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Britney Spears

Britney Might Still Be Batshit Crazy, But She’s Looking the Best She Has in Years

photo of britney spears playing at wango tango concert in la pictures photos

Here are some more recent photos of Britney’s gradual recovery. She was photographed playing a concert in LA this past Saturday, and she’s looking really well these days.

… I mean, even if she IS missing an acrylic nail off of one of her pinky fingers and her eyebrows STILL look like they belong on the lady that used to come into the grocery store that I worked in during high school – the one who kind of had wild, unfocused eyes, drew half of her brows on and left the other half to grow where they saw fit, and who also looped dark brown lipliner in giant arcs above her top lip.

The lady always carried a floral-print burlap bag, and one day, the bag actually spilled over in the store. I approached the woman and helped pick up her belongings (OK, more because I wanted to see what the fuck she kept in that bag than just being a good samaritan and helping her out, but being nice did have a part to play). The bag’s contents consisted of miniature stuffed dogs, a lemon (which, to this day I’m STILL convinced she lifted), decade-old TV Guides, forty different Wet ‘n Wild lipsticks, all mostly of a dark brown shade, two pairs of socks, marbles in a ripped plastic bag, a neti pot (?), and hypodermic needles (I know, I was like GTFO, I’m totally not touching these).

Anyway, I’m glad that Britney’s trying so hard and looking so good these days. If anyone deserves a total recovery, it’s definitely Britney.

Britney Parties Like It’s 1999

photo of super hot britney spears 2011 pictures photos

Girlfriend’s getting better (supposedly), her career is on the up and up again, so what’s a lonely girl with fucktons of money to do when she’s bored? Throw a southern-themed party at a private residence in Beverly Hills!

Britney, whose body is looking AH-MAZING in these photos, seems like she’s having a good time, and she’s glad to be hosting big galas that attract big names, but the number one thing that gives away girl’s true mental state? Her askew and awry eyebrows. I mean DAMN. There’s a close-up in the gallery down there and if those stray strands don’t just scream ‘I’m not well!’ then I don’t know what does.

Also, Kelly Osbourne put half of the weight she lost back on (such a bitch when that happens), Mandy Moore‘s better-looking twin was in attendance, Selena Gomez looks like someone threatened her life to force her into being there, and Jason Trawick is still wondering what the fuck happened.

Britney’s Parents are Claiming She’s Too Crazy to Testify in Court

Britney Spears‘ former manager Sam Lufti is suing her mother over claims that were made in her memoirs about his character and manipulative relationship with her daughter. In order to build his case, Sam asked that Britney tell her side of their extremely complicated past in court. Only problem there is that Britney’s parents think she’s mentally incapable of testifying in court.

From TheHollywoodReporter:

In a motion filed on Monday at Los Angeles Superior Court, Lutfi asked a judge to order a psychiatric evaluation of the singer to prove that’s not true.Despite Spears’ comeback, she’s still under the conservatorship of her father, James Parnell Spears, and family lawyer, Andrew Wallet. Both are hesitant to let the singer get too close with Lutfi, who was fired in 2008. Read More

Moby (I Know, Remember Him?) Says Britney is ‘Broken’

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Way to be ten years behind the time, Mobe. I know you’re perpetually stuck in, like, ’99 or something, but publicly outing Britney on her general off-balanceness is so last decade. On Britney, Moby says:

“Britney’s actually kind of like a broken-down shell of a human being, that’s what makes her so endearing and compelling. She was lovely, but really broken. Like, (A Streetcar Named Desire character) Blanche Dubois-style broken. Actually, the most entitled people I’ve met are indie rockers and indie actors, because they really believe their press.”

Now, Moby fans, before you go taking your horn-rimmed specs off because you KNOW that it’s not cool to fight when you’re wearing glasses, let it be said that I think Moby’s actually a cool dude, aside from his music – and the last part of that is only because it’s just not my thing. However, he does a lot of good, and we share most of the same spiritual views.  But regardless, unless you’re a gossip blogger that happens to run across a slow news day and Britney’s your fallback snark girl, you shouldn’t be throwing her under the bus just because you’re trying to sell albums and it’ll get you press.  ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU’VE ALREADY DONE IT ONCE, in practically all the same words.

This would be the appropriate place to say, ‘Ugh, Moby – get some new material.’ And praise the cosmos, he HAS.  His next album (which hits stores next week) is supposed to be more acoustic than anything, so you better start picking up the pot again and laying off the rolling for a little while at the very least.
Do be sure to let me know how it is.

Britney Does an Interview (Sort Of)

To me, it was more like regurgitation of buzz words like ‘outrageous,’ ‘out of this world,’ ‘fantastic,’ and ‘amazing,’ but friends? It’s a start. Britney‘s totally not what she used to be as far as being able to engage people (and what the fuck is with the facial tick and the avoidance of eye-camera contact?), but she’s taking steps in the right direction in order to bring herself back to relevancy in the new millennium.

Britney’s hauled a long road, you know? I just really hope she’s finally doing what’s right for her and her fragile psyche, and hell. Not EVERY interview, public appearance, and commercial can be as cool and fun as the one from 1999 anyway.

A Day in The Life of Britney Spears!

A photo of Britney Spears

We’ve been pretty good at keeping you posted on the mental health of Britney Spears. We tell you all about her delusional, jacked ticket prices and her dance technique.  And now, In Touch has a little story about some of Britney’s day-to-day activities.  Warning:  it’s pretty pitiful.

From In Touch via Celebitchy:

Three years after the meltdown that landed her in a mental health facility, Britney lives like a prisoner in her own home, with virtually every aspect of her life under the control of her father/conservator, Jamie Spears.

“She isn’t allowed to have a cell phone, and she’s not allowed to take incoming calls to her home unless security screens them first,” reveals an insider. “If she wants to make outgoing calls, security has to dial the numbers for her. She still has an allowance, and if she wants extra cash, she must submit a formal request…

Allowed contact with few people other than Jamie, her sons Jayden, 4, and Sean, 5, and her boyfriend, talent agent Jason Trawick – with whom she frequently fights – the onetime party girl is “incredibly lonely,” says the insider.

She has no privacy and yet at the same time, she has no time to herself. “Most people don’t know this, but Britney has a sober companion who is with her constantly, whenever Jason isn’t,” shares another close source. “The companion follows her everywhere she goes – even to the bathroom in restaurants or other public places – to ensure there’s no way anyone can slip her drugs.”

I can’t imagine living like this without going out of my mind, but I’ve also never had a doctor diagnose me as “gravely disabled.” And, as everyone always says, what Britney’s got going on seems to be working for her.  But honestly, she also seems like this dog that lives across the street – he’s chained up pretty close, so he spends all his time in his little dog house, and there are other dogs that visit him and he gets food and water and some attention.  You know, that dog’s alive, but what kind of life is it?

For Only $1,000, You Could Meet The Shell of a Human That is Britney Spears

Remember how earlier this week I told you that you can see Britney Spears live for anywhere between $99 and $999? Well, if you’re one of the eleven people on the planet earth rich and crazy enough to buy the highest priced tickets, you also get the bonus of meeting the totally crazy former pop princess in person! Score!

I’d like to take a moment to remind everyone (especially you, Lisa Loeb) that it’s 2011, Britney Spears is freakin’ crazy and the apocalypse is going to hit before we all know it. Anyone who’s spending $1,000 to watch Britney lip sync through 12 songs and then shake her insane hand deserves the devastation that they will suffer when they spent their food and guns money on such a silly and frivolous thing.

2002 Britney? That maybe would have been worth the cash, but the warbly maniac with the crooked weave is no longer worth your time and money folks. Sorry.