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L.A. County Says Charlie Sheen Doesn’t Care About His Kids


Charlie Sheen says ex wife Brooke Mueller shouldn’t have custody because she’s “evil” but L.A. County Dept. Children and Family Services doesn’t think Sheen is all that great either. TMZ‘s sources have it all:

they’re pissed that Charlie is hurling grenades at everyone involved in the mess that has become his family — calling Brooke Mueller a “whore,” the judge an “anus brain” and DCFS “incompetent and lascivious.”

Our DCFS sources — who work in the trenches — say Charlie has NEVER made a real move to take custody of Bob and Max. As one source put it, “He cares more about his drugs and porn stars than he does the kids.”

You know what? I don’t even doubt that. He really is childish.

I’m done giving him any more attention.

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Denise Richards Can’t Handle Charlie Sheen’s Bad Ass Kids Anymore

denise richards charlie sheen

Denise Richards has been looking after Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller‘s 4-year-old twins, Bob and Max, for the past few months since their parents are both raging drug addicts with no ability to parent a child. However, things are about to become a whole lot messier as even Denise can’t handle these little bad asses anymore. They’re torturing her dogs and her daughters and just being really violent and throw their own shit, among other things. Denise has had enough, so much so that she went to the authorities to tell them so.

From TMZ:

Sources connected with DCFS tell TMZ … Denise wrote a letter to the agency, saying the kids are violent and out of control, and she says it’s ALL Brooke’s fault.

DCFS sources say the letter details horrifying conduct.  Denise says Bob and Max often go into a “zombie-like state” — they repeatedly kick her dogs in the head and squeeze their heads with both hands while watching the dogs whimper in pain.  She also says the kids will flip from sweetly petting the dog to strangling the animals and lifting them off the ground by the neck.

According to the letter, Denise would tell the kids they were hurting the dogs, and Bob and Max would reply that they wanted to hurt and kill the dogs.

According to the letter, the violence is not limited to animals.  Denise says her daughters — Sam, Lola and Eloise — have been targets of the boys.  She says her daughters have been strangled, kicked in the head and stomach, scratched, bit, slapped, punched in the face and head, and spit on by Bob and Max.  Denise describes one incident which she seems to blame on Brooke — after visiting Mueller, Bob threw a toy at Sam’s face and she had to go to the doctor.

Denise says Bob and Max went to school in September and they have been problematic from the get-go.  She says Bob in particular has harmed other kids and punched and slapped teachers in the face.

Denise says the kids have also thrown their own feces into the bathroom of one of her daughters.

In the letter, Denise connects the bad conduct to the time the kids spend at Brooke’s home, claiming they act out violently when they are returned to Denise.  She also says the kids have had horrible nightmares after returning from Brooke’s home, where the kids would stay up with her til 4 AM.

In the long letter to DCFS, Denise — who has temporary guardianship of the boys while Brooke deals with her drug problems — says pediatricians have advised her to seek psychological counseling for the boys, but Brooke has blocked that effort.

This is actually a really sad story, because these kids are MESSED UP due to the situations they’ve been around for most of their lives up until this point. Also, the fact that Charlie’s ex-wife is looking after his kids… I mean, it’s all just a giant mess, isn’t it? I don’t really know anything about Denise Richards, but the woman is a saint for taking all this on on, because she’s clearly doing it out of the kindness of her heart and the sake of these children. But her daughters must be like, HELL NO, get these little bastards out of here! What a tough situation for everyone involved, especially Bob and Max, who I feel need to get into counseling NOW or else they’re gonna end up exactly like their parents :(

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Brooke Mueller Can’t Get A Restraining Order Against Crazy Charlie Sheen

brooke mueller charlie sheen

Charlie Sheen went on a recent rant about ex-wife Brooke Mueller, calling her “evil” and a “whore.” He’s concerned that her home isn’t a safe place for their kids, and Sheen doesn’t have sole custody. (Also, he just sucks, he’s Charlie Sheen.)

On the other side, Mueller isn’t taking too kindly to such verbal attacks, and filed a restraining order against him. Unfortunately for her, she didn’t get it. Here’s more of Sheen’s ranting from her request, via Daily News:

[T]here will be a reckoning. There will be a whirlwind. That they will all reap while desperate begging for my forgiveness. You’ve all been warned.

Sheen retaliated with more classy 12-year-old dude insults, like tweeting,

You are a chubby weirdo who will lose at every turn trying to get between me and my boys.

He then posted a photo of a birthday cake with a grenade in it. For her. How sweet.


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Charlie Sheen Calls His Ex Wife “Evil” and “A Whore”


Oh, look, Charlie Sheen is saying bad things about women, specifically his ex wife. I don’t think he’s ever done this before. How very unlike him to call someone “a whore” when he disagrees with them.

Okay, in all fairness (ugh), he’s referring to his ex wife, Brooke Mueller, who isn’t the most reliable person. He’s upset because she’s the mother of their kids and she’s not very stable. She’s been in and out of rehab. But Charlie isn’t exactly father of the year. He doesn’t have full custody. For whatever reason, their kids were given back to Mueller (they were in the custody of Sheen’s other ex wife, Denise Richards) and Sheen is freaking out because he doesn’t think it’s a good home for young children. Here’s what TMZ is exclusively reporting:

Sheen just called TMZ and told us … his 4-and-a-half year old twin boys Bob and Max have already suffered physical and emotional damage from the time they’ve spent in Brooke’s care. In fact, he says they’re very close to getting kicked out of school.

Charlie says the boys are deathly afraid of Brooke’s house — which is covered in pet lizards, various insects and other critters — and they suffer night terrors after spending time at the home. Charlie also says Bob suffered a bad rash on his face after recently spending time with Brooke — a rash that “looked like somebody burned him.”

Charlie says he’s complained to L.A. Child Services — but they refuse to help. Instead, Charlie claims, Brooke is getting MORE custody … and he doesn’t understand why. Sheen ripped Child Services on a Twitter rant last night — calling them “doosh bags” who have done nothing to protect his children. He also called Brooke an “evil and pathetic über loser” and a “whore.”

It’s really hard though to take anything Charlie Sheen says seriously. But if he’s not overreacting and the home really is unfit for kids, they shouldn’t be there.

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No One Wanted Charlie Sheen On Jury Duty

A photo of Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen was summoned for jury duty and actually showed up. Honestly, I’m surprised. Good work, Carlos. I didn’t think he’d turn down the offer to throw a tantrum for doing something he didn’t want to do. He didn’t make it very far before he was dismissed entirely. He spent the day (more like a few hours), “organizing his bets for the World Series, taking pics with fans, and downing a BLT for lunch” according to TMZ. But that’s not all. “I napped in the room most of the day!” he told reporters.

Tom Hanks was recently called in for jury duty and made it to the jury. Because of course. He’s Tom Hanks. (And Walt Disney, too.) However, Mr. Hanks’ involvement almost lead to a mistrial. Not his fault. A lawyer at the courthouse thanked Hanks for his service, which the defendants’ lawyer used to ask the judge for a mistrial, for, “prosecutorial misconduct.” They settled. (CNN)

God bless America.

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Charlie Sheen Totally Didn’t Do Coke With Zac Efron (Which Means He Probably Did)

zac efron charlie sheen

Zac Efron just came out of a five month rehab stint for what was apparently a pretty serious cocaine addiction, and if you put the words “cocaine” and “Hollywood” in the same sentence, chances are you’ll be led straight to Charlie Sheen‘s door. Apparently Zac went to plenty of “cocaine-fuelled parties” at Charlie’s house, which makes perfect sense to me but which Charlie denies like crazy.

From TMZ:

Sheen tells TMZ … he hasn’t even seen Zac for nearly a year … specifically when Efron showed up to the set of  Anger Management 11 months ago.  Charlie says he showed up not to see him … Zac was there because they share the same publicist who happened to be on the set.

The report claims Zac visited the set at least a dozen times.  Charlie says it’s all made up … Zac was there that one time only.

As for the claim Zac spent a lot of time partying at Charlie’s house and then strongly insinuating they were on cocaine binges … Charlie says, “ridiculous.”  Sheen says Zac was at his home a grand total of one time — nearly 2 years ago for a Super Bowl party.  The next time Charlie saw Zac was when he visited the set 11 months ago.

Charlie is also angry the report claims he’s on an uncontrollable cocaine binge.  He says, “Consider the fact that I have completed 54 episodes of ‘Anger Management’ in a little more than a year … something that would ordinarily take more than 3 years to accomplish.”

Charlie calls the news outlet “adrift and unsalvageable.”

For the record, the “news outlet” in question is Radar Online, and they do post a fair bit of bullshit, but they can also be pretty spot on a lot of times, so I can see this being true. As for Charlie himself being clean – yeah, okay, and I’m the queen of England.

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