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Brittany Snow

21Brittany Snow Nabs Lead Role in Gossip Girl Spinoff!


Oooh, this is exciting!

I’m a HUGE Brittany Snow fan. I wasn’t planning on watching the Gossip Girl spinoff, about Lily van der Woodsen’s wild-child life in the ’80s, but now I might have to tune in.

“Brittany always thought she was going to continue her career in films,” says an insider. “But this is a marvelous part and she just couldn’t say no. This has the potential to be a huge show in the tradition of Melrose Place.”

Uhhhh, I don’t think that’s an insider so much as it’s a PR rep, but, still. This could be an awesome opportunity for Brittany. She’s such a versatile actress, and I’m glad to hear she’ll be back on TV.

The show’s pilot will air on May 11 as a Gossip Girl episode.

February 26, 2009 at 3:21 pm by Evil Beet
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6Maxim Superbowl Party


I feel bad for all the poor stiffs who thought they’d be meeting the ‘Maxim Hot 100′ at this party and instead got a somewhat surly looking Stacey Keibler, Brody Jenner and Doug Reinhart feeling each other up  and Kevin Sorbo in a mock turtleneck. On the upside – Brittany Snow dyed her hair dark! I actually like the change on her. She’s always been sunny super blond so maybe the new hair will help her get more serious roles.

Other attendees, including Chris from N*Sync and Howie from BSB..


January 31, 2009 at 8:30 am by Soleil

18The Closest Thing We’re Gonna Get to Video of the Blonsky/Bianca Fight

Here’s a video some chick took — and narrated — after the fight in the airport. I’m still kind of holding out hope that there’s an actual video of the fight around somewhere. I mean, the airport must have security cameras, right? That video exists. It’s just a matter of getting it leaked.

The NY Post has some more info about the fight today, including the fact that Nikki’s father is still in jail (his family can’t post the $75,000 bond … can’t Nikki help with that??) and that Bianca’s mom is still in the hospital (broken nose and cracked skull).

The Blonskys allegedly had commandeered several seats in the tiny airport departure lounge just for their luggage, and only reluctantly put some of the bags on the floor when one of Golden’s male relatives, who was holding a child, asked to sit, a witness said.

Peeved that their luggage had to be placed on the floor, the Blonsky family apparently started spouting racial hatred, referring to blacks as animals and throwing around the N-word, claims witness Maria Williams, Bianca’s cousin, who brought Golden and her family to the airport.

“Bianca sat and listened and tried to ignore it until it got too much for her, and then she told Nikki to shut her mouth,” Williams said.

But a source claims the racial invective began when a member of Golden’s group proclaimed: “I don’t want to sit next to any white bitch.”

And just in case you’re fiending for even more info about this, Brittany Snow was running her mouth off at the Teen Choice Awards about her Hairspray co-star Nikki, saying that “I really hope the best for her, because … she’s one of the sweetest girls I’ve ever met, so I just hope it works out – and it will, because she’s a good person, and good things happen to good people.” She also added that Zac Efron has talked to Nikki since the arrest, but he’s apparently not commenting.



August 4, 2008 at 11:53 am by Evil Beet

9“They’re Still Bigger Than Sarah Jessica’s”

Brittany Snow poses with Matthew Broderick on the red carpet for a screening of Finding Amanda in NYC.

Speaking of Brittany Snow, remember that clip I posted awhile back of Brittany Snow beating some guy in the balls from an indie flick called On the Doll? Well the director sent me another clip. This one’s of Brittany cutting off her teacher’s nuts. I have no idea what this film is about, but the teasers sure are fun.

And I know a lot of you were offended by the first clip, and I know some of you wanted me to take it down (although plenty of you loved it). This is fiction, you guys. No actual humans or animals were harmed in the making of this film. Of course none of this behavior is appropriate in real life, which is why it’s important that artists have an outlet to channel it through fiction. I’m proud to support that. If it were a man beating a woman, would I run the clip? No. Not because I think it’s wrong for a movie to show a man beating a woman, but because the world is chock-full of movies that show men beating women. The world is not chock-full of movies that graphically depict women taking their revenge in creative ways.

But if you’re one of the people who was way offended by the first clip, I would discourage against watching this one.

Nuts severed, starring Brittany Snow

June 19, 2008 at 3:12 am by Evil Beet

25One of These Things is Prettier Than the Other

Rumer Willis and Brittany Snow at premiere of Prom Night, Pictures, Photos

My precious Brittany Snow is sullied by the presence of Rumer Willis at the LA premiere of Prom Night.

What was Rumer even doing there in the first place?

They probably wanted something scary around. It’s a horror flick, you know.

April 10, 2008 at 9:09 am by Evil Beet

7Fugly, Fugly and Fugly


Brittany Snow.


Jennifer Esposito.

Three women who I know have the potential to be very attractive, looking fug as can be.

Brittany: Trashy Lingerie does not make evening wear.

Fergie: You look like a Fembot.

Jennifer: The shoes? Really?


November 17, 2007 at 2:16 am by Evil Beet
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