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Britney Spears

Britney Goes Home With Sons

Britney Spears headed home to Louisiana for a visit and for the first time ever was allowed to bring her sons along.  Brit, along with the boys and her warden daddy Jamie took a flight out of Los Angeles yesterday.  As much as I think K-Fed is a loser, I give him credit for allowing that to happen.  As the sole custodial parent, I’m sure he could have put a stop to her taking them out of state.

It’s awesome to see Brit put her life back together.  And I’m actually kidding about her father being a warden.  His intervention has saved her life; I didn’t think she’d see the end of this year.  She’s looking hot, sounding great, acting sane and her weave seems to be under control.  I hope she and her meds keep up the good work!


Here are some of the early photos of Britney on stage with Madonna at her show in LA on Thursday night.

Um … is anyone a little worried by the fact that Britney looks like the grown-up on this stage? Honestly, like, this is what I feel like it would be like if Katy Perry’s minister mom did a guest appearance at one of her shows. Like, “Yes, dear, that’s an interesting outfit you have on there. Sure does look like you’re having fun! Ha ha. Oh, and is that … uh … a skull on your guitar strap? How very … creative, dear. My, this sure is neat, this whole thing where you stand on stage in your underwear on purpose. Don’t you think you might be getting a bit old for this, darling? No? Fine. Are you through embarrassing me now? Okay then. I’ll be off.”