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Blind Item: What “Successful Recording Artist” Lives in Fear of His Ex?

This isn’t a conventional Blind Item at all—in fact, it’s an anonymously-written email, published by an advice columnist. Who could the email be referencing, though?

In the letter, a down-on-her-luck gal claims that back in high school she went steady with a now-successful “recording artist”:

Things were going well between us until his career picked up toward the end of our senior year. He transformed from a level-headed, compassionate guy into someone shallow and self-absorbed. When he broke off our relationship, his words were, “I can’t see you fitting into this kind of lifestyle and the crowd I’m now going to be rolling with.” I was pregnant at the time (I never told him) but ended up miscarrying.

So that happened, and they never spoke again. She never went to college, which she regrets, and she blames both the guy and her own broken heart. Now, years later, the singer’s representatives have contacted the woman because OH MY GOD SHE HAS NUDIE PICS OF HIM. They’re begging her to get rid of the photos. And the photos are still on the old computer in her mother’s basement!

So, she concludes her letter to the advice columnist, should she sell naked photographs of her famous ex to the tabloids?

Signed, “A Woman Scorned.”

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Blind Item: Country Stars and Cocaine!

I am so ready to just jump into this and roll around in it and rejoice in the glory of this blind item, so let’s hop to it, shall we?

From BuzzFoto:

This Country Singer, known for dating just about everyone in Hollywood has started to develop a bad habit. As in, the white stuff. She picked up the habit when she was dating another musician and is now hooked. If our source is correct, her late night partying is going to catch up to her…. soon.

It’s Taylor Swift, right? Can you see it? She’s definitely dated a good few Hollywood dudes, and she does seem a bit too wholesome. Suspiciously so, almost. Or maybe I’m just reaching because, ok, it’s not like I WANT Taylor Swift to be addicted to cocaine, it’s just that it would be so deliciously bizarre to have little TayTay reveal such a dark side.

Or hey, maybe it’s Gwyneth Paltrow. She’s a country star, remember? Do you guys have any other guesses to add to the mix?

More Blind Items: Five of Them, Even, Because I Like You

Faceless woman in a hot pink dress

Who broke up a marriage? Which pop tart is getting back into acting? And whose scar is penance for his cheating ways? None of the answers are inside, because it’s time for More! Blind!! Items!!!

Put on your Thinking Gloves and talk to me in the comments downstairs.

Here’s an especially juicy scandal:

What Oscar-winning actor is already being blasted as a deadbeat dad BEFORE his baby’s even born?! The brooding actor hasn’t ponied up for his baby mama’s prenatal care because he’s been too busy romancing a hot new gal!

The Internet already has this narrowed down to either Benicio del Toro or Sean Penn. Good work, Internet! Which is it?

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Three Blind Items: Who’s Cheating? Who’s Gay? And Whose Luck Is About to Change?

Faceless woman in a nice pink dress

Do you have a serious Case of the Mondays? I’ve got the cure!

So put on your filthmongering caps and fire up your collective imagination! Here comes a fresh crop of Blind Items!

The National Enquirer asks:

Which iconic sci-fi sex symbol with a history of bad relationships has gone lesbian? The once red-hot actress’s life is usually an open book, so it’s no wonder she’s telling friends that she’s ready to come out!

Tee hee. I have my suspicions, but I’ll leave it in the comments with the rest of your guesses.

Isn’t this fun, you guys? Two more Celebrity Blinds are hidden after the jump!

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Blind Item: Which Celebrity Mom Started a Porn Club?

I’m horrible at blind items.  My brain just does not work in that way.  Trust me, I wish it did, I would bring you all the scoops, but sometimes life isn’t fair.  But then, very very rarely, a special little blind item comes along that I have to know the answer to or I will simply die. This is one of those:

This is one of the hottest tickets in town. This mom, who is married, or I think she is married, close enough anyway to this former A list movie actor who is still a solid B with A+ name recognition started a club. It is for celebrity mothers. Each month, a play date/party is held where the moms bring their kids called PPP. Pot, porn and petting. Yep, the kind of petting you think. Apparently all of the moms are in hetero relationships but like the monthly bonding. One former B list movie actress from one hit movie who keeps failing at television is rumored to have got pregnant solely because she wanted to come to these parties. Who watches the kids?

Who could it be?  Seriously, I have zero guesses.  That’s a lie: the former B lister with the single hit movie could be Alicia Silverstone maybe, right? Maybe she had Bear Blu so she could get into the cool club.  I don’t know, I’m just grasping at straws here.

Can any of you more blind item savvy folks give me a hand here?  I’m a curious lady, and I need some theories.

Blind Item: Which TV Actress Gets Revenge with Used Tampons?

Now, I’ve never done a blind item before because I’m usually laughably terrible at them, but this one was just so painfully obvious to me, and it also gives me a chance to do one of my very favorite things.  Ok, I’ve already said too much, so just read the story and then we’ll discuss it:

This star is part of an ensemble cast that gets together every once in a while to hang out. Our star is not the brightest star of the bunch but she is one of the nicest. Because she is so nice, and generally well liked by every body in the group it’s caused some jealousy issues with one of the cattier stars. The jealousy boiled over after the group hung out several weeks ago and the jealous actress had a few drinks in her. She got her hands on a used tampon and put it on the driver’s seat of the nice celeb’s car. When the nice star was walked out to her car by the group, everyone saw it and although she denied it was hers, everyone was still grossed out.

Um, Lea Michele and any other actress from Glee, right?  Lea has a solid history of attention whoring and self-importance, and I don’t think she’d be above handling a used tampon out of jealousy.  I mean, if you guys watch Grey’s Anatomy or The Hills and have some inside scoop, let me know, but until then, I’m going to choose to believe that Lea Michele is That Girl who is crazy bitch enough to do this sort of thing.

Blind Item: What Actress Is Hooking Up With Her Ex’s Mom?

Holy shit. Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit.

Today’s blind item comes from, and if there’s any truth behind it, this is some of the most crazy-ass Hollywood shit I have ever heard in my life.


Which A-list film actress, who recently split from her handsome actor-beau, is rumored to be having a lesbian affair with a much older woman? The kicker is that the alleged woman is the ex’s mother.

If you’re doubting even for a second that this is about Renée Zellweger and Bradley Cooper, than you probably don’t read here very often. As I’ve been pointing out for years now, Bradley Cooper is almost definitely gay and Renée is probably an undercover lesbian herself. What makes this item so scandalous and saucy is not just that Renée’s been running around with her man-beard’s mom, but that we have photos of her and Mrs. Cooper running around like BFFs that we published last year.

At the time I pointed out that the two ladies becoming close was a sign of how seriously Renée and Bradley were taking each other, but in retrospect, these ladies could have TOTALLY been doin’ it. I guess my mind’s just not wired to assume that kind of thing. Like, why would I ever assume that Renée Zellweger and Bradley Cooper’s mom are hooking up?

Anyway, I’m willing to take any other guesses for this item in the comments, but I’m pretty sure we’ve nailed this one down.