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Blind Item: The Kinky Celebrity Edition

Just to be as truthful as possible here, this blind item isn’t just about kinky celebrities. The kink is a part of it, but really, this blind item is about a ridiculous celebrity with ridiculous ideas who wants a kinky bad boy and who is willing to give up on her own marriage to get that. That just didn’t sound as pithy.

From Blind Gossip:

She has been drinking a lot lately. When she does, she lets out her real feelings about her marriage being a mistake. At a recent party, she began shouting loudly, “I should’ve never gotten married! F*ck him! F*ck you Mom and Dad! F*ck everybody!”

One of the reasons her marriage failed was because she felt cheated. She thought she was marrying a bad boy, but her ex actually turned out to be surprisingly straight-laced. She wanted someone genuinely wild. So, while she was still married, she started asking friends to find her someone who was a real “bad boy”.

That is how she wound up with her current beau. He has a bad reputation, and she didn’t even wait until the marriage was over before making a move on him. She actually started emailing and talking to him weeks before the marriage ended. (Her ex is completely in the dark about this). She is really falling for him, and she loves the fact that he is up for anything – anything – that is dirty or kinky.

I’m going to go with Katy Perry on this one, mostly just because I love the image of her getting wasted and screaming “f-ck you, mom and dad,” but also because it fits. It’s not a stretch to think that she thought she was getting with a bad boy when she got with Russell Brand, and I don’t think it’s a stretch to think that she started shopping around for another boyfriend while they were still married. And she’s still with John Mayer, who does have a bad reputation, as well as a reputation for being a kinky fellow.

Speaking of John Mayer’s kinky nature, did you know about that? Because I didn’t, but then I did some research, and now I feel like I know way too much about John Mayer’s bedroom habits. He’s apparently into playing with whipped cream and ice cubes, role playing, and anal, which, uh, whatever, but he’s also into peeing. Like, right on the lady he’s getting sexual with. Just think: he could be peeing on Katy Perry right now.

Any other guesses though?

Blind Item: Which Singer Has A Problem with Crack?

A photo of Christina Aguilera and Lady Gaga

From Blind Gossip:

Which singer needs to curb her use of crack? This lady needs to look after that voice!

You probably couldn’t tell by that extremely subtle picture I made up there, but it sounds to me like this blind item is either about Christina Aguilera or Lady Gaga. Christina Aguilera has been a big ol’ mess lately, and the part about “that voice” seems like it could be a pretty big clue, you know, because she’s on that show The Voice. But on the other hand, the first part of that sentence reads “this lady” could indicate Lady Gaga, you know, because of her name, and we’ve seen her look a hot mess lately as well. Also, Lady Gaga does have that whole history with drugs.

The only thing is that while the clue could fit either lady, neither of them have that typical Crack Chic look, you know? And I realize that not every single crack addict has to be extraordinarily thin, but that’s the image, isn’t it? Then again, the blind item does indicate that the singer is currently just developing a problem, so the weight loss could be something that’s in store. Or it could be about someone completely different. But that’s what’s fun about blind items, isn’t it?

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Blind Item: Which Infamous Couple Is All Set to Reunite?

From Blind Gossip:

There has been much speculation surrounding the status of this headline-grabbing former couple. Are they are, or are they not, together? The answer lays squarely in the former rather than the latter.

Despite the bad press, despite the criticism of fans, despite the ridicule that would be heaped upon them when they finally reunite in public together as a couple, they simply don’t care.

So, is their love really that strong? Perhaps. But certainly their “sexual chemistry” is intense, leading one friend to say that they are ”obsessed by one another” .

With the pair already sharing the same bed again, all bets hedge on them walking the red carpet together very, very soon…

The most popular guesses for this one, natch, are Chris Brown and Rihanna or Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. I’m going to place myself firmly on the Chris Brown and Rihanna train though, simply because I don’t think there would be that big a backlash if Rob and Kristen get back together. Twihards will probably be upset, and some of us would have a “come on, Rob!” moment, but there wouldn’t be this massive amount of ridicule heaped upon them, I don’t think. Nope, I’m pretty sure all signs point to Chris and Rihanna. And that’s sad.

I shouldn’t have to tell you why the idea that these two are “obsessed by one another” makes perfect sense, or why people would be upset if these two were to get back together, but I will tell you this: the VMAs are in just two short days. Chris and Rihanna are both nominated, and they’re both scheduled to attend. There are even rumors that this will be that red carpet that they plan on walking together.

But what do you guys think?