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US Weekly is sorry for lying about Kendall Jenner’s Bruce Jenner quotes

kendall jenner

Yesterday, US Weekly published a story (which has since been removed from the site) which featured “quotes” from Kendall Jenner about her father, Bruce, and his transition into becoming a woman. I read the original story, but since I don’t have the exact quotes now, it was something along the lines of how she’ll always love her dad for being there for her throughout her life and she supports him whether he’s a man or a woman. Now, is all of that true? I’m sure. Did Kendall actually say it? Uh… definitely not.

Kendall took to Twitter a few hours after the story was published to express her outrage:

kendall jenner twitter

In what is probably the most respectable move they’ve ever made, US Weekly decided to retract their original statement and issue an apology… although not really, because instead of taking ownership of their bullshit, they’ve blamed it on a “freelance journalist” who did the “interview” and whose story they can no longer “verify”. Fuck off, US Weekly.

On Wednesday, March 18, Us Weekly published on an interview with model and reality star Kendall Jenner entitled “Kendall Jenner Breaks Silence on Bruce Jenner’s Transition: ‘I Will Always Love My Dad.’” The interview was allegedly conducted by an independent freelance journalist at the Saturday, March 14, taping of Comedy Central’s roast of Justin Bieber in Los Angeles. When Ms. Jenner denied, via Twitter, that the interview took place, Us Weekly immediately reached out to the freelance reporter. He stood by the interview, and continues to maintain that the quotes are accurate. However, after attempting to reconfirm his account, editors of Us have concerns about the veracity of this interview and the circumstances under which it was obtained. We would like to retract the story entirely and have removed it from our website. We sincerely apologize to Ms. Jenner and her family.

Ridiculous… and yet, how are these magazines not having to issue retractions/apologies every day?

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Bruce Jenner was completely at fault for that fatal car crash

bruce jenner

A few weeks ago, Bruce Jenner was involved in a fatal car crash involving 2 other vehicles that left one person dead, but up until now it was uncertain who was at fault for the accident. Now we have video footage (well, the police do) from how it all went down and it makes one thing crystal clear: Bruce is the sole reason this accident happened at all.

Law enforcement would not comment on the video, however, others familiar with it tell TMZ it shows the drivers of the other 3 vehicles in the crash did nothing wrong. We’re told the video shows the Lexus and the Prius moving at a very slow rate of speed, though it’s unclear whether they are accelerating or decelerating. They were in the back of a line of cars stopped for a red light.

As we reported, Bruce told cops at the scene the Lexus driver slammed on her brakes without warning, making it impossible for him to react in time to avoid the crash. We’re told the video actually shows the Lexus barely moving — she did not slam on her brakes — and Bruce is clearly inattentive, holding his cigarette with one hand and not aware of the traffic in front of him. By the time he realizes he’s in peril, he slams on the brakes but it’s too late.

We’re told the video shows Bruce hit the Lexus “violently” … rocketing it into the Hummer, killing the Lexus driver. Our sources say the video shows Bruce was clearly traveling at a significant speed given the magnitude of the crash, although cops believe he was not speeding.

Bruce then continued on and hit the Prius, and we’re told that collision occurred at almost the exact time the Lexus hit the Hummer, which is why witnesses say they only heard 2 crashes.

Although the video seems to show Bruce and Bruce alone caused the crash, it was still an accident and some of our law enforcement sources think it’s unlikely he’ll be charged with vehicular manslaughter because the offense is following too closely, something everyone has done.

Frankly, none of us were there and we haven’t seen the video, so I can’t really say shit about it – especially since he apparently wasn’t speeding. However, cars are dangerous and SOMETHING must have happened to make him go slamming into two cars. Was he busy texting, as some have suggested? Was he just not paying attention? What the hell?

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Bruce Jenner is taking low dosage hormones

bruce jenner

I feel very conflicted about continuing to report on Bruce Jenner‘s gender identity – especially until he says something himself. I try to handle it with sensitivity, but this is a celebrity gossip blog and this is very big news in the eyes of the media, so here we are. Today’s story seems to be centered around the revelation that Bruce is taking a low dosage of hormones to grow breasts – news which came to light since he apparently told police this after his recent fatal car crash.

From Radar Online:

After passing field sobriety tests at the scene of the accident, Bruce voluntarily agreed to submit to a blood test at a local hospital as part of the investigation into the cause of the accident that left an elderly woman dead.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies accompanied Bruce to the hospital for the blood test. (He wasn’t taken into custody or arrested.)

During the blood draw, Bruce was asked if he was taking any medication and said that “he was taking very low dosage of hormones that his doctor had prescribed,” a source told “Bruce has nothing to hide, and was very cooperative with cops, and appreciated their professionalism.

“During the entire process Bruce was obviously very, very shocked and inquiring about the other victims — this has been a total nightmare for him, and Bruce is taking it very, very hard.”

Bruce had revealed to taking the hormones so he could grow breasts, to look more feminine before his planned gender reassignment surgery?, the source said.

Frankly, I’m not sure how the “source” found this one out – it’s such a bizarre story to leak and such an inconsequential part of the bigger story (which was, of course, about this fatal car crash). If it’s true, good for him – I’m happy that Bruce is finally coming into his own and is getting closer to being the person he has always known he is but wasn’t able to show on the outside. Also, Bruce Jenner needs new friends if the ones he has think selling stories to the press like this is cool.

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Kris Jenner totally knew Bruce Jenner planned to transition

kris jenner bruce jenner

Despite the fact that Kris Jenner has tried to pretend that she was completely blindsided by Bruce Jenner‘s plan to announce that he’s transgender and transition to being a woman, “sources” (read: anyone with a working brain) have called bullshit and said OBVIOUSLY she knew, she just didn’t want to hurt “the brand”. Because duh.

We’re told Jenner’s sons are finding it hard to stomach reports that Kris had no idea Bruce was becoming a woman. That’s exactly what Kardashian sources told TMZ, that Kris was in the dark.

But that has infuriated members of Bruce’s family, who say Kris has known since they got married that Bruce “had issues with his sexual identity.” And they say his desire to transition surfaced years ago.

Our Jenner sources say Kris wanted it under wraps because it would “hurt the brand.” So for the last few years they say she was ironfisted about keeping it all private.

We’re also told the Jenner boys are upset with Kim — although they will deny it publicly — because they are convinced she knew exactly what she was doing when she talked about Bruce’s journey and she jacked Bruce’s moment.

Welp, no surprises there. Kris Jenner is a monster and will continue to be, and she’s bred mini versions of herself that will destroy our world for years to come. Hurrah?

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Is Bruce Jenner Solely Responsible For Deadly Car Crash?


Bruce Jenner has been involved in a deadly car crash, but the question is, is he solely responsible? What happened was Jenner was driving in Malibu while being chased by paparazzi. It seems like in an effort to avoid them, he hit a white car which hit a Hummer — and the driver in the white car died. Jenner was not intoxicated, nor was he speeding. TMZ is placing the blame on Jenner. From TMZ:

Bruce Jenner was involved in a horrific car accident on Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu at around noon Saturday, one person is dead, and it looks like Bruce caused the accident … TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us … there were 4 vehicles involved in the crash. We’re told there were 8 people involved and all sustained some sort of injury … but one person died at the scene.

Eyewitnesses say Bruce rear ended the white car and that car went into oncoming traffic and was struck by the Hummer. [...] The woman driving the white car died.


Jenner family sources tell TMZ Bruce was being chased by as many as 5 paparazzi at the time of the crash. Bruce told cops he wasn’t drinking and passed a field sobriety test.


Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … Bruce volunteered to go to the hospital to have his blood drawn for blood alcohol testing. He was taken in a Sheriff’s cruiser. We’ve also learned the woman who was killed in the white car was coming to a stop at a red light when Bruce hit her. We’re told law enforcement has already determined Bruce was not speeding.

TMZ also has the gruesome photos.

I guess the issue here is, do the paparazzi play some role in what happened? It sounds like if not for them, Jenner wouldn’t have hit the car causing the deadly chain reaction. But then again, he is the one who hit the car, not the paparazzi. If we weren’t so damned consumed by Bruce Jenner gossip, then he wouldn’t have been chased to begin with. Something’s got to give. This was a horrible accident and I do think while Jenner should be held responsible, it wasn’t entirely his fault. I’m sure he feels terrible about this. Someone died.

What do you guys think?

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Kris Jenner had no idea Bruce wanted to transition

bruce jenner kris jenner

Bruce Jenner will apparently sit down later this year to talk about his transition to womanhood, but in the meantime, the press is having a field day talking about what it all means. How long has Bruce known he’s transgender? Why is he transitioning now? And perhaps most importantly, WHAT DO THE KARDASHIANS THINK???

For one thing, apparently Bruce’s ex-wife Kris Jenner had no idea that any of this was happening and feels blindsided by this – because, of course, Bruce coming to terms with his own gender identity is all about Kris, not about himself. Oh, and she plans to make as much money as she can off the whole thing.

Family sources tell TMZ … Kris heard all the buzz about Bruce but he never told her and she never asked. It sounds incredible, but we’re told there was “a serious lack of communication in the marriage.”

When they had their family sit down — which of course was recorded — we’re told Kris squarely challenged Bruce, disbelieving he truly wanted a sex change. Things got heated because Bruce insisted he was both comfortable and determined.

We’re also told Kris felt this was a shining example of the fundamental problem they had in their marriage — they hardly communicated with each other, and Bruce was especially shut down.

But Kris was not singled out. Bruce kept virtually everyone in his life — including his close male friends with whom he spent lots of time — in the dark.

Well, that’s certainly not a shocker. Even on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kris and Bruce barely paid attention to each other. Kris had her head so far up her own ass (and when it wasn’t, it was up Kim’s) that she barely had the time of day for Bruce, and Bruce just sorta seemed to be there, getting by.

In the meantime, Bruce’s mom Esther, who is 88, recently opened up to The AP about Bruce, and said she’s more proud of him than she’s ever been for being brave through this transition:

“It was brief and I said I was proud of him and that I’ll always love him. I never thought I could be more proud of Bruce when he reached his goal in 1976, but I’m more proud of him now. It takes a lot of courage to do what he’s doing.”

“He said, ‘Mom, I’m still the same person.’ He said, ‘I’m still going to race cars, I’m still going to fly airplanes and I’m going to get my helicopter license.’”

“The family is close and very supportive of Bruce and we’re supportive of each other. He said, ‘I want to be honest about my identity and I know this is coming out in the press.’ He started by saying, ‘We need to have a long, serious talk.’ I am at peace with what he is and what he’s doing.”

Well, at least his mom sounds normal and lovely. Good for Bruce – coming out as transgender is difficult enough on his own, and doing it later in life can’t be any easier. Hopefully he is surrounded with people who will love and support him through this. And that does NOT include Kris Jenner.

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Bruce Jenner to discuss gender transition with Diane Sawyer

bruce jenner diane sawyer

Enough is enough. After months and months of speculation about whether or not he is transgender, Bruce Jenner has reportedly decided to sit down for an interview with ABC News’ Diane Sawyer to discuss his transition from male to female.

A source close to the ABC News veteran tells Us that Sawyer’s interview with Jenner, 65, is no surprise. “Diane has always been very supportive of the LGBT community,” the insider tells Us. “She has been honored by GLAAD.”

Page Six has also said that the interview will start filming this week, with the whole thing airing in May.

It’s good that Bruce has decided to discuss things in his own words, on his own terms. Still, it’s not like he had much of a choice. The entire world has been talking about whether or not Bruce Jenner is going to become a woman and what’s up with him and is he transgender and blah blah blah for ages now, so he probably got sick of the bullshit and wanted to put things to rest.

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