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Chaz Bono

Chaz Bono Lost 60 Pounds!

chaz bono weight loss

Chaz Bono, son of Sonny and Cher, lost an impressive 60 pounds. He looks better now than when he was on Dancing with the Stars, which some celebs do for the rapid weight loss, publicity being a big perk. He’s not done losing the weight yet. People asked him how he did it. Via Eonline:

I’ve just changed the way I eat. Diets don’t work. You just have to change what you eat, and I have. [...] really [avoids] grains and starches, so meats and vegetables and fruits are my diet. I make them all different ways to keep it interesting.

I still enjoy dancing. I still take classes.

Losing weight is HARD. You have to, like…do things. And then eat things that aren’t the things you would prefer to eat. And then you have to do…more things. Like, ugh. Who has the time and the commitment to do all of these things (aside from Gwyneth)? I think you can see his weight loss better in this candid photo. In the one up top he doesn’t quite know how to pose for the camera and find his best ~~angles~~.

chaz bono

And compare that photo to this one taken in 2010:

chaz bono 2010 heavy

SO GOOD FOR YOU, CHAZ! I am inspired. I love seeing before/after photos. They motivate me to get off the couch and start exercising…later.

Quotables: Warren Beatty’s Transgendered Kid Bashes Cher’s Transgendered Kid

photo of transgender stephen beatty and father warren beatty pictures photos
“I do not have a birth defect. If you feel like you have a birth defect, fine. That’s how you feel. Go feel that. Do not put it onto me. Do not define me that way, and do not define other trans people that way unless they claim that label. … Chaz is a misogynist. He is a trans man who seems to believe that his female-assignedness and his female socialization makes him immune from being a misogynist, and he is manifestly wrong. This man doesn’t represent our community… The next time you hear Chaz’s name brought up in a conversation about trans issues, point out the things he’s said about surgery, ‘birth defects,’ and women.”

This is Stephen Beatty’s reaction to Chaz Bono‘s latest assertation that being transgendered is a “birth defect,” but I think we all know the real birth defect here might be “parented by Cher.” I mean, Cher and Warren Beatty dated back in ’62, so Stephen here could very well have been a child of Cher’s. He should just be happy he missed that crazy train.

Chaz had previously commented, “There’s a gender in your brain and a gender in your body. For 99 percent of people, those things are in alignment. For transgender people, they’re mismatched. That’s all it is. It’s not complicated, it’s not a neurosis. It’s a mix-up. It’s a birth defect, like a cleft palate.”

And I get his point – I really do. I just don’t know that I’d, personally, word it quite like that.

What do you think – is transgender a birth defect, or is Chaz Bono still reaping the rewards for putting his foot in his mouth one too many times?

The New Dancing With the Stars Cast Has Been Leaked. Yay?

photo of dancing with the stars 2011 pictures cast photos

I don’t know, guys. I was never really into Dancing With the Stars, and I was even more aghast when they asked Kate Gosselin to star on it for a season, so I’m sort of torn as to how I continuously feel about the show. I know it’s not going away anytime soon, and I’ve made my peace with that, but it seems like the execs over there at ABC are trying really, really hard to lure in the under-fifty crowd by including people like Bristol Palin, Kendra Wilkinson, and the majority of the new season’s cast. Who, you’re wondering? Try these names out for size:

Nancy Grace. Just when you thought her career wouldn’t extend past the Casey Anthony trial.

photo of nancy grace dancing with the stars cast pictures photos

Kristin Cavallari. Because she’s just been dumped by someone who wasn’t even good enough to be considered for the sportsman position on DWTS, I guess.

photo of kristin cavalarri pictures dancing with the stars pics

Ricki Lake. Why not? It’s not like she’s done anything recently except play poker or something.

photo of ricki lake pictures dancing with the stars photos pics

Chynna Phillips. Sure hope this one doesn’t lose the weight that most contestants do. SHE CAN’T AFFORD IT.

photo of chynna phillips dancing with the stars pictures photos

Hope Solo. This one’s going to be fun to watch. I saw an interview after all of the women’s soccer hubbub earlier this summer where she was asked about the possibility of joining the cast, and Hope claimed that, even though she’s mad athletic and coordinated on the field, she can’t dance for crap. I like this girl, so good times.

photo of soccer star hope solo on dancing with the stars pictures photos

Jump in for the rest of *the list:

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Chaz Bono Slated for ‘Dancing with the Stars’

A photo of Chaz Bono in July 2011

I love Chaz Bono—I do—but this cannot be what Dancing with the Stars execs meant when they claimed they were only signing big, BIG stars to the show’s roster next season. Because, to be fair, Chaz’s only real claim to fame is having been born to Cher.

Still, TMZ reports that Bono will be a contestant in the new season of Dancing with the Stars—and yes, since you secretly are wondering, he’ll be coupled with a lady.

Last week, TMZ also reported that the Dancing with the Stars set is undergoing a dazzling $3 million makeover. So much for casting name-brand celebrities: It’s like buying Vera Wang dinnerware and then serving White Castle on it.

Chaz Bono Really Needs to STFU

photo of shiloh jolie-pitt boy pictures photos transgender pics

Remember, like, a week ago I included a link in one of our partner roundups claiming that Chaz Bono wanted to get together with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s ‘gender-bending’ daughter, Shiloh, in order to give her some confidence-boosting gems of insight and maybe some direction on who the best sex reassignment surgeons in LA are?

Well it turns out mama Angie isn’t having any of it. In a reveal to OK! magazine, a source close to Jolie claims she was pissed:

Angelina Jolie fumed when she was told that Chaz Bono had spoken about her daughter Shiloh in an interview.

“Angie really feels that her kids are off-limits,” says an insider. “People have been openly discussing Shiloh’s sexuality for a while, simply because she dresses like a tomboy. It’s ridiculous. She’s not even 5 and she’s already labeled as having a gender crisis? It’s upsetting to them – it would be to any parent.”

Angelina resents the attention Shiloh’s tomboy ways have attracted. “The way she sees it is that it’s perfectly normal for little girls to be tomboys when they’re that age,” says an insider.

First of all, that’s absolutely right – this LITTLE CHILD is FOUR YEARS OLD. Could you imagine what a gender identity conversation with a four-year-old would be like? No? Well I’ll explain it to you, because I have a three-year-old: it’d be like trying to explain the intricacies of Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection, or the concept of dark matter. Seriously. Like, it’d go over that well.

My daughter wears Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sweatshirts with tutus, sneakers, and bows in her hair. She plays with dirt and Matchbox cars along with her baby dolls, pretend makeup kit, and Dora ballerina dress-up clothes. She’s obsessed with farming equipment, fire trucks, and tea parties with her stuffed animals. Her current favorite toy? A play toolbox complete with drillbits and drill. IT’S ALL NORMAL.

I know, Chaz, that you’re probably, like, desperate for fame, but aiming at a kid (and trying to give a child advice who’s so young that they probably still dream of the womb) is just ridiculous. You just need to keep your unsolicited advice to way-underage children to yourself, you bitch bastard.

Cher Hasn’t Fully Adjusted to Her Daughter’s Sex Change

Cher was on David Letterman’s show the other night and one topic that came up was her daughter, Chaz. Chaz used to be Chastity until she underwent gender reassignment story and started living as a man. Cher hasn’t always been the most supportive mother so her the explanation she gave Dave about her daughter’s current state has been ripped apart the last couple days.

Here’s what Cher said:

‘She was a lesbian. She still is. But it’s not the same now. She has a beautiful girlfriend. But it’s not the same thing as being a homosexual, you feel as if you’re in the wrong body. I was saying to someone the other day, I really like being a woman, I feel so comfortable in my body, and if I woke up and I was in a man’s body, I’d think oh my god, I’ve got to get out of here. And that’s the way Chas felt, it was never comfortable. He’s very comfortable now.’

OK, so I can understand why people might be pissed off that she called her daughter both a he and a she in the interview, but guys… Cher is like, old. And she’s Cher. Do I think it’s right that she hasn’t managed to figure out what gender her daughter is addressing herself as by now? Not really. Ironic considering how large her gay fan base is? Totally. But I can also see why this older woman who kind of lives in a bubble of her own fame would have a hard time nailing down all the trans-friendly terminology out there. It’s not easy!

I’m not saying that Cher didn’t mess up, but I think we should ease up on her until someday our own daughters come to us and tell us they’re living in the wrong body. Then we can see how second nature referring to your female child as a male is and judge as harshly as we want to.

Chaz Bono Is Boobless!!!


Oooooh, it is SO MUCH FUN to watch this change take place! I’m so happy for him! Chastity Chaz Bono, who’s in the middle of a female-to-male sex change, is at last boobless! The photogs caught him at LAX yesterday, and I have to say he’s starting to look more like a man and less like a woman trying to look like a man. What fun to get to watch this transformation!

And this has nothing to do with anything, but I’m kind of obsessing on Marc Cohn’s “Walking in Memphis” right now — did I mention I get obsessed with things easily? — and my friend MK over at Popbytes sent me this video of Chaz’s mom, Cher, doing a cover of the song, and it’s not that it’s bad or anything, but whenever she sings the phrase “walking in MemphUUUUs,” it just makes me think of Jack McFarland doing a Cher impression rather than Cher actually singing. Clip below. LOL-tastic.