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Britney Spears

Britney Spears’ Meds Are Working Wonders

I am so happy to see Britney acting,  you know, sane, normal, happy.  Here is a clip from the upcoming Britney Spears documentary For The Record featuring Brit backstage on the Womanizer video shoot doing an impression of her dad.  Yay!  It’s old, goofball Britney without a pink wig or fake British accent in sight.  I cannot wait for this to air.  November 30th on MTV bitches!

Check Out Some of Britney’s New Tracks!!!

Woot woot!

You can check out SIX full tracks from Britney Spears’ Circus here.

You can also listen to short samples of all 15 tracks here.

I’m in the office, where the RealNetworks people are kindly giving me new Rhapsody products to replace the Sansa mp3 player that died on my rainy jog last night. Apparently there are more waterproof places to keep your mp3 player than between your breasts. I know this now. But thanks to Jeff on the third floor for my brand new iRiver clix for Rhapsody. See — it pays to Twitter about all life’s little inconveniences. Point is, I can’t exactly rock out to this stuff in my cubicle on full blast the way I want to. I will listen to them more closely tonight and give you my full review.

I’m Sorry, Is There Something Happening Today Besides Puppy Cam?

I am totally incapable of doing anything that doesn’t involve staring at this. And, no, that’s not a link to Adrienne Bailon’s ass. That’s here.

But Britney took her sons to Louisiana for their first out-of-state visit with her since the custody settlement, and Jayden wound up in the hospital due to “a reaction to something he ingested.”

I like how they don’t specify what he ingested, because it was probably an entire carton of Marlboros. Anyway, Jayden is fine and is expected to be discharged soon. Yay for Jayden! Surviving an extended time period under your mother’s care is quite an accomplishment, my child.

Meanwhile, Britney has confirmed she’ll be appearing on the French show Star Academy the day after Thanksgiving. The commercial is above. I’m still busy patting myself on the back for knowing enough French to embed the video here.

I have to go now. The puppies are fighting. Soooo cute.