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Britney Spears

Hey, Guess What Leaked Already?

The new Britney Spears album, Circus.

It hit the internets on Sunday, weeks before its scheduled December 2 release date.

Now, I certainly don’t have it, because, ya know, I would never acquire music illegally, but, if I had heard it, I might have mentioned that it’s kind of a disappointment after Blackout — “Womanizer” is by far the strongest track — and that I think it sends a really unfortunate message that Britney actually made a way better album when she was drunk and bipolar than when she was sober and sane.

Britney Spears Circus Promo Photos

Someone went a little Photoshop crazy about her nose area but here are some Circus promo pictures and a video still that were distributed to leaked onto the internet.  What do you think?  I love me some Brit but I think she’s looking a little bit aging Vegas showgirl in these.

Britney Spears’ Meds Are Working Wonders

I am so happy to see Britney acting,  you know, sane, normal, happy.  Here is a clip from the upcoming Britney Spears documentary For The Record featuring Brit backstage on the Womanizer video shoot doing an impression of her dad.  Yay!  It’s old, goofball Britney without a pink wig or fake British accent in sight.  I cannot wait for this to air.  November 30th on MTV bitches!