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Blind Item: Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds or Jessica Biel & Justin Timberlake?

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From Blind Gossip:

She is pregnant! No, they haven’t announced it yet. She looks great, but she isn’t showing.

No, we don’t know if she got pregnant before or after. The timing is interesting, though. Just a few months ago, he told his friends that although they got along, he really didn’t see her as the girl he wanted to marry.

Did she know that? His friends think she did… and planned the pregnancy to force the marriage issue. They think she knows how important family is to them, and that this was all a grand manipulation on her part. If not for the pregnancy, they think he would have made a different choice.

In any case, it’s a good thing that they both love kids. Their first one will arrive the middle of next year.

What do you guys think? See, I feel it could be Ryan and Blake because it sounds like the pregnancy thing has been a thing for awhile. And Blake and Ryan have been married longer than Jess and Justin, too, so there’s that. But I’m also pretty sure that Ryan was solidly into Blake even before they decided to marry, and there probably wouldn’t have been much coercion involved in getting him to the altar. Justin and Jessica, however? Well. We’ve all heard those stories before, and even now, Jessica Biel pregnancy rumors are flying around left and right. I guess if I absolutely had to choose, I’d say this has Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake all over it. Thoughts?

Blind Item: Rob and Kristen Aren’t Back Together, Never Were Together

A photo of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

From Blind Gossip:

Everyone is so excited that these two lovebirds are back together! Sorry, but that kind of naivete is going to come back to bite you on the butt. Why? Because their reunion is both fake and temporary.

We told you before that they their original couplingtook place in a publicist’s office. They became good friends, but nothing more. If they look like they are in love, it is only because they are actors. If they can convince you on screen, they can convince you off screen.

They are now reuniting as a “couple” to promote their new film. The success of that film will enable both of them to command top dollar for subsequent films, after which they will be parting once again. Their breakup is scheduled to occur in 2013 after the DVD release.

I think we can all agree that this blind item is supposed to be about Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, right? Regardless of your views on their relationship, it’s fairly obvious that they’re the subject of this. So let’s just move right along.

IS ROBSTEN FOR REAL?! Were they ever for real, or was their whole entire relationship just a publicity stunt? Or are they really for real dating and the cheating scandal was the publicity stunt? Or were they really dating and Kristen really cheated, but their reconciliation was the publicity stunt? Or were they never dating, but Kristen really for real fooled around with Creepy Rupert and got caught, so they had to do the thing where she sincerely apologized and then eventually got back together? There are so many possibilities!

Here’s why I think the relationship between Rob and Kristen was and is a publicity stunt: Twilight. Twilight became this super huge, unbelievably crazy thing, and Rob and Kristen could get a whole lot of buzz by pretending to be the real life Edward and Bella. And the timing of the cheating scandal, right before the very last movie release? That seems a little fishy. They had a big problem, Kristen publicly declared her undying love, and they got back together, all in time for the premiere. And they never really seem to have much chemistry, do they? That’s obviously not the be-all, end-all in this debate, but if you showed me some pictures of them and said “hey, look at these awkward stoner BFFs who love to hang out and listen to records and not bathe,” then I would have no trouble believing you.

And here’s why I think the relationship between Rob and Kristen was not and is not a publicity stunt: they’re not good at publicity. If they really are a fake couple trying to create this image of true love for the Twihards, then why don’t they talk about each other more? Why doesn’t Kristen gush about Rob in interviews, why are they so rarely seen in public together? And, along those lines, if the whole thing is just for publicity, then why haven’t we seen any photos of the happy couple reunited? And why would Rupert Sanders and Liberty Ross toss their family into the whole cheating mess? Are they just looking for publicity wherever they can get it, no matter what?

What are we supposed to believe, friends?