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Candace Cameron

Full House‘s Candace Cameron Admits to Battling Bulimia in Younger Years

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And pardon me if it’s insensitive, but it’s almost kind of like a ‘no duh’ moment, am I right?  Anyone growing up in the eighties and nineties watching the myriad of corny shows like Full House, Charles in Charge, or Growing Pains knew that there was something off with Candace’s weight, much like there was with Tracey Gold on Growing Pains. She fluctuated almost every episode from full-faced, chubby-armed child, to lean and tall middle schooler, to heavy high schooler and then back to skinny-bodied lollipop-headed college student. And this was just during the filming of the show. If that’s not a big, flashing indicator of an eating disorder, apparently nothing is.

Candace, in light of her previous struggles, has penned a memoir, Reshaping It All, which documents her battle against bulimia and chronicles her life through (and after) the Full House period.

I always thought Candace C was the height of cute in the eighties, even if she did dress like a phosphorescent Day-Glo factory on fire. At the very least, she was better than Jodie Sweetin, and we all know how that crazy bitch turned out. Cameron’s new book is due out on Friday and I’m actually interested in reading it. Once it hits the library, anyway. I’m a big library fan.

How Is This the Cover of Us Weekly?

Candace Cameron on the Cover of Us Weekly Pictures Photos

Either it’s the slowest news week ever, or we’re really so obsessed with our body image that the 20-pound weight loss of a person who hasn’t been relevant since 1993 is the single most important celebrity topic of the past seven days.

(I think I know which one it is.)

I never really read the celebrity weeklies. Are they always this stupid?

In fairness, Candace looks great. I just don’t think it’s a cover story.