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Bruce Jenner

5Kris And Bruce Jenner Are SEPARATED

kris jenner bruce jenner

Kris and Bruce Jenner are separated, and who could have ever seen this coming, what with the report we gave on Khloe talking about them sleeping in separate quarters, and on national TV! NO ONE could have seen this coming. And yet, even though they’re apart, they’re very happy. You guys, this is some hardcore romantic shit here. See for yourselves, from E Online:

We are living separately and we are much happier this way,” the pair exclusively tell E! News. ”But we will always have much love and respect for each other. Even though we are separated, we will always remain best friends and, as always, our family will remain our number one priority.”

LOL “as always”, right. If by “family”, you mean business, then of course, everything is “as always,” Kris. Let’s hope your talk show is going stronger than your marriage.

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October 9, 2013 at 5:30 am by Catherine St. Ives

2Yes, Bruce Jenner Has Skin Cancer

Lots of rumours have been swirling around about the possibility of Bruce Jenner having skin cancer. Well, he does – he confirmed it himself, adding that he recently had 30 stitches after cancerous tissue was removed from his nose. Damn, that’s pretty intense surgery.

Here’s what he told E! Online:

“I was diagnosed with…Basal cell carcinoma and have undergone Mohs surgery to remove it,” the Keeping Up With the Kardashians patriarch exclusively tells E! News. “I have been struggling with this for several years and appreciate all of the support and prayers while I continue to fight the battle against skin cancer.”

E! News learned that Jenner had surgery last week to remove skin cancer from his nose. The 63-year-old Olympian had caused some concern when he stepped out in Calabasas, Calif, on Tuesday, Sept. 17, with a heavily bandaged nose.

The surgery, part of an ongoing treatment, is said to have went well and it is actually the second procedure Jenner has undergone this year, the previous one being on his cheek to remove a cancerous lesion.

Jenner, who loves the outdoors, himself added, “This has taught me to be extra vigilant when out in the sun and I encourage others to get regular checkups and always wear sunscreen.”

Yeah, the sun is no joke, people (someone clue in Gwyneth Paltrow) – it’s important to wear sunscreen, even if it seems like it’s not all that sunny outside. Apparently Bruce’s prognosis is pretty good and he’s recovering well. Thankfully, skin cancer is one of those things that can be treated, but it doesn’t make it any less scary or potentially dangerous.

September 21, 2013 at 8:30 am by Jennifer
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1Kendall Jenner Thinks Kris and Bruce Divorce Rumors Are “Stupid”

kris jenner bruce jenner

Khloe Kardashian let it leak last week that Kris and Bruce Jenner are totally living in separate houses, leading some to believe their marriage might be coming to an end in the near future. While Khloe thinks it’s a bit weird for a married couple to need entirely different living spaces, she insisted that nothing is wrong with the relationship and they’re not having problems or anything. Yeah, okay.

Anyhow, now Kendall Jenner has felt the need to come out and protest the naysayers, calling it “just stupid” that people would assume a married couple who can’t bear to live in the same house – even when it’s a f-cking mansion with plenty of rooms where they can get away from one another – are headed for divorce court.

From The New York Times:

Bruce and Kris Jenner, married since 1991, are the subject of tabloid divorce rumors in part fueled by a story line on the show. On last week’s season premiere, Ms. Jenner appeared briefly to discuss the state of her parents’ marriage.

In the suite, in a rare unrehearsed moment, she said of the divorce rumor, “It’s just stupid; that’s not true.”

(Her mother, who famously manages her children’s careers, was not in the room.)

“I don’t feel anything about it,” Ms. Jenner said. “It doesn’t hurt me. It’s not something that gets to me. I know the truth. I live with my parents, and I know what’s going on ——”

Her publicist made a surreptitious cutting motion with her hand.

Why’s the publicist gotta be all hush hush about it if there’s nothing to hide? Maybe we need to check the PRISM documents on this family, eh? LOLZ.

Listen, Kris and Bruce probably won’t get divorced simply because it would ruin their ~precious family~ aura that they think they put out (but totally don’t). However, the fact that they’ve got different houses just goes to show that they see each other even less than they did before, and it’ll probably stay that way. Separate in every way but on paper. Sounds like a blast.

June 10, 2013 at 2:30 pm by Jennifer

35Top 14 Most Hated Celebrity Couples

gwyneth paltrow and chris martin most hated celebrity couple

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are easily one of the most hated celebrity couples ever, right? Radaronline polled a whole mess of people and compiled a list of 14 celebrity couples that people absolutely hate and Kim and Kanye didn’t even make the list! Shocker! These lists are based on pretty much nothing, but they’re so fun; from the most hated celebrities to the ugliest male celebs, I know I like a good stupid list.

I don’t think these are actually in a particular order, in terms of most to least. The first ones on the list are Rihanna and Chris Brown. Who are the rest?Click to find out.


June 8, 2013 at 10:30 am by Catherine St. Ives

0Khloe Kardashian Blabs About Her Mom’s Marriage On Jay Leno

khloe kardashian with bruce jenner at  a pet store in bel air

Khloe Kardashian doesn’t do anything interesting. When she does something semi-interesting, she’s fired from it. So really she has nothing to talk about when she’s on a talk show, which is probably why she decided to discuss her mom’s questionable marriage to anime character Bruce Jenner. Who am I kidding, Kris probably demanded she talk about it. Kris needs any kind of publicity she can get for her up-and-coming yet soon-to-be-cancelled talk show.

So Khloe got on Leno’s show and hinted that maybe Kris and Bruce aren’t totally happily married. From US Weekly:

Well, they’re [Bruce and Kris] not having problems but they still like to live apart, which is definitely different. In my house, there is a man room for Lamar. A room, not a different house. I think they took my idea and ran with it and they got another house. Bruce stays there sometimes.

And Bruce will now stay there all the time after hearing Kris’ least favorite money maker talk about this on TV. Mr. Jenner hasn’t been having the best of times with talk shows lately. He recently freaked out on Jimmy Fallon, feeling that Fallon made one too many plastic surgery jokes at Jenner’s expense.

Khloe goes on, trying to clarify:

It’s in the same state, a different city. I’m not for that, but you know, to each their own. I don’t compare relationships. I just think a little too much time apart maybe isn’t the best thing. They’re like, ‘Don’t judge us. We’ve been married [22] years. I’m like, ‘I know people that have been married longer that still live together.’

LOL shut up, Khloe. Who the hell do you know who has been married for more than 22 years? Years, Khloe. Not days. Years.

June 6, 2013 at 3:30 pm by Catherine St. Ives

7Look, It’s The Kardashian Kristmas Kard!

A photo of the Kardashian family Christmas card

Because we all know that it’s not Christmastime until we see how the Kardashians and the Jenners decided to come together for their annual Christmas card.

There’s a couple of interesting things here, I guess. Obviously, Kanye isn’t there, which is extremely upsetting, and also surprising. Don’t they realize how much more press they would get with this is he was on there? There’s not any trouble in Kimye paradise, is there? Heaven forbid Kim lose the latest love of her life, especially when she’s still married to her last one. Can you even imagine?

I guess the only other interesting thing is how much people care about these cards every year. When I was trying to find the best version of this photo, I found dozens and dozens of other blogs and news sites that already got the tip last night, and I don’t get it. And you know I’m not trying to do a big “why do people care about celebrities?” thing, or even a “why do people care about the Kardashians?” thing. People care about them because it’s fun to gossip, duh. But I don’t get why people care so much about these Christmas cards specifically. Is it just so we can speculate about Kim’s love life? Or to see what Bruce Jenner‘s face is up to? Because I can understand that. But otherwise, what’s the appeal?

It’s not Kim’s stupid greased back hair, that’s for sure.

December 18, 2012 at 4:30 am by Emily
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