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Charles Barkley

Celebrity Sightings in NYC!

30 Rock’s Cerie, played by actress Katrina Bowden, attended a CMJ  kick-off party hosted by The Street Syndicate (a small but dedicated media promotions company based in New Jersey) at Rebel NYC on Monday.  The party is held annually to mark the start of the week-long Music Marathon and Film Festival.  The party offered entertainment by Nada Surf and delicious beers by Lagunitas Brewing Company.  Katrina was spotted kissing a gentleman much shorter and much less attractive than she is while watching other attendees sing karaoke.  It was shocking how beautiful she is in real life.

On Sunday night, former NBA player Charles Barkley was spotted with friends in one of New York City’s finest cigar lounges, The Carnegie Club.  Although Sir Charles has a bad boy reputation, he was all class on Sunday buying a round for the entire bar.  He looked dapper in a button down striped shirt and was seen chatting it up with former boxer, Renaldo Snipes, and two unknown but beautiful blonds at the bar.  Charles Barkley, a current resident of Scottsdale, AZ, was in town to be a guest on The David Letterman Show.

Turns Out That Scottsdale Is As Ridiculous As L.A. When It Comes To Dealing With Celebrities


I know Beet was being optimistic, but as expected, Charles Barkley is getting the same treatment reserved for celebrities.

Barkley is set to serve his time for his oral-driven DUI.  He was originally sentenced to ten days, which was cut to five.  Now the brutal week-long sentence has been slashed to three days and begins tomorrow.

Does anyone want to place a wager that there will be a massive prison overcrowding and he’ll have to serve a sentence of shorter duration than the average temper tantrum I witness around my house?

Charles Barkley’s DUI Lands Him Jail Time

Charles Barkley DUI Scottsdale Mug Shot 2008 Pictures Photos

Good for my home state of Arizona for showing that even celebrities have to do jail time for their DUIs.

Charles Barkley will do five days in Sheriff Joe’s Tent City — where the inmates have to wear pink underwear — after pleading guilty to two counts of DUI from his arrest back in January. He’ll also have to pay a $2000 fine and take an alcohol awareness class.

And knowing Sheriff Joe, you better believe Charles will do the full five days. No Nicole Richie/82 minutes shit there.

I adore Charles, and I think he handled his arrest very well, but it’s good to see actual jail time being doled out to celebs for their DUIs.