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Brooklyn Decker Thinks Sideboob Is Pretty Sexy

First of all, I can’t even believe that “sideboob” is a thing. It’s a single word! It has its own website! Emma Watson does it, Miley Cyrus does it, Anne Hathaway does it! Anyone who’s anyone lets half her breast hang out in public and it’s celebrated! Even Brooklyn Decker likes to tease the tits, because she thinks it’s a super sexy thing to do… so long as there’s no nip slip, of course.

From The Huffington Post:

What do you think about sideboob?
I think it’s pretty sexy. I think I would be a little concerned with the things coming out, but I think it’s pretty sexy when a woman does it. I think it looks really good if you could pull it off, but if you’re going to do it I think you make sure you’re practically duct-taped in. Make sure everything is covered, you’re strapped down and there are no hazards or risks of having anything pop out.

Or, you could, you know, wear a top that covers both of your breasts completely so that you don’t have to worry about them ‘popping out’ at any time. I’m a feminist and all and think ladies should wear whatever they want, whenever they want… unless they care about exposing private body parts accidentally while doing it. Maybe I’m just mad because I can’t ever not wear a bra unless I want to bash myself in the eye while playing with the dog, but I just don’t get this trend… at all.

Oh Snap, Brooklyn Decker Topless Photos Have Emerged

photo of brooklyn decker boobs topless pictures tits photos

Well hell. I like Brooklyn Decker. And I like her boobs, too. But these pictures? It looks like she’s either got a tit growing out of the crack of her elbow, or the photographer got really happy with Photoshop and somehow misplaced her boob. The pics are older, so the latter may very well be true (everyone was excited about Photoshop back in the day, you know), but in either case, Brooklyn Decker boob! What’s better than that on a rainy Tuesday afternoon?

You can check out the NSFW photos after the jump!

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Love It or Leave It: Brooklyn Decker Lops Off Half Her Hair

photo of brooklyn decker hair cut twitter pictures

I did the ultimate in crazy last year: I cut my hair off, and it ended up being about an inch and a half long. It looked good, it was way easy to manage, but I’m still reaping the after-effects of having such short hair.

Perhaps Brooklyn Decker might be able to sympathize. She cut almost a foot off of her own mane, but I have a feeling that hers is going to grow in, um, much easier than my hair has, however; there are probably distraught men worldwide that are gasping and clutching at their chests at the mere IDEA that Brooklyn Decker no longer has long, flowing hair down to her ample ass.

What do you guys think – is Brooklyn just as hot with the shorter hair as she was with the longer hair, and what’s the fascination behind long locks anyway?