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Christina Aguilera

Mommy Time!

Here’s Christina Aguilera and son Max — with hubby Jordan Bratman not far behind — leaving their hotel in New York City.

I love how Christina’s sweatshirt matches Max’s baby one-piece.

You know, Christina, wearing sweats and holding your baby, with your hair back and simple lipstick, you look a whole hell of a lot hotter than you do here. You know, where you look like a crackwhore. I’m just saying.

Also, looking at Max’s little one-piece made me remember that someone told me a long time ago that there was a website that sold adult pajamas with feet. And just looking at little Max I’m like “Oh! He looks so comfortable! I want to buy a pair of those pajamas.” So I did a little Googling, and found Big Feet PJs, which, much to my delight, has an entire section of their website devoted to celebrities who love their PJs! What this really boils down to is a great number of celebrities posing awkwardly with a pair of pajamas at what must have been some manner of swag event. These celebrities include Taylor Swift, Toby Keith, Samuel L. Jackson, Doris Roberts, Ed Asner, Jeff Conway, and many, many more.

Can I please run the Ed Asner pic here? Please? Because it really made my whole day.

OMG this is so much more interesting than Christina Aguilera. I should have just done my whole post on pajamas with feet. But then you guys would have been all like “You obviously don’t know anything about pajamas with feet and you need to stick to the gossip!!!!” in the comments.

Christina Aguilera Has a New Perfume

But who wants to talk about the perfume?

Not me.

Let’s talk about the way Christina Aguilera looks at the big launch of her scent, “Inspire,” at Macy’s in NYC. That’s so much more fun. I’ll start. I’m going to name some things that I find to be, let’s say, “sub-par” about this particular look. If I missed any, feel free to chime in.

1) That is not a dress it is a shirt. It is something you are supposed to pair with pants.

2) Pink lipstick, Christina?

3) Are you trying to “inspire” young girls to double their nightly income at the Bada Bing? No? Then change the fucking shoes, tramp.

4) Where on earth did you find platinum hair extensions that already come with split ends? Way to keep it real, girl.

In summary: Christina Aguilera is a multi-millionaire and a mother who still insists on dressing like a hooker. I just don’t get it.

Okay, I Admit It: Christina Aguilera Looks Good Here

Christina Aguilera In Ads for Stephen Webster Jewelry, Pictures, Photos

Here’s Xtina in her new set of ads for Stephen Webster jewelry.

Says Webster:

“She was a real coup for us. She’s our longest-term regular client and the right age for the brand. We think she’s in the most glamorous period of her life right now, and she is the main source of inspiration behind the collection.”

Interestingly enough, I don’t particularly like the jewelry — I think it’s heavy and overwrought — but I love Christina here. I think she looks gorgeous.

Christina Aguilera Isn’t Shy

Christina Aguilera on the Ellen Degeneres Show

Christina Aguilera just made a triumphant appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show. I’m not sure the video will stay up long but we’re hosting the pictures so they should last at least.

At this point I’m going to stay far away from commenting; but yeah, they talk all about it.

Sidenote: I wish Ellen was hosting the Oscars. She was really solid. Stewart is good but feels too tamed down.

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Bouncing Back



Christina Aguilera made her first public appearance since delivering her baby boy yesterday at a Best Buy in West Hollywood.

She was promoting the release of her new DVD set, “Back To Basics: Live And Down Under,” and also promoting her post-pregnancy boobage.

She looks tired.