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Christie Brinkley

Christie Brinkley’s On My Side

Alexa Ray Joel and Christie Brinkley

Earlier this year, Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley’s daughter Alexa Ray Joel was rushed to the hospital after a break-up caused her to take a fist full of pills. Alexa survived the OD and I immediately found myself turned off by the incident. Here is a girl with the world at her fingertips (and she didn’t even have to work for it), and she’s allowing some douchebag boyfriend drive her over the edge? What a fucking waste.

At the time I caught some flack for being insensitive, but the pain of heartbreak is no reason to be so effing dramatic. Playing with your life because someone played with your heart? Are we 12?

Well, it turns out Christie Brinkley is on my side. In a recent interview, Christie had the following to say about her daughter’s mental health:

“Your job as a parent is to listen. And to dole out as much love as you can. That includes tough love. I told Alexa, ‘You got yourself worked into such a tizzy. You need to examine that, you need to seek professional advice.’ She tried to do something dramatic to prove to her boyfriend how much he hurt her. I think many people can relate to that excruciating pain of love gone wrong. I’d rather have a broken arm than a broken heart.”

It seems that Alexa took her mom’s advice to heart and she’s even begun studying heartbreak as a medical condition (LOL– you should see what I have to say about that.) I’m glad that she had someone in her life to be honest with her. Too often celebrity children are coddled and allowed to believe that their dramatic behavior is justifiable as a result of their parents’ lifestyle. While the same can’t be said for someone like Cameron Douglas, it looks like Alexa is going to be fine.

Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley Come Together to Stop Rumors About Alexa’s Suicide Attempt

Alexa Ray Joel and Christie Brinkley

The New York Post has always been known as somewhat of a rag compared to most newspapers. Any rumors that are birthed in its pages are usually dismissed by saying “Oh, c’mon! Where’d you read that!? It’s The Post!” This time, however, they’ve really done it. In a piece that even I was like “Damn, this shit is vicious” while reading, they accuse Christie Brinkley of driving her daughter Alexa Ray Joel, to her suicide attempt. An excerpt here:

Alexa Joel, who bears a striking resemblance to her dad, spent her childhood being berated by Brinkley, who makes mean comparisons between her daughter and ex-hubby, a source said.

“She would tell Alexa that her father was an alcoholic and that she had her father’s genes and that she might be an alcoholic, too,” a former family employee said.

The supermodel urged Alexa to stay slim at all costs.

In one incident, Brinkley grabbed a brownie, chewed it and spit it into a trash can, telling a 10-year-old Alexa, “This is how you eat a brownie without gaining weight,” the former employee recalled.

Basically, they’re making Brinkley out to be an insane Mommy Dearest type, which isn’t impossible to fathom, but the family swears it’s not true at all. Today, Billy and Christie released a statement together about their daughter, which is probably the first time they’ve ever made any joint announcements since they were together. It reads:

Every parent can imagine the pain and anguish we face as parents of a daughter who is working to recover from the dangerous actions she took while suffering a devastating heartbreak. As much as we hate dignifying tabloid stories with a response, we feel we must set the record straight to protect our family. The story that ran in the New York Post on December 8th, and has been subsequently spread across the Internet, is filled with vicious lies and attempts to smear our character and that of our beloved daughter. We ask the public and legitimate media outlets to please “consider the source” and to not further exacerbate our daughter’s situation by repeating and legitimizing these false reports.

I appreciate this story because whatever Alexa is dealing with that made her want to attempt suicide, she’s also dealing with the backlash of having everyone know she unsuccessfully kill herself. While I’m sure that having a supermodel for a mother and an insanely successful father isn’t easy, the portrait The Post painted of their life is ugly, and likely terribly painful for them to read under these circumstances.

Billy Joel’s Daughter Rushed to Hospital After Pill Overdose

Billy Joel, Alexa Ray Joel and Christie Brinkley at  2008 Rainforest Foundation Fund Benefit Concert, Pictures, Photos

Alexa Ray Joel, daughter of supermodel Christie Brinkley and singer Billy Joel was rushed to St. Vincent’s Medial Center in Manhattan this afternoon after a friend called emergency services. The 23 year old told FDNY medics that she was having trouble breathing after taking 8 pills of an unknown substance.

“..though officials didn’t know what kind she had ingested, an official said; it wasn’t clear whether she had accidentally overdosed or attempted suicide.”

Joel is currently in stable condition.

Alexa is a singer-songwriter in her own right and debuted a new single on the Wendy Williams Show in October.

Christie Brinkley and Her Gross Ex-Husband Settle in Court

Christie Brinkley's Old Family

Christie Brinkley and her ex, Peter Cook, filed for divorce in 2006, which was finalized in 2008 and since then, the two have been battling over custody of their two kids (a ruling that Peter initially lost, although he is allowed to maintain certain levels of contact with the kids.) The reason for the divorce though, was a whopper: Peter admitted that in 2004 he cheated on Christie with one of his teenaged employees. Teenage. As in, a teenager.

This past month the two have found themselves in court again because both parties claimed that the other was breaking rules in their settlement. Cook, who sleeps with teenagers, actually had the nerve to call his ex wife out on breaking rules. I’m pretty sure that makes him a sociopath.

However, the two have finally managed to work something out that seems fair to both of them, although it hasn’t really been revealed what that is. Christie’s lawyer did release this statement, though:

“Since Mr. Cook lost the custody battle in the divorce trial, he has staged a relentless smear campaign against Ms. Brinkley. Ms. Brinkley is completely vindicated. The parties’ settlement approved by the judge today does not grant any of the requests in Peter Cook’s vindictive requests including, among others, his request for Ms. Brinkley to undergo anger management or for the appointment of a parenting coordinator.”

Hahahah! Oh, Peter Cook, bedder of teenagers, you’re hilarious! LOL! You wanted Christie Brinkley to attend anger management classes, for what? Displaying anger at the man who ruined their marriage and relationship with his children so he could get up on some underage girl? Oh, that is rich.

Here’s hoping that the kids, and Christie, are able to move on from this whole fiasco in a healthy and happy way.

Christie Brinkley Aims Low For Daughter Alexa


Christie Brinkley is past the phase of dating really young dudes but she has John Mayer in her sites as the perfect match for her daughter — the one she had with Billy Joel, as if you couldn’t tell — Alexa Ray Joel.  Personally, I don’t think anyone with four divorces under their belt should be fixing people up, and I really don’t think anyone should be fixing up a loved one with John Mayer.

John Mayer has a history of not committing, talking to the media about his relationships in graphic detail, and being addicted to Twitter — and then there’s his music. 

Which really begs the question:  Why does Christie Brinkley hate her daughter?

Linda Hogan Takes Break From Swiss Miss Cocoa Gig to Appear at Sundance


This image was the first thing my eyes focused on after rolling out of bed this morning.  If you applied for the weekend writing gig here at Evil Beet, you need to be aware of the occupational hazards.  It’s all fun and games until Linda Hogan has her support hose and pigtails on.  As if I wasn’t embarrassed enoughfor Linda , there’s a picture in the photo gallery of her kissing her stud.  She doesn’t need to read He’s Just Not That Into You, nor does she need to see the movie.  That picture is worth six words, Linda.  Pay attention.

Anyway, all the celebs are hanging around Park City, Utah, for the Sundance Film Festival.  Paris has been hanging around with Aubrey O’Day and her dog purse.  I can’t decide which accessory I find more offensive.  Christie Brinkley has been rejoicing with all her free stuff and Kevin Bacon has perfected his “I’m broke” face.  Danielle Fishel, super cute as Topanga on Boy Meets World, looks like a former Miss America and Zoe Kravitz goes to the top of my “Most Beautiful People Ever” list.

Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook: Still Drama-tastic!

If you thought that the finalization of their divorce last week would mark the end of the Brinkley-Cook drama, then you clearly have no idea how things work among the rich and famous.

Peter Cook sat down with Barbara Walters (really, Barbara? There’s an election going on, ya know) to talk shit about Christie, which was in violation of of a court order preventing either side from publicly talking about their marriage.

The interview is scheduled to air Friday, and Christie filed for a temporary restraining order against Cook, to prevent him from his scheduled visitation with the kids this weekend. Apparently she didn’t want the kids to be exposed to the interview.

It was denied by a judge.

“It was a silly application,” said Cook’s lawyers. “Obviously, there are TVs all over the place, and Mr. Cook had no intention of exposing his children to any interview.”

Cook agreed to take the kids out of town for the weekend to avoid the hullabaloo that will likely surround the airing of the interview.

So will there be no penalty for Peter Cook for violating the court agreement?????

There had better be!!!