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Jason Trawick is Sick of Being Britney Spears’ Babysitter

photo of jason trawick and britney spears pictures
Let’s just hope he doesn’t go out and CHEAT ON HER like some people might.

From Radar Online:

The Toxic singer and her fiance of over 7 months, Jason Trawick, are having major problems in their relationship due to the pressure of her new judging gig, multiple sources tell exclusively.

“Their relationship has been majorly rocky ever since she started filming The X Factor,” a source reveals to Radar. “They are constantly fighting about everything, and it isn’t good.”

Another source says that Jason, who became Britney’s co-conservator in April 2012, and has been by her side since she started her judging gig on the hit talent show in May 2012, is less than pleased that he has gone from being a big time Hollywood agent to Britney’s full-time babysitter.

“When Jason left his job at William Morris Endeavor in May 2011, it was under the impression that he was going to be managing Britney’s career, but that hasn’t happened,” the source says. “Now he feels like he is the househusband and errand boy in the relationship, and that isn’t what he signed up for.

“Part of his role as co-conservator is to be with Britney every second that she is on the set of The X Factor, and he is getting fed up with it.”

Britney’s onset antics have become a major issue and have become Trawick’s responsibility to control and deal with.

“He is constantly having to discipline her because of her erratic behavior on the show, which is creating major riffs in their relationship as well, because Britney doesn’t like to be scolded or told what to do,” the first source says.

“The mixing of business with pleasure has really damaged their relationship, and they are both really unhappy at this point.”

What’s next, an announcement that they’re taking a break? I realize that, for legal purposes, it probably won’t happen, but it wouldn’t surprise me in the least. We’ve just had the summer of surprises over here, guys, what with Katie Holmes finally growing a set and Kristen Stewart cheating on Robert Pattinson with an older, much-less-attractive married-with-children man … what’s next? I can’t even begin to imagine.

MISSING: Two Eyebrows! REWARD: Six Cases of Diet Pepsi!

photo of britney spears no eyebrows bikini pictures
This is a photo that Britney Spears posted to her Facebook account over the last day or so, showing one awesome bikini body, two adorable young children, a non-trashed hotel (?) room, and the glaringly-obvious absence of two eyebrows, and anyone who’s ever seen Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’ knows what a bad, bad look the whole no-eyebrows thing can be on the wrong face.

Aside from all of that business, though, girlfriend looks great, right? From the neck down, she looks almost like the old Britney that everyone’s always inquiring about. From the neck up? Well. She looks like a drugged-out Bob Geldof, now, doesn’t she?

Can we maybe go ahead and do something about that, Britney’s handlers? Come on now.

Hey, Look, It’s Britney Spears’ Cleavage!

photo of britney spears cleavage x-factor pictures
Yay! It’s Britney, signing autographs at an ‘X-Factor‘ function! Doesn’t she* look great? Her hair is still pretty fabulous, and she looks happy, too. It sounds like things are really looking up for our girl Britney, as there hasn’t been a word about on-set breakdowns or crying or walking off sets. In fact, Britney sounds like she’s really getting into her judging groove. Entertainment Weekly has compiled a Top 8 list of Britney’s most “blunt” responses whilst judging the talent on ‘X-Factor’, and some of them are downright harsh. From EW:

– “I thought it was magnificento!”
– “Who let you on the stage?”
– “I feel like you need to go to New York and be on Broadway. I don’t think the pop industry could handle you.”
– “I’m sorry, I was bored. I have to say no.”
– “Holy cow! I can’t believe that voice came from that tiny body.”
– “To make a great performance, you have to step it up. There’s a big wall between us, and you need to learn to break it down.”
– “I can’t look. I literally can’t look.” (During one male contestant’s raunchy dance.)
– ”I’m sorry, sweetie, but you have to be great to be on this show.”

Wait. What the hell does “magnificento” mean? Does Britney think “magnificento” is Italian or something for “magnificent”? Because I think she’s actually looking for “magnifique” or “magnifico,” not both plus English all at once. But hey. We’ll let her slide. At least she’s not sitting in her chair throwing Cheetos as poor performances and mumbling swearwords under her Pepsi breath.

*Yes, I mean boobs. BOOBS. Her boobs look GREAT.

Love It or Leave It: Britney’s Kind-Of-Amazing Hair

photo of britney spears x-factor pictures curly hair pic
In what could probably be called “the best Britney Spears has looked in years,” Britney shows up at a red carpet event for ‘X-Factor’ alongside Demi Lovato, whose hair we’re not even going to discuss because it’s just flat-out atrocious.

In other good-Britney-news, she was most recently named the sexiest woman in music, according to Billboard magazine:

Britney Spears has been voted the Sexiest Woman in Music in a poll conducted in Billboard magazine. Over 600,000 people voted in the poll with the 30-year-old singer earning 45% of the first place vote.

In a distant second was Lady Gaga, who earned a meager 12% of the vote. Other musicians who made the list include Beyoncé and Miley Cyrus.

The top ten featured female celebrities like the ones mentioned above, and also included Rihanna, Carrie Underwood, Shakira, Nicole Scherzinger, Taylor Swift, and Katy Perry. Billboard also compiled a men’s list, which included Adam Lambert in the number-one slot, and others in the top ten to the likes of Adam Levine (which I just do not see), Justin Bieber (which makes me want to die), Enrique Iglesias, Bill Kaulitz, Bruno Mars, Bon Jovi, Chris Brown (!!), Usher, and the anti-Chris Brown, Drake.

Interesting list to say the least, but whatever. Britney looks absolutely great in these photos.

Jamie Lynn Spears “Looks Up” to Britney

Hm. Cute. Jamie Lynn Spears, unlike her big sister, can kind of sing! And by “kind of,” I mean “with the help of heavy, overpowering harmonies” and “low volume.” OK now. I’m going to seriously try to put away all snark for a few minutes, because honestly, the song itself is really sweet, and it’s definitely a tender moment here, guys. Let’s try to recognize, huh?

Ahem. Lyrics, please:

Scared little girl living on a big old world
You’ve outgrown your room
It all happened way too soon

They took away your innocence,
But we’ve still got a strong defense.
If I didn’t get sieved in this,
I’d be lonely.

So whether you’re a blue sky smiling
Or whether you’re a grey sky crying
I look up to you
I look up to you

Whether you’re the sunlight shining down
Or you hide behind a cloud
I look up to you
I look up to you

How do you repay a love song by the grave?
You hold out your hand and send me to sleep
But we won’t let it get the best of us,
We won’t fade away like dirt road dust
Cuz no matter what love still remains

So whether you’re a blue sky smiling
Or whether you’re a grey sky crying
I look up to you
I look up to you

Whether you’re the sunlight shining down
Or you hide behind a cloud
I look up to you
I look up to you

Southern days
Your silly face
In our memories they can’t replace.
No one else can take their place
But you

So whether you’re a blue sky smiling
Or whether you’re a grey sky crying
I look up to you
I look up to you

Whether you’re the sunlight shining down
Or you hide behind a cloud
I look up to you
I look up to you

Scared little girl living in a big old world

That’s actually … it’s really sweet, you know. And one can only assume that it’s about Britney (because it’d be way too morbid to assume that it’s about Jamie Lynn‘s daughter, Maddie, and it’s definitely not about total-f-cking-wacko Mother Spears, because she’s just an ass on legs), and if you watched the video, you probably heard her say in the very beginning, “You can imagine who I wrote it about.” I think that kind of speaks for itself, doesn’t it?

Also, Jamie Lynn here looks and sounds so much like the old Britney we used to know and love so much that it’s almost breathtaking. And eerie. Definitely eerie.

When Britney Dresses Herself …

photo of britney spears pictures dressing herself pic
A—Small island countries crack down the middle and radioactive emu emerge from the resulting orifice
B—The weave business gets ready for a boon
C—People think she’s way crazy all over again and winter boots in mid-June do no part in deterring people from thinking that she’s way crazy all over again

The correct answer is C. Well, it’s B, too, but it’s mostly C.

This is what Britney wore this past week on an outing with her kids, and I don’t even know where to begin in horrendousness. Is this in her ‘X-Factor’ rider, too? I mean, everything else is. Is there some kind of caveat that specifies that Britney can not, in any way, shape or form, even participate in choosing her outfits for ‘X-Factor’ episodes, but is allowed to dress herself while blindfolded on her off-days? Or is this more to do with the pesky conservatorship thing that’s still happening? That the one? Did Jason Trawick accept responsibility for Britney as co-conservator in exchange for girlfriend’s personal fashion freedom? Because man. That is a sacrifice of love if I’ve ever heard one.

Note to Britney: it’s not 2002 anymore. And even then, that particular look right there was f-cking awful. Can we get someone on this, please?

Britney Spears Almost Falls and WHAT IS THAT THING ON HER ANKLE

photo of britney spears pictures photos
Yeah, yeah, right, Britney Spears was getting out of her car with some God-awful ugly wedges on and she almost bit the dust, but that’s not even what I want to talk about here. I want to talk about what’s going on with girlfriend’s ankle. I know a lot of you are going to see that picture up there and say, “Gosh, Sarah, it looks like a brush-burn or a patch of psoriasis, or at the very least, CARPET RASH,” but this is where I’m about to correct you. See, this mystery funk made its debut back in December of 2011. Want proof? You got it. Here:

See? Did you think for a second that I was kidding? Because I wasn’t. The two photos right there were taken in December. You know, as in six months ago. The photo at the top of this post was taken last night. Literally. last. night.

I don’t know what’s going on with those ankles, there, girl, but maybe you should start to seek medical attention for it. Whatever it is, it looks no better than it did last year, and I’d be a little bit concerned by now if I were you.

Click the photos to enlarge, if you dare.