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Bob Harper

Bob Harper Comes Out To The Surprise Of No One


Biggest Loser trainer Bob Harper came out on the show….to the surprise of no one. Don’t misunderstand me, I say good for him and give him high fives, but this is like Lance Bass or Raven Symone coming out — everyone knew, we were waiting for you to join the party. But sometimes that’s just how it is, because you should never force anyone out of the closet no matter how obvious.

Apparently, this season of The Biggest Loser is crazy. American Idol winner Ruben Studdard is on it as any other ordinary contestant, and trainer Jillian Michaels is breaking all kinds of rules.

As for Mr. Harper’s moment, here’s how it went down on the show, via Los Angeles TimesHe told a competitor,

I’m gay… Being gay doesn’t mean being weak. Being gay doesn’t mean that you are less than anybody else. It’s just who you are.

So there you go. Bob Harper is officially out.

Anyone watching TBL this season?

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You Guys, We Need to Talk About the Biggest Loser

Okay, so, if you’ve read this blog for any length of time, you know that I have a tendency to obsess on things. One of the things I tend to obsess on is television shows. I just get really into a show and think about it constantly, and the advent of iTunes means I can download every past episode instantly, right from my living room couch, and this is a very bad thing for my productivity. This summer I was obsessed with West Wing, and I watched all seven seasons straight through in the space of like two months. Do you know how many hours that is? (If you do, please don’t tell me.)

Right now, I’m obsessed with The Biggest Loser. My amazing trainer Kristen (quick shout-out — check out her website if you live in the Seattle area — I’ve been training with her since the week I moved here and she’s become both my fitness guru and my surrogate big sister) told me I had to start watching because I’d love it, and this season I started watching. And OMG do I love it. I just sit on my couch and watch it and sob with happiness and feel inspired and occasionally even get off the couch long enough to do 20 crunches before returning to the couch and sobbing some more. (This is why I need Kristen. All the televised inspiration in the world can’t actually get me to the gym.)

Anyway. Some friends hosted an early Thanksgiving/gratitude dinner tonight, and while I was shoveling delicious buttery calories into my mouth, the topic of The Biggest Loser came up. And then Bob and Jillian came up. And the table I was eating at was mostly filled with friends of mine who are lesbians, and they started arguing over whether Bob and Jillian were gay. Some of them swore they were both gay, some swore that neither was gay, and some thought that Bob was gay and Jillian wasn’t. I was leaning toward Bob might be gay and Jillian definitely wasn’t, but if the lesbians can’t decide, who am I to weigh in? So I asked on my Twitter.

The consensus? There was none. The opinions were completely varied. Wendie says she’s read Jillian’s book and she’s straight. But then an old friend of mine said that she knows for a fact — and this is possibly the very best gossip I’ve heard all year — that Jillian used to date Jackie Warner from Work Out a long time ago. If that is true I will just explode with reality TV happiness and insist that they get their own show together. I will fucking produce it myself.

The topic sparked such animated discussion, and I like to hear all the possible opinions I can about these things, so I thought I’d pose the question on here. What do you guys think? Anyone else have any fun inside dirt? Can anyone corroborate the story about Jillian and Jackie? (I would die of happiness.) And while we’re at it — who do you think is going to win this season? (My friends thought Rudy.)

Oh, and then a reader sent me this amazing video of Jillian training her BFF Vanessa Marcil, where she actually seems really nice and fun to be around and someone I’d want as a friend. It’s nice to see a new side of Jillian! Now I have to go out and get her book. OBSESSED, I tell you!