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Chris Brown

Anderson Cooper Hates Chris Brown Too!

How sassy is Anderson Cooper? So sassy, right? I adore this man, I really do, and I always love it when people tell it like it is, so what choice did I have but to simply rejoice when Anderson didn’t hold back about how ridiculous it is that Chris Brown is acting in a romantic comedy? Here are Anderson’s true words: “Ladies and...

I Just Really Don’t Get This Chris Brown Thing

I know we’re supposed to be all forgivey-forgivey in this life, but this? This picture of many young women all excited to skulk up to Chris Brown and have their photo taken? It really makes me scratch my head. Are we, as a society, so enamored and fascinated by celebrities that we’re willing to overlook absolutely everything...

Planking Chris Brown, Planking

That’s great, Chris Brown. That’s great. But can you top this? The answer is no. Nobody can top that photo. My favorite is the dude who planked on in from the next room via the breakfast counter. Or the guy on the stove who appears to be levitating, which is like a next-level David Blaine illusion.