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Carrie Prejean

Shanna Moakler is Kind of Awesome

Shanna Moakler Punks Carrie Prejean

Shanna Moakler is funny. This weekend her arch nemesis, anti-gay marriage advocate and former Miss USA contestant, Carrie Prejean got married. Not wanting to stiff Carrie on her big day, Shanna ordered her a Waterford Crystal picture frame that she’d registered for… and put one of her “No on H8″ campaign photos in it. I can only imagine Carrie’s face when she opened the expensive but totally backhanded gift from her frenemy.

I think this is kind of the perfect prank. Plenty mean, but at the end of the day, both Carrie and Shanna know that photo won’t last more than a second in that expensive frame. It’s certainly a step up from pushing people down flights of stairs.

8 New Sex Tapes and 30 Nude Photos Surface, But One More Article About Carrie Prejean is One Too Many

Carrie Prejean

Ugh. I am so sick of writing about this bitch. I actually put her on a list of people I was NOT going to write about this weekend; a list which also included the Gosselins and the Lohans. But if I don’t write about this new stuff, some douchebag will come up in here all self-righteous talking about how I dropped the ball, and Evilbeet sucks now, and he’s not going to read it any more (except every day so he can comment about how much it sucks). So here you go. Tired of reading about her? Thank that douche.

Radaronline is reporting that a chuckwagon full of new sex tapes and nude Prejean photos have surfaced. All of the sex tapes are solo performances of Prejean dj’ing her own “private” party while the photos are mostly topless pictures she took in a mirror.

There, that’s it. This woman sucks, we all know she sucks, and I can’t think of very much she could do to warrant any further attention. If you can all come to a consensus,  I will promise you won’t ever see another article from me about Carrie Prejean, unless she actually dies on one of my weekends.

Carrie Prejean Should Maybe Not Be Doing Live Televised Interviews If She Doesn’t Want to Talk About Her Sex Tape

The always-accommodating Carrie Prejean staged perhaps the worst attempt at an interview walk-off I’ve ever seen last night on CNN. Larry King keeps asking her why she settled with the Miss California organization — she settled, of course, because they had a video of her masturbating. But she doesn’t want to talk about that, and, although Larry never directly poses a question about it, she claims he’s being “inappropriate” and gently removes her microphone. Then she just whispers off-stage to someone for a good thirty seconds on live national television while Larry has a panic attack and begs her forgiveness. It’s such total weak sauce. I mean, if you’re gonna walk out of an interview, Carrie, do it with some panache. If you had any gay friends, I bet they would have taught you how to make a dramatic exit.

I know you have a book to promote, but maybe stick to the pre-taped interviews if you want to be a whiny bitch about freakin’ everything.