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Chris Brown

Chris Brown Probably Leaked His Own Abuse Photo

photo of chris browns injuries pictures abuse

Remember way back when Chris Brown brutalized Rihanna in his car after some awards ceremony, resulting in an awful, nightmarish fugue of anger and publicity that lasted for, like, three months? And remember how someone from inside the police force or hospital leaked the abuse photos of Rihanna, and after all that, Chris became kind of a joke in the music industry, not to mention, oh, COMPLETELY SUCKING AT LIFE?

Well everyone still remembers, and because new photos of Rihanna from that night have hit the ‘net recently, someone decided that it’d also be a good idea to release a photo of Chris Brown’s ‘horrific’ injuries, which were taken at approximately the same time as Rihanna’s.

I thought the guy was a total douchebag before this photo, but now?  I’m just positive that he’s a complete monster, if there was any lingering doubts from before.

Photo via Media TakeOut

Rihanna Wants Chris Brown Back in Her Life

It hasn’t even been two full years since Chris Brown beat Rihanna to a pulp and the singer is already allowing him a chance to get back in her life. Rihanna has apparently approved Chris’ request to have the restraining order against him softened to a mere level one. Basically that means the two can communicate as long as Chris refrains from any abuse or harassment.

With Grammy night, the anniversary of the brawl that lead to their breakup, just around the corner, it seems like Chris is trying to pry himself back into her life while he thinks he may still have a chance. Rihanna’s newly single, just went through another nude photo scandal, but her career is hotter than ever. Successful and vulnerable, every psycho dude’s favorite type of lady.

Sad thing is, I’m pretty sure there’s at least a small chance these two will get back together. Rihanna gives off a major “I do what I want and nobody can stop me” vibe, and I doubt she would consider the opinions of her fans and/or people when making moves in her romantic life.

Ugh. I am so not ready for Whitney and Bobby, Part 2 (The Remix).

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Chris Brown Graduates From Domestic Violence School, Tweets Photo of Diploma

photo of chris brown with a puppy on his shoulder pictures photographs

OK. So we all have our feelings about Chris Brown – some hate him, some love him, some forgive him, and some even say that his violent physical rage against Rihanna was an entitlement (and what the fuck is wrong with you people – no one deserves to be hit you bunch of twats).

Chris has also kind of stayed out of the spotlight since the whole fucking-up-Rihanna’s-world thing, (with, you know, the exception of whining that his albums were suffering because people couldn’t get over the fact that he brutalized his girlfriend for the world to see)

And then he comes out and does this:
twitter photo of chris brown domestic violence completion certificate pictures photographs

Yes. Posts his certificate of completion for participating in an anti-domestic violence class. On Twitter.  His mama must be so proud – maybe she can hang it next to the photo of her boy in the orange smock, who’s picking trash off of the side of the highway. … I mean come on guys. It’s nice, you know, his tweet and all about being ‘proud’ that he completed the (ahem, court-mandated) course, but I think flaunting the certificate that states ‘Yep, Chris Brown attended each and every single meeting and didn’t spend the entire time texting bitches on his phone’ is pretty classless, plainly, because it just screams ‘Attention! And more of it, motherfuckers!’

Just break it down – say a good non-celebrity friend of yours was busted for beating the hell out of his or her significant other. Imagine, obviously, the embarrassment and shame that both parties went through. You’d think that your friend would want to serve his or her time, learn a wicked valuable lesson, and pray like the hammers of hell that those around would be forgiving. What, then, would you think of your friend if he or she decided to post a photo of a domestic violence graduation on Facebook? Wouldn’t you think that the entire thing had been cheapened, and it was a last ditch effort at sucking the very last bit of attention through a busted straw? Yes, you would. Because it’s unnecessary. It would be in bad taste for your friend to do it, and it’s in even worse taste to do it from a place of celebrity, Chris Brown.

I’m glad that you’ve learned your lesson Chris, I really am. I hope you’ve taken forgiveness and forgiven yourself. I also hope to God that you never get to a place again where you resort to violence in any circumstances.

But what the fuck all over this story.

Rihanna is the Only (Alleged) Fool in the World to Have Fallen For Chris Brown’s BET Crocodile Tears

Remember Chris Brown’s cheeseball performance of a Michael Jackson tribute at the BET awards last month? Those wretched, gag-a-maggot tears that were allegedly triggered by eye drops, and not because Brown has a feeling bone in his body, with the exception of his penis?

It sounds like ex-girlfriend Rihanna didn’t hear about his alleged eye drop usage, because she and Brown have reportedly reconciled (as friends, don’t worry) their differences, as Rihanna was “moved” that Brown was able to show such emotion — and not, you know, the blacked-out violence kind-of-emotion that Brown has exhibited in the past. According to a “friend” of the former couple:

“It’s been almost a year since they last spoke, but Rihanna felt like she could try to be friends with Chris again. Seeing how emotional he was on set [at the BET Awards] really touched her. She’d never seen him like that before. Chris [also] told her that he felt like he’s grown up in the past year. He’s said he’s so happy to be back in touch with her. They were each other’s first love and he’s missed her so much. Rihanna knows that if he wanted him back, he’d be there in a second.”

Uh, you know, just because you were once someone’s “first love” doesn’t mean that they automatically earn a place in your life — or your heart — down the road. Especially if the relationship ended under the circumstances that Rihanna and Chris’s did.

If, you know, you want to forgive Chris for what he did, Rihanna, more power to you. I think it’s an amazing thing when people can look inside themselves to really let go of the malicious and horrific things that some people in our past have done to us, and it’s really a gift to be able to do so. But there’s no reason to bring that person from your past back into your present.  Ihave no explanation for that — I just stand firm in my opinion that there’s just not.

OK, Chris Brown Should Just Go to Hell Already.

photo of chris brown performing michael jackson tribute at bet awards

Remember I posted Chris Brown’s “heart-warming performance” earlier in the week, where he performed a Michael Jackson tribute at the BET awards? Yes, this very video. Well, some of you readers thought that he was crying big old crocodile tears in order to appear sympathetic to the viewers — and his former fans — and you know what? Looks like you bitches were right.

An exclusive source spoke to Us Magazine and told a reporter that the singer with the most violent tendencies put eye drops in his eyes before the big performance, and that’s what you were actually seeing:

“He rubbed it [eye drops] in and he started crying.”

That’s just lovely. Just when we thought that Brown might have had a soul (ha! And … ha! again!), he goes and plays the facade of someone who feels for others — you know, beyond “feeling” them with closed fists and small, sharp teeth.

Go rot somewhere, you piece of trash.

Chris Brown’s a Baby

You know who needs to disappear? Chris Brown. That fool just cannot help himself. He’s still talking about how the whole “beating up Rihanna” thing was really hard on his reputation and that he’s actually a really nice guy. This morning he did that whole routine for the Mojo in the Morning radio show and he attempted to keep his shit relevant by relating himself to another bro we all hate right now, Tiger Woods.

“I think it’s cool man, I think people always deserve a second chance, and I know if my fans give me a second chance and people give me a second chance..whatever his personal life is and I think this goes for me and him; his personal life is his personal life – like nobody has the right to place judgment or make any judgment on somebody else’s personal life when they’re not directly involved with them—like they might be a fan, or might support what they’re doing but like if he plays golf, like that’s his sport, that’s his hobby, that’s his love, that’s what people love him for. They don’t love him for the other stuff that they talking bout. I think, even with me, like I do music, I sing songs, like I’m an entertainer, I’m a performer, but people make mistakes, I think people have to realize that everybody’s human, and the good thing is if you learn from your mistakes, then, then that’s a part of life, and I think that’s a part of living and learning from mistakes and becoming a better person, and growing from situations, so my hat is off to him—I support him, I hope he gets back on the field and does his thing, cause he is the best at it.”

Me me me me me. Jesus Christ. This guy’s head is so far up his own rectum that he doesn’t even realize what a self-involved moron he sounds like. He needs to be locked away in a closet until he gets the heck over himself. True.