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Quotables: Chris Brown ‘Apologizes’ for Smashing Window on GMA

picture of chris brown no shirt gma photos

“First of all, I want to apologize to anybody who was startled in the office, or anybody who was offended or really looked, and [was] disappointed at my actions, because I’m disappointed in the way I acted. I had to release the anger that I had inside of me. Yes, I got very emotional and I apologize for acting like that.”

OK. This is Chris Brown’s apology. … This is Chris Brown’s apology on anti-psychotic meds. Any questions? No? What’s that, you’re cowering in the corner to avoid being hit by flying, furied fists of doom? Well hell. I don’t blame you.

Meanwhile, this is what Chris has been doing in his downtime between smashing windows and acting contrite.

photo of some dirty chick grinding up on chris brown pictures

Thanks to TMZ for a heads-up on the photo.

Chris Brown REALLY Needs to Go to Jail After THIS Crap

picture of chris brown photos with puppy

Chris Brown appeared on Good Morning America earlier this morning, and though the outward performance and interview seems like it went well, TMZ has got word that Chris, plagued by questions about that time when he, you know, BEAT THE FUCK OUT OF RIHANNA, totally freaked out, started screaming, broke his dressing room window (and showered a street below with glass), tore his shirt off and left the premises. TMZ claims that Brown was screaming so loudly that makeup and wardrobe got nervous enough to call security.

This sounds exactly like the actions of a rehabilitated man with no apparent anger issues, doesn’t it?

Look, dude. I get you’re probably sick and tired of being pegged as the asshole that probably would have killed a woman if she hadn’t gotten away, but there’s better ways of dealing with your frustrations than proving to the world that you’ve got a fucking psycho streak a mile-damned-wide.

Update: Here are some pictures of Chris leaving the GMA studios. Tell me this asshat doesn’t have a screw or forty loose.

Love It or Leave It: Whatever Chris Brown Is Doing to Himself

A photo of Chris Brown

I went with a vague title because I couldn’t decide what to focus on here.  The blonde hair, the Buzz Lightyear necklace, the gross denim jacket.  This must be Chris Brown’s method of coping with the facts that everyone’s seen his penis and everyone hates him all over again.

Just think, Chris, if you could have just kept your cool instead of assaulting your girlfriend, then everybody could love you. Remember that viral video of people dancing down the aisle to your song?  That would have been your claim to fame, the thing that held you in everyone’s mind.  But no, you just had to choke out Rihanna, and now nothing you do will ever be right.  I hope you can find solace in your Buzz Lightyear jewelry, because even that is a little more than you deserve.

Quotables: Chris Brown Doesn’t Discuss His Penis

picture of chris brown grabbing dick crotch penis photos

“You can’t blame people for how they want to be portrayed or if they don’t want to be associated with somebody who had a particular mishap.”

The mishap he’s referring to? Two guesses: not the pencil dick photos floating around the web, or even the really cheesy video that sensually skims his body up and down to vague R&B music that belongs on the set of Waiting to Exhale – he’s referring to the Rihanna incident – the one where he almost beat her face flat and then nearly choked her to death. You know – THAT particular ‘mishap.’

I also think it’s pretty funny that his latest album is to be titled ‘F.A.M.E.,’ an acronym for ‘forgiving all my enemies.’ I really like the whole forgiveness thing, it’s, you know, a crucial part to being a successful human being even if it’s not always easy to forgive and let go, but Chris … damn, boy. If you gave the same careful attention to your words as you do mowing the lawn for Dick and his two nutty friends, you might be better off.

So THIS is Chris Brown’s Penis

picture of chris brown at all stars hoops heroes photos

I know you guys were all dying to know what it looked like, especially after his recent ‘abuse’ photo was released. Y’all were probably thinking, ‘Heck yes, the only thing hotter than this douchebag’s lips has got to be his wayward penis,’ so guys? Here it is. A picture of his penis, which was said to be taken for a girlfriend’s pleasure, and was also said to be leaked by Chris himself, though his rep vehemently denies it.

I mean, I’d deny it too, a penis that skinny. Laws yes.

Jump in for the extremely NSFW (and large) photo of Chris Brown’s magic stick and dangly bits.

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