that is when they’ve screwed up again.