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Justin Bieber Is Creepy As Hell

justin bieber mask

Justin Bieber decided to freak out the entire internet today by wearing this lovely Chanel ski mask. This is 10 times worse then the Australian wax celebrities. He punished the world with this photo via Instagram and with the caption,


Yes, he spelled Chanel as Channel. I think between this and hearing about his stupid fans, we’ve had enough Bieber for the weekend. I also think we need a palate cleanser. This should do it:

justin bieber bodyguard picking up

And yes, that’s a non-photoshopped image. It was taken that day Beebs lunged for a paparazzo and shouted, “l’ll f-cking beat the f-ck out of you, man!” and his body guard held him back.

Surprise! Justin Bieber Fans Don’t Know Who Anne Frank Is!

justin bieber

In news that will surprise exactly zero people, the gravity of Justin Bieber‘s idiotic and self-centered comments in the Anne Frank House guestbook were sort of lost on his fans, who didn’t see what the big deal with and in fact don’t even know who Anne Frank is. Uh… WHAT?

The tots gathered at their playhouse (Twitter) and did themselves, Justin and the world at large proud by getting a very important topic trending: “Who Is Anne Frank”. I wish there were words in any language to describe my thoughts on the matter. For now, the following will have to suffice: ljasdklfjasjlaklsdf;asjfalkdf;k!!!!

Let’s see some of what his educated, culturally sensitive and all-around fantastic human followers had to say on the issue, shall we?

This is our future, guys. It’s fucking bleak. And in related news, Carrie star and too big for her britches teen Chloe Moretz has also come to Justin’s rescue, telling ET that people need to chill out, because he didn’t mean any harm and Anne Frank MAY HAVE BEEN A BELIEBER, you know! Oooookay.

“I very much respect Anne Frank and what she went through. [It] is a very serious situation and you know to make a joke of it sometimes is kind of inappropriate,” she explained.

“But at the same time you can kind of think of the angle, well you know, ‘You’ve got to bring light into those dark situations’.”

Moretz added: “I don’t know, a lot of people are Beliebers… maybe she would have been a Belieber.”

Nope. Sorry, just no.

Ugh, Kristin Chenoweth, Get Over Yourself

kristin chenoweth bikini

Kristin Chenoweth is a tiny little lady with a big voice and some big curves. By curves I mean boobs. I’m talking about her boobs. She pointed it out first, in People Magazine via E Online, when she said that shopping for a bikini is like,

“Hell on Earth. I’m a 32C on top. I have curves! I’m not a stick, so the wrong suit can make me look squatty. I have to watch that.

I am all for a positive and healthy body image, so K.C., stop putting yourself down! Stop subliminally apologizing for your body (read: I can “look squatty” and “I have to watch that.” No, you do not have to “watch that.”)

Now she’s saying she has a muffin top, but is trying to make it seem like she’s owning it, by turning into a cute jokey tweet. Check it:

kristin chenoweth

She is 4’11″ so I guess it’s reasonable that she could still only weigh 88 pounds…but holy shit. Anyway, the point is, no, you do not have a muffin top, and stop trying to relate by saying you do and making a hashtag joke. Doing this is a twisted way of building yourself up and putting yourself down at the same exact time. It’s saying, “I don’t weight a lot but I feel bad about saying that so let me throw in this dig at my own body.”

I do not know was thinking or where she was coming from when she tweeted this, because I am not Kristin Chenoweth. I’m saying that this can be misconstrued pretty easily and that as someone in the public eye and in the media with a lot of followers, this is not a smart tweet. (Celebs + twitter = not usually a good idea.) And I guess don’t expect a Coca-Cola endorsement any time soon.

And seriously, “hell on earth”? That’s the figure of speech you’re going with in regards to buying a bikini top?

She’s funny and sweet and I still like her, even though she shows up to award shows dressed like she’s going to a Jennifer Lopez costume party.