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Chelsea Clinton

How Cute is Chelsea Clinton?


I think we all have to admit that she was an unfortunate-looking teen, but Chelsea Clinton has really cleaned up over the years. Here she is at a rally supporting her mother’s run for the Presidency, and she sure does look adorable. The hair, the makeup, the suit … it’s all working. Way to go, Chelsea!

I Wanna Be Chelsea Clinton’s Best Friend!


From Page Six:

THE anticipated presence of Chelsea Clinton and her parents at an Oct. 27 wedding in Washington, D.C., has the planners in a tizzy. Chelsea’s childhood best friend, Nicole Davison, is marrying hedge-fund analyst Michael Fox. Chelsea, the maid of honor, will be there with her parents. Guests are being warned not to bother Bill and Hillary Clinton. When the ex-president hosted the couple’s engagement party at his Chappaqua home, some guests were told to be on their “best behavior” and avoid talking to the family about inappropriate topics.

Um, Bill Clinton? Will you please host my engagement party, too? I just think it would be fun. And expensive. I promise I’ll be nice to Chelsea and not make fun of her for having to spend her most awkward years in the White House.