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Breaking Dawn

New Breaking Dawn Posters! And a New Breaking Dawn Trailer!

As for the trailer, I feel like I’ve seen all of this before, just in different sequences, but hey. It’s a testament to what the franchise thinks of their ever-adoring fans that they’re willing to splice different scenes together to intense music and give us a few extra seconds that we think we saw anyway, right?

What do you guys think of the trailer? The poster? The positive pandemonium of it all?

Oh, and I know we’ve seen this before (and like me, have replayed it over and over and over again), but here it is again. IT’S JUST THAT APPROPRIATE.

The Latest Batch of Breaking Dawn Stills Have Arrived

photo of breaking dawn stills robert pattinson and kristen stewart pics photos pictures

I don’t know about you all, but for me, the Breaking Dawn anticipation is growing. I just recently read all of the books for the first time, so it’s not like there’s going to be any real surprises in the latest franchise installment, but I’m excited nonetheless. Not, you know, as excited as this girl, but filled with a mild anticipatory glee regardless.

These are the latest “leaks” from the upcoming Twilight movie. AND KRISTEN STEWART‘S SHORTS ARE SOOOOO SHORT. But she looks happy, and it’s good to see girlfriend smile. Like, really, really smile as if she almost really means it.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Do Entertainment Weekly

photo of entertainment weekly kristen stewart and robert pattinson pictures photos

O. M. G. OMG. Like, OMG. By a show of hands, who’s going crazy for this magazine cover? I’m talking totally, batshit insane. Won’t-be-able-to-eat-dinner-for-three-days nuts.

I’ll let you in on a secret: while I’m not completely falling out of my chair over this, like the girl whom I desperately desire to guest vlog for us, I’m pretty excited. Breaking Dawn wasn’t my favorite Twilight series book, but it did have a few good parts – namely, the whole wedding/honeymoon thing. I’d be curious, from an artistic point of view, of course, how what’s written in the book will translate to film.

About that, by the way, Kristen Stewart says:

“It’s a trip to watch the wedding scenes especially. It was so volatile and emotional – I was being such a crazy person.”

And Robert Pattinson says about the sex scene, of course:

“I wanted to have it as a line so much. [In an American/Edward accent] I bit through all the pillows. Every. Single. One. And then he’d start crying. By the way, that’s what he should be ashamed of in the morning. All those beautiful pillows! Egyptian cotton! [Laughs] I ruined this bed!”

Can you guys almost not even stand it? Bed-ruining? Volatile emotions? Dear God.

Jacob Black (Or, You Know, Taylor Lautner) Says Breaking Dawn Will Make You WEEP

Isn’t it something like a hundred days ’til Breaking Dawn is here? Are any of you seriously freaking out yet? Will you go see it in theaters? I only just got into the Twilight franchise over the past few months, and in that time I’ve seen all of the movies to date, and, of course, have read all of the books (I’m considering going through them a second time to prepare for the new movie, just ’cause that’s how I do), so I’m looking forward to seeing the next installment. I’m not going to, like, run out on opening day or anything, but I’ll probably see it within the month it comes out.

Oh, also? Taylor Lautner gets hotter and hotter regularly. Seriously. I remember when all this Twilight hubbub started and I was completely creeped out by so many of my friends drooling so hard over him. But now? Well. I’m whistling a different tune these days, that’s for damned sure.

The Moment You’ve All Been Waiting For: The Leaked Breaking Dawn Honeymoon Scene

Ooh man, is someone gonna get in trouble for this one. Apparently, some dude (by the sound of the hooting, anyway) snuck a camera into Comic Con and filmed a really crappy cell video of the Breaking Dawn honeymoon scene. It’s almost as good quality as the sex scene you guys saw last week (that is to say, hardly any at all), but I have no doubts that the Twihards will be rubbing one out – furiously – to this clip, which is an entire three-and-a-half minutes. Can you last that long?

The Cast of Breaking Dawn Was at Comic-Con, Of Course

photo of taylor lautner robert pattinson and kristen stewart at comic con 2011 pics

Won’t be long now, guys! The next big movie to hit theaters will be Breaking Dawn Part 1, and then we can talk about that for six weeks before and after like we have with Harry Potter. It’s only fair, you know. For now, though, enjoy the photos of the Twilight kids at the 2011 Comic-Con convention. It should hold you over ’til it’s light enough to get back to reading the book without your flashlight on. It still might be kind of early where you are. Enjoy!