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Chris Brown

8Chris Brown Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and PTSD

chris brown

It sorta makes me laugh at Chris Brown has been diagnosed with PTSD – not because PTSD is funny in any way (because it’s a very serious illness and not a joke), but because it’s absolute bullshit that he’s now going to try to use as an explanation for why he’s a walking dickhead. Let me guess – next, Justin Bieber will have PTSD!

Anyhow, Chris has his PTSD diagnosis and Bipolar disorder, which is why he’s staying in rehab past his initial mandatory sentence. It’s not at all a PR stunt to try and get his career back on track once he leaves and to show everyone he’s a changed man who had a real reason to do all the shit he did beyond “I felt like it and fuck you”.

Oh, also, even though it was first reported that it was CHRIS who decided to stay in rehab for longer, it was actually a judge’s order after a report revealed the myriad of issues this dude really has. Here’s the scoop from People:

Although a report reviewed by the judge says the singer tells doctors he “is happy with the program,” Brown, in court Friday, seemed disappointed by the decision to extend his rehab stay.

“It is evident that [Brown] has responded well” to the treatment, a probation officer wrote to the court. However, the officer said that Brown’s positive change in behavior “has occurred only recently” and the court should be cautious about releasing him too soon and should keep him on probation until November.

Of course it occurred recently – TO GET OUT OF REHAB. Once he’s out, he’ll be back to the same bullshit as always. How is any of this shocking? But wait… there’s more!

According to a letter from the facility treating Brown, he has a very regimented life in rehab, waking at 5 a.m. every morning and doing 24 hours a week of community service as well as six to eight therapy sessions per week “with his team of clinicians and doctors to address his bipolar diagnosis, anger management, post-traumatic stress disorder and past substance abuse.”

The letter says that Brown “continues to make great strides” but he needs to continue “intense individual, family and medical follow-up over the next year so he can sustain the changes.”

It also says that Brown needs close supervision by his doctor “to ensure his bipolar mental health condition remains stable. It is not uncommon for patients with post-traumatic stress disorder and Bipolar II to use substances to self-medicate their biochemical mood swings and trauma triggers. Our clinical team believes Mr. Brown became aggressive and acted out physically due to his untreated mental health disorder, severe sleep deprivation, inappropriate self-medicating and untreated PTSD.”

Oh man, sounds like torture for him. I love it! What I don’t love is that these people are wasting time, energy, money and other resources on this asshole. You have to WANT to change, not just pretend to want it so that you can be let out on the loose again to get back to the life you were leading before. Ugh.

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March 1, 2014 at 10:30 am by Jennifer
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1Chris Brown Is Staying in Rehab, But Unfortunately Not Forever

chris brown

In case you forgot, Chris Brown avoided jailtime in favour of being sent back to rehab instead, so he could deal with his many issues. It was a 90-day “sentence”, of sorts, which is over now, but because Chris is such a stand-up guy who’s really sweet and not at all violent or messed up in any way, he’s decided to stay there for a while longer.

From E! News:

A source tells E! News exclusively that even though the R&B superstar has completed his court-ordered 90 days in rehab, a judge ordered him to stay at the facility for further treatment.

Brown’s rep declined to comment.

It’s a shame he doesn’t stay there forever. I think we’d all be glad to throw away the key.

However, apparently the world is coming around to Chris Brown, because he’s been given an AWARD by LA community group 2nd Call for his work with them and on his own organizations. The award? The “Second Chance at Loving Life” award. LOL! Okay.

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February 24, 2014 at 8:30 am by Jennifer
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0How Much Did Chris Brown Pay this Judge, Then?

Chris Brown

Chris Brown is a dickhead of epic proportions, the forefather whose asshole status is that which Justin Bieber has aspired to ascend to. He has committed so many crimes with such blatant lack of remorse and/or improvement… and yet here he is, a free man. He was in court recently, as we all know, facing his latest assault charges and while prosecutors want him in jail for it, a California judge thought he’ll do better in a rehab facility. Fuuuuuuuuuck off.

Judge James R Brandlin claims that the drug abuse and anger management facility is giving him an “adequate safety net”. Well, what about the safety of all the people he assaults? Where’s our net? It should be him in jail! Also, let’s not forget that his probation has been revoked stemming back from the time when he beat Rihanna to a bloody pulp… and yet “rehab” is the way to go? UGH.

Oh, and one more thing to remember: he turned down a plea deal in this case that would reduce his charges because he’s that cocky that he can do whatever he wants and not have to face any consequences for it. What a lovely human being.

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February 4, 2014 at 8:30 am by Jennifer
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3Chris Brown Rejected a Plea Deal in His Ongoing Assault Case

chris brown court

Because of course he did. Chris Brown is a dickhead of the highest power, so why on earth would he admit that he’s done wrong and take a more lenient punishment offered to him by accepting a plea deal in his Washington DC assault case? That would just be too easy, too decent of him. The deal would have turned his misdemeanor assault charges into simple assault charges (which carry much less of a penalty), but Brown said no thanks.

Here’s TMZ‘s scoop:

The prosecutor revealed in court they had offered Brown a deal — reducing the charge to simple assault (he currently faces misdemeanor assault which carries a more severe penalty), but Brown’s lawyer, Mark Geragos — who was also in court — rejected it … and we think we know why.

Law enforcement sources tell us … they had combed the area looking for surveillance video capturing the run-in.  For a long, long time they said they had nothing.  Now they seem to be singing a different tune, but haven’t turned the video over to Geragos.

Geragos — who believes his client did nothing wrong — is eager to see the video before cutting any kind of deal.

Keep in mind that even if police don’t have video, that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen (it most certainly did – come on!), just that they can’t prove it so Chris thinks he can get away with it just like he got away with beating Rihanna to a bloody pulp (which in fact there WAS proof of, but that hardly mattered) and everything else in his life.

Don’t forget his probation has been revoked, so he really is playing with fire here since, if the police do turn over a video and he’s convicted, he should – IN THE EYES OF THE LAW – be going to jail. Will he go to jail? Probably not, because money talks and this country’s justice system is a fucking joke. But stay tuned on that front.

Ugh, I wish Chris and Justin Bieber would hold hands and drive off a cliff, Thelma and Louise style.

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January 9, 2014 at 9:30 am by Jennifer
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4Chris Brown’s Probation Revoked, But He’s Still Not In Jail

chris brown

Chris Brown is a dickhead of the highest order (and is currently training up Justin Bieber to follow in his footsteps), and frankly he should have been in prison a long ass time ago. After he assaulted Rihanna. After he assaulted any number of people, really. And yet here he is, free as a bird, out there in the world to assault more people and get away with it. Ain’t life grand?

It seemed as if the tides were turning this week when Superior Court Judge James R Brandlin decided on Monday to revoke Chris’ probation following his most recent assault charge in DC, according to The AP. He’s still got to go to rehab and do a shit ton of community service, which he’ll probably lie about again, but for some reason no one requested for him to be arrested???? Is this not how things work? I assumed when one was on probation and then they break that probation REPEATEDLY and then a judge revokes it, that means your ass is about to be behind bars. When did the law change? Anyone?

The judge is going to set out an “arrest report” (whatever that means) later this week and Chris will have to return to court in February 2014 to update them on his progress. I DON’T GET WHY HE’S NOT IN JAIL. It’s like we’ve rewarded him for assaulting another person by taking away his probation, meaning there are literally no conditions on this guy. Can’t wait til he goes out and kills someone. Maybe we can give him 1,000 more hours of community service then.

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December 18, 2013 at 6:30 am by Jennifer
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13Chris Brown Has Been Ordered Back to Rehab

chris brown

Chris Brown has been having a bit of a rough time lately, eh? After his most recent misdemeanor assault charge, someone on his management team got smart and decided it was time for him to go to rehab to confront some of his anger issues. Of course, he didn’t stay there very long and in fact left after about two weeks. I personally don’t see a problem with that. After all, two weeks is more than enough time to change your violent, homophobic ways and become a well-adjusted, law-abiding member of society. What’s the problem here?

Well, there is clearly a problem as Chris hit court on Wednesday for a progress hearing on his 2009 “I beat Rihanna but I’m over it and you should be too” case, and a judge decided that, considering how he beat someone up in DC last month, he probably has some more serious issues to work on and he needs to head back to rehab for another 90 days. While there, he’ll have to undergo drug tests as well as taking any prescription drugs provided to him by the rehab staff. A tranquilizer, maybe?

Here’s E! Online‘s roundup:

Agreeing with the recommendation of the probation department, L.A. Superior Court Judge James Brandlin ordered the singer to spend another three months in a residential treatment facility, submit to drug testing and take medication as prescribed by his doctor.

Brown is also required to complete 24 hours of community service a week during the course of his time in rehab.

I wish we could lock this asshole up and throw away the key. Just make sure to put his buddy Bieber in there with him before you lock it up.

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November 21, 2013 at 6:30 am by Jennifer
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