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Britney Spears

More Britney Dramz in the Upcoming Rolling Stone

Holy wow, kids! Everything’s coming up TRAINWRECK BRITNEY!

We have her MTV documentary to look forward to, and now an upcoming interview with Rolling Stone offers another up-close-and-personal look at the girl who owns the epithet of troubled pop tart.

You can read the first part of the interview here. Some fun excerpts:

Britney today has about as many legal rights as when she was in the Mickey Mouse Club. She is watched over day and night by security guards Jamie hired (and she’s paying for); it’s also rumored that Britney’s phone calls are closely monitored and that she’s not allowed to drive her own Mercedes. Recently, says one source with ties to the Britney camp, Jamie fired a guard who let the singer use his phone.

She also talks about her kids and the time they spent with Kevin:

“I didn’t think my husband was gonna leave me,” she says, deadpan. She laughs to break the tension. “Otherwise, I’d be with my babies 24/7. But since they’re almost like twins, they both take care of each other. I think they look like me,” she says, going from affectionate to bitter as she gets distracted by thoughts of Federline, whom she sees only when one of them is picking up the boys. “They don’t look like their father at all,” she continues. “And it’s weird ’cause they’re starting to learn words like ‘stupid,’ and Preston says the f-word now sometimes. He doesn’t get it from us. He must get it from his daddy. I say it, but not around my kids.”

And the opening line is a doozy:

There’s an understanding among those who know Britney well: When she’s blond, she’s happy. When she’s brunette, she’s sad. When she’s pink, she’s crazy.

OMG, ya’ll!