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Britney Spears’ Las Vegas Show Is the Best Selling Ever

britney spears

Welp, Britney Spears has gone and proved all of us wrong. Turns out her Las Vegas residency at Planet Hollywood is going REALLY well – far better than it’s going for any other singer who’s doing the same thing, and that’s including Celine Dion and Elton John! While most people predicted this whole thing was going to be a major disaster and tank bigtime, in fact the exact opposite is happening. Good for Britney!

According to StubHub, Britney’s show is the best selling at the moment and is out-performing every other show in Las Vegas when it comes to ticket sales. Piece of Me is also the third highest selling Vegas residency show EVER, just behind Celine and Elton. Considering Celine started in 2011 and Elton in 2009 and Britney’s show is only a couple of months old, that’s a MAJOR feat.

Sure, she’s not singing live, but hey, whatever! I think most people buying tickets pretty much know they’re in for a lip syncing extravaganza and they’ve accepted it, so kudos to Britney for making it work.

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Who Inspires Britney Spears?

britney spears

The answers… well, no, they won’t surprise you at all. They’re pretty vanilla and middle-of-the-road, so let’s just reveal them: Beyoncé, Bruno Mars and Justin Timberlake. I will say that Brit has been talking a lot about JT lately – is she regretting letting their romance go? We all know they are the OTP of ’90s pop, so it’s understandable, but that ship has unfortunately sailed…

From USA Today:

Spears pointed admiring fingers anywhere but at herself, telling USA TODAY that she “looks up to Beyoncé, what she did with her (surprise release) album was genius, really brilliant.”

And her admiration for the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, was made evident during her “favorite part of the show, where it’s just me in the spotlight (during Me Against the Music) with a hat on, which is really a tribute to Michael.”

She’s also a fan of New Zealand teen sensation Lorde, “who is really different and cool … This generation is hungry for new sounds. Bruno Mars is so different and fresh, and (ex-boyfriend) Justin Timberlake is, too. It’s inspiring for me, and it makes people eager to listen to music, which helps everyone.”

Well, fair enough. Also, that quote about the generation being hungry for new sounds… holy shit, is that ever scripted. I also love that they had to add in the thing about Justin being her ex. Hello, we all remember the ’90s! Do you think Britney really listens to this stuff?

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Britney’s Dress Almost Fell Off Onstage While Performing In Vegas


Britney is in Vegas, y’all. Miley had a damn good time at her show, and it seems like lots of people are lining up to see Ms. Spears perform. “Perform” is the best way to describe what she’s doing, since it’s pretty clear from the following video that she’s not singing live, even though she said she would.

Also clear in this video, shot by a fan and uploaded to Instagram, is that Britney’s dress is about to fall off her body. The dress becomes unzipped to the bottom and her dancers try and fail to zip it up discreetly, as Brit just stands there and continues to lip sync. Check it out:

Kiiiinda awkward, Brit. Look, stuff like this happens all the time, but it’s made 10x worse by her obvious lip synching.

I’m not a total monster but I think it’s kind of fun to see when live performances go wrong, like when Selena Gomez fell (she was fine) or ended her set early, throwing f-bombs as she left the stage. It’s just a nice little reminder that celebs are human.

But Brit, girl, get it together. From what I’ve seen of this tour, it’s disappointing. Her dancing is pretty bad. It’s like she doesn’t have the confidence to work her own show.

Anyone seen it? Wanna share?

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Is Britney Spears Destined For Movie Stardom?

britney spears

Britney Spears has been hemming and hawing about retiring from “music” (in quotes because what is she even releasing anyway but a bunch of autotune with some garage band behind it – no shade, cos some of it’s quite catchy) for a while now and going back to living the simple life. Of course, having spent most of her years in showbiz, how can she just walk away from it all? Well, she can’t, so she might switch over to acting in movies!

From E! Online:

Britney Spears opened her Las Vegas residency last night, but music isn’t the only thing on the pop princess’s mind.

Spears tells me she’d love to return to the big screen. “I would love to act,” she said. “I would love to do movies. If it was the right part, it would be really cool…I love funny movies.”

Among Spears’ most recent favorites are We’re the Millers with Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudeikis and the 2011 megahit Bridesmaids. “I also love Jennifer Lopez movies,” she said. “I love Jennifer Lopez.”

Ha! Quick – name the best Jennifer Lopez movie! You’ve got five seconds!

Do you think Britney would make a good full-time actress? She has plenty of practice memorizing lines, of course (HEY-O!), so it could work, but I just can’t see it. I don’t think it’ll actually ever happen, but you never know.

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Miley Cyrus Got Wild at Britney Spears’ First Las Vegas Show

britney spears vegas

I had no idea Britney‘s Las Vegas residency at Planet Hollwood was starting to soon, but indeed it has. Brit took the stage for the first time on Friday night, and who should be in attendance but Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry? There’s no video of Katy – I’m assuming she was slightly less rowdy – but we do have video of Miley getting buck wild and really getting into it.

Well, that was… fun. I wonder if Brit is singing live? I need to go look up some reviews from actual people who don’t work for blogs/magazines to get the real deal on this one. Britney herself seemed to enjoy it, as she tweeted the following after the show:

I dunno, would you pay to go see this, even if just for the nostalgia factor?

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Britney Misses Louisiana; Thinks About Retiring


Britney Spears is about to launch a 2-year residency at Planet Hollywood in Vegas, she’s got an E! documentary coming out, and a brand new album — yet she misses her pre-fame life and thinks about retiring. One of our Evil Beet readers recently commented something like, “Britney posts make me sad” and now I totally get what they mean. Here’s what Ms. Spears told E Online:

I have thought about it [retiring], but I think right now is my time to perform and doing what I’m doing. If I happen to have another baby or something like that, I’d probably move back to Louisiana. I do miss Louisiana. I miss the people. I miss the food. I miss the way of life, how everything is really simple. There’s no traffic like there is in L.A. It’s really nice.

“If I happen to have another baby”? That’s…really weird phrasing, Brit. It almost sounds like you a.) don’t know how babies are made or b.) are thinking about sabotaging your current career with a baby. I’m probably reading way too much into it, but you guys are right — she seems sad and it makes me sad.

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Britney Loves Sex, Y’All


Britney Spears love sex! Wow, who knew? You know that E! documentary she’s doing? Well in it, she’s very frank about her opinions regarding sex. Here they are, via ABC News:

I love sex. I think sex is great. But I feel a little different about it now that I’m older. Sometimes I feel like I’m 20 and then sometimes I feel like I’m 50.

Call me crazy, but I actually think her last part was interesting. What do you think she means by “sometimes I feel like I’m 20 and then sometimes I feel like I’m 50″? We know that sometimes she runs. Sometimes she hides. Sometimes, she’s scared of you. But all she really wants is to hold you tight.

Sorry, I kind of went on a Britney lyric tangent there.

Oh, and I guess I should ask…would you do Britney, after all these years? Check this out and get back to us.

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