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Best And Worst Celebrity Looks Of The Week!



Welcome back to Best and Worst Celebrity Looks of the Week! If you’re looking for a Grammy’s fashion post, here it is.

Let’s take a look at what celebs were wearing this week and dub a “winner” for BEST, WORST, and WTF.

Hint: Jared Leto is a big contender for "WTF." Full outfit in the post!

Hint: Jared Leto is a big contender for “WTF.” Full outfit in the post!

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Whose Trashy Vegas Party Was Less Age-Appropriate: Pamela Anderson vs. Carmen Electra

On Saturday, Pamela Anderson hosted her 43rd birthday party at Tao in Las Vegas, where she was, as best I can tell, completely fucking blitzed and trying to initiate a makeout session with a cake shaped like a black man’s penis wearing a fifth-grader’s piano recital dress. (Seriously, what is that cake supposed to be?)

That same day, Carmen Electra, age 38, hosted a night at the Rio. I assume, based on her brief marriage to Dennis Rodman, it was Carmen who explained to the staff at Tao what it looks like when a black man’s penis is dressed in a fifth-grader’s piano recital dress.

Carmen had her beau Rob Patterson in tow (that’s Patterson, the former guitarist from Korn, although I would give my left arm for Carmen Electra to date Rob Pattinson. Which could, ya know, happen, because Pattinson’s announced plans to systematically fuck anything that walks.)


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How Bad Is This?

Hey, guys!  How bad is this new single from Carmen Electra?  Yep, Carmen Electra is a singer now — you didn’t know?  This “song” is called “Who Do You Think You Are?” and it’s off her new album — yep, Carmen Electra has an album now — titled C-17.  

I can best describe this song as the sound my brain makes right before I conclude that I need a Xanax.  An overproduced cacophony of frenetic, spastic anxiety that would make a perfect soundtrack for the spontaneous choreographed dance numbers that have started cropping up on the new 90210.  Take a listen.

Oh, God — where are those pills?