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Casey Johnson

Casey Johnson Did Not Die of a Drug Overdose

She actually died of a drug underdose, if you can even believe it. And if “underdose” is a word.

Casey Johnson’s autopsy results were revealed today and although everyone was certain that the heiress would turn up with any number of drugs in her system, that wasn’t the case at all. Casey Johnson died because she didn’t take care of her diabetes. From TMZ:

The L.A. County Coroner says the cause of death was “Diabetic Ketoacidosis” and the manner of death was “natural.”

But our sources say the Coroner’s findings clearly show Johnson — who died at 30 — was not taking her insulin shots, was not exercising, did not follow her strict diet and was not taking other medicines she needed.

Diabetic Ketoacidosis is a technical term for lack of insulin, which often leads to a diabetic coma. We previously reported where Johnson was hospitalized for diabetic comas at least twice before her death.

Although Casey’s death has been chalked up to diabetes, we also have to consider what kind of state someone would have to be in to show such disregard for their health. Clearly there is much more to this story than diabetes. Casey was a mother, she was wealthy, she supposedly was in love with her fiancee Tila Tequila (although those close to her say that that whole relationship was just a plea for attention.) She had no reason not to take her medication if she wanted to live and she had to know that death was a possible result of her inability to care for herself if she’d already been in two diabetic comas. Unfortunately, I’m pretty convinced that Casey’s real cause of death was whatever depression or mental illness she suffered from in addition to the diabetes.

It’s been a surprising day for dead celebrity news, that’s for sure.

Look Whose Sex Tape We Missed Out On

Because it would be too much to ask to just let a dead woman rest, Casey Johnson’s other “famous” ex is now coming out of the woodwork to make some rather interesting statements about their relationship. Courtenay Semel, who you may kinda sorta know as Lindsay Lohan’s first (secret) girlfriend, did an interview with E! yesterday talking all about her and Casey’s former plans to release their sex tape and get a reality show (check out the video from the interview here.)

The two filmed the tape during their happier days when they were living in Texas together and totally broke. Courtenay says that she and Casey filmed it themselves and after watching it, they were so moved by their own performances that the prospect of sharing the video didn’t bother them. Unfortunately, the sex tape never saw the light of day because the women were too busy using it as blackmail to extort money from their own families. And that’s pretty much the part of this whole thing that tells you exactly what kind of people we’re dealing with. Not only is it manipulative and insane for two grown women to hold their sex tape above their parents head in an attempt to extort money from them, but it’s perverse. The thing that should be embarrassing to the Semel and Johnson families is not that either of their daughters was a sexually active lesbian who filmed herself having sex, it’s that they bred creatures who find this kind of behavior acceptable and necessary to their survival. “If you don’t give me money, I’m going to show everyone this video of me having sex.” Can you even imagine?

Courtenay Semel Says Goodbye to Ex-Girlfriend Casey Johnson and Also She Hates Tila Tequila


Sometimes you just love somebody so much that you literally have to go on E! to bid a tearful videotaped farewell to her and then publicly blame her death on Tila Tequila. Which is exactly what Courtenay Semel did this week. Casey was literally her other half (how would that actually work, in a literal sense?) and she will never — probably — be with anyone else ever again. For the rest of her life. Ever. She will love Casey literally forever and ever. Literally. In the literal sense. Forever and ever. Not even figuratively you guys.

How can vapidity shine so brightly through grief?

Courtenay also mentions that she’s sorry she ever brought Tila Tequila into their world, “because she destroyed it.” You’ll recall, of course, that after a stormy and violent and drug-riddled relationship with Casey Johnson, which, I believe, involved one of them setting the other’s hair on fire, Courtenay started dating Tila Tequila. And then they broke up and Tila started dating Casey. And now Courtenay is on E! talking about Casey’s drug-related death and Tila’s blame in that, because obviously everyone was totally sober back when they were setting each other’s hair on fire and beating each other up, and Casey, at age 30, could never be expected to be responsible for her own physical well-being and/or sobriety.

So, ya know, this whole thing is totally insane, and it makes me super happy that I am neither rich nor famous.

Casey Johnson Buried Without a Tila In Sight

Casey Johnson (seen above with some of her old BFFs, Paris Hilton, Nicky Hilton and Kim Kardashian), was laid to rest today in New Jersey. Though the cause of her death is still undetermined (ehhhh… for the record, anyway), her family and friends remembered her in a private, open casket ceremony. There are more memorials being planned for the upcoming weeks.

One person was noticeably missing from the ceremony was Casey’s fiancee, Tila Tequila. According to sources close to Tila (probably herself) she was devastated that Casey’s family didn’t treat their relationship like a real union and hurt that they shut her out of funeral plans. Meanwhile, Tila has been Twittering up a storm and pointing fingers at everybody she can. Her Twitter, it really is one of the most fascinating things out there these days.

Tila Tequila is Still Distraught and Wants to Let You Know By Showing You Her Ta-Ta’s

Tila, who is still suffering the after-effects of the loss of fiancee, Casey Johnson, had photos taken recently which were clearly intended to document her travels through the murky depths of life and death and loss … and craziness.

She looks like she’s upset, yes?  I know if I had lost my fiance, I’d look like death warmed over.  Cold, dead eyes, a pasty pallor and probably a nice crop of stress zits.  Kind of like how Courtney Love looks, well, all of the time.

I’m torn on how to feel for this girl.  She did lose someone close to her, no doubt — but her weird way of dealing with it, it comes across as just … bizarre nonchalance.  I know people deal with things in different ways but, damn, Tila.  Put a shapeless black frock on or something.

Tila Tequila and Nicky Hilton: Throwing Down Over Bitches

Tila Tequila is still out her damn mind and it’s completely ruining the moment while we’re trying to mourn Casey Johnson. Yesterday she got in to a fight with Nicky Hilton and Bijou Phillips over her deceased fiancee’s dogs, the visual of which is just absolutely hilarious. Nicky, who is Casey’s daughter’s godmother, and Bijou had been sent over to Tila’s house to pick up the pooches, but Tila wasn’t having any of it.

They fought verbally until eventually two LAPD squad cars were called. Nicky and Bijou were given possession of the dogs and as they took them away, Tila said through tears, “They don’t care about the dogs. They are putting them to sleep to bury with Casey.” This was immediately shut down by Bijou who said there was no such plan. Tila Tequila is insane. Put the dogs down to sleep to bury them with their owner? What kind of serial killer mentality is that? That’s disgusting. Do people do that?

Oh and then there’s this:

This chick scares the bejesus out of me, you guys.

The Los Angeles Coroner Is the Only Person in the Country Who Doesn’t Know How Casey Johnson Died

I was shocked and saddened to hear of the passing of Johnson & Johnson heiress and frequent tabloid guest star Casey Johnson. She was found yesterday morning at her home in LA, and authorities say she’d been dead for some time before that. Casey adopted daughter Ava from Kazakhstan in 2007, but she had been living with Casey’s mother because Casey couldn’t get her drug problem under control. The LA County coroner said that he did not suspect foul play in Casey’s death, and the cause of death would not be known for several weeks, while they wait to get the toxicology results back.

I don’t have it in me right now to do the entire drug rant again. But, look, if being a beautiful, thin, wealthy mother with all the opportunities and options and doctors in the world can’t save your life from the terrors of a drug addiction, how much better do you think your own odds are? Just don’t do it.