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Caroline Kennedy

Caroline Kennedy to Withdraw Senate Bid???


Well, this is a surprise!

Caroline Kennedy has withdrawn from consideration to occupy the US Senate seat vacated by newly sworn-in Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, The New York Times reported Wednesday.

A person close to the decision indicated that Kennedy, the daughter of assassinated president John F. Kennedy, called New York Governor David Paterson Wednesday, according to the newspaper.

The source said Kennedy was withdrawing from consideration over concerns about the health of her uncle, US Senator Edward Kennedy, who collapsed Tuesday during an inauguration luncheon for President Barack Obama. He has been suffering from brain cancer.

Caroline Kennedy was planning to issue a statement later Wednesday, the Times reported.

If Caroline’s not in the running, does that open up the chances for Fran Drescher???

Please please pleeeeeeeeease???

Camelot Lives!


Caroline Kennedy — the daughter of JFK and Jackie O — has officially announced that she will pursue the Senate seat being vacated by Hillary Clinton when she becomes Obama’s Secretary of State. NY Governor David Paterson will determine who gets the seat.

Her uncle, Senator Edward Kennedy, is struggling with terminal brain cancer, and his illness has forced members of his extended family to contemplate the possibility that the Senate could be left without a Kennedy for the first time in a half century. Edward Kennedy has encouraged his niece, to whom he talks nearly every day, to pursue Hillary’s seat, a spokesman for the senator said.

You know who else wants that seat?

Fran Drescher.

Both women have distinguished records as humanitarians — but neither has much political experience.

Who would you rather see in Hillary’s Senate seat?

Caroline or Fran???

Can this country possibly exist without a Kennedy in the Senate???

Look Who’s Helping!

Sarah Jessica Parker and Caroline Kennedy help launch the 2008 Shop for Public Schools Program in New York.

Because public school students in this country need our help!

Can’t you tell?

Sarah Jessica Parker actually wore something flattering for the event! That’s how important this cause is!

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