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Bindi Irwin

Bindi Irwin Has A Boyfriend Now!

bindi irwin

The last we heard from Bindi Irwin, she was telling girls to cover up and stop dressing like sluts and start seeing life like she does: through rose-coloured, animal-loving glasses. It seems she’s done a lot of growing up in this past year, because she’s started dating and has even met that special someone!

“There is someone special in my life right now, and I’m really happy with that,” Bindi told ET. “Life is wonderful at the moment.” Bindi didn’t reveal her boyfriend’s name, but she has been seen hanging out with professional wakeboarder Chandler Powell.

Aw, that’s kinda cute, actually. Young love! What a wonder.  Bindi also shared that she’s not on Facebook because it bugs her out, so to speak.

“I have never joined the Facebook world, because to be truthful social media scares me to death,” Bindi said. “It is kind of crazy how huge that world is, so I have never joined Facebook, but I do have Instagram and Twitter.”

I think her dad would definitely be proud of her – she seems like she’s got a good head on her shoulders, generally speaking, and I’m sure she’ll be just fine. Also, Facebook is THE WORST, so I’m with her on that. Good choice, Bindi. Just stay off Snapchat.

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The Crocodile Hunter’s daughter, Bindi Irwin, wants girls to “cover up”

bindi irwin

Why am I not surprised that Bindi Irwin, the now 15-year-old daughter of the late Steve Irwin, also known as the Crocodile Hunter, is a bit of a slut shamer? Sure, she’s still young and stupid, but she’s got a cause other than saving the animals, and that’s encouraging young girls to wear “appropriate” (however she defines that) clothing and not showing too much skin.

Here’s what she told News Corp Australia (via US Weekly):

“I’m a big advocate for young girls dressing their age,” Irwin, 15, said. “I mean, for me, I look around at a lot of young girls that are my age and they’re always trying to dress older. Whether it’s wearing revealing clothes or hardly wearing any clothes at all, I feel really bad for them. It kind of has the opposite effect in some ways … it kind of does the opposite where it makes you look younger and like you’re trying too hard.”

The precocious star, who last starred in 2013 movie, Return to Nim’s Island, went on to say, “I almost wish I could tell young girls, ‘Look, in 10 years when you look back at yourself, you’ll cringe, honey, honestly.’” In fact, Irwin pleaded with her fellow teenage girls to “dress like you are,” while adding: “Don’t try so hard. A pair of jeans and a T-shirt is just as gorgeous and even makes you look classier.”

“To be able to have that outlook on life is such a blessing,” Bindi said of her role model. “I’ve gotten that from my mum especially. The way I choose to dress, I want to influence other people around me, I suppose.” The animal rights advocate said it probably helps because she’s well beyond her years.

“My mum and I, we were playing this game, how old would you be if you didn’t know how old you really are?” she said. “Like how old is your soul? And I said ‘I’d be 86.’”

She mused, “I love a cup of tea and a good book and none of that [other stuff] really interests me… I guess growing up at [the] Australia Zoo and getting to travel all over the world, I have this great outlook on life and that’s what I hope I inspire other kids to have.”

Oh, Christ. Okay, first things first. Do I believe that kids should be kids and stop trying to grow up so quickly? Of course. Enjoy being young, man. It sucks when you actually ARE an adult and you have to get a job and pay bills and run a house and stuff. No need to rush that shit.

However, I am not here for some 15-year-old who is pretentious as hell – clearly, since she feels comfortable saying she’s an old soul just because she likes tea and books – telling other teenagers that they’re not “classy” unless they dress the way she does. Hell no. All young people do shit that they look back on in 20 years and say, “Man, what was I thinking?” It’s a rite of passage! You can’t tell me she’s not going to look back at this interview in 20 years, see how far her head was up her own ass, and have the same cringe-y reaction.

How about this, kids: dress “appropriately”, whatever that means to you. If you want to wear something slutty, knock yourself out. If you want to cover yourself up like a nun, more power to you. Just don’t let some obnoxious goody two-shoes like Bindi Irwin tell you you’re doing it wrong.

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Go Bindi, Go!

Bindi Irwin Modeling for Bindi Wear, Pictures, Photos

Here’s the always-adorable Bindi Irwin, walking the runway for her new line of eco-friendly kids clothes, Bindi Wear.

You can learn more about her collection here.

And, yeah, I do feel a little weird posting this immediately above the image of the Jenna Jameson vibrator. But some things can’t be helped.