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Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie is huge

There have been reports that Angelina Jolie is in counseling to help deal with feelings of poor body image since giving birth to twins Vivienne and Knox.  Bravery was apparently the...


Hooray for Brad Pitt

Papa Pitt has donated $100K to the fight against California’s Prop 8, which aims to overturn the Supreme Court decision making same-sex marriage legal in the state. “Because no...


Daddy Time!

Geez, ya know, when I was a little kid and my dad wanted to spend some quality time with me, he’d, like, toss me into the car and let me eat chicken wings at Hooters while he watched...


Father/Daughter Bonding

Brad Pitt and Zahara do ridiculously adorable things in the south of France. Seriously. Will these people adopt me? I know everybody says that, but I mean it! I love my parents, but I...



“Mate, I’ve been living with that other bloke’s name for years, it doesn’t worry me at all … I’ve always been Brad. Let him change his...