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Bea Arthur

Would You Like A Million Dollar Painting Of A Topless Bea Arthur?

bea arthur nude naked

Bea Arthur, maybe the goldenest of all the girls, is quite the muse to painter John Currin. Currin painted a portrait of Bea Arthur…topless. And it’s expected to make a lot of money at a Christie’s Auction. Like, a LOT of money.

From The Huffington Post:

Currin’s 1991 work sparked quite the controversy in its day, as many were torn between Currin’s technical talent and his “acrid fantasy portraits of menopausal women,” as Peter Schjeldahl wrote in the New Yorker.

Fast forward 22 years and Bea in the buff is more valuable than ever. The topless portrayal is expected to sell for between $1.8-2.5 million at Christie’s Post-War and Contemporary Art sale in New York this Wednesday.

You can see Bea in all her topless glory at the link.

She’s not the only one to inspire art. Amy Winehouse is having a statue made in her image, and let’s not forget the incredible gold Kate Moss statue that sold at a Sotheby’s auction for $900,000. Oh, and the, uh, statue of Britney Spears naked and giving birth sculpted by Daniel Edwards. That’s a good one.

Rest in peace, dear Bea. Know that you are missed.

Betty White Tells CNN That Bea Arthur Didn’t Like Her, Which Is Awful To Hear

This is a little old, but wayyy too important not to mention.

Betty White did Joy Behar’s show on May 4th (click here to see the video,) and when asked by Joy if she liked everyone she worked with on Golden Girls, Betty said, “Oh yes, oh yes. Bea was not that fond of me, but I loved her.”

Woah. Okay, this is not Monday morning news, right? We’re all too fragile right now to be hearing this, right? I’m going to keep going, so you can stop reading here if you don’t want any more details.

Betty said that she has no idea what she did to get on the late Bea Arthur‘s bad side, but that never stopped her from loving and admiring her. Damn, do you think that Bea could see into the future and knew that Betty would be the last Golden Girl standing and America’s Oldest Sweetheart? What gives?

I’m pretty upset by this. You dealin’?

Celebrating Bea Arthur


Note from MGMT: Our darling NYC correspondent, Skipabeet, had the opportunity to attend a Bea Arthur memorial this week, and she’s here to share her thoughts about this phenomenal woman.

A memorial was held for Bea Arthur yesterday afternoon at the Majestic Theatre in Manhattan, although the word ‘memorial’ was often not used, as many friends and family explained that Bea had specifically requested no memorial be held in her honor when becoming ill.  Bea Arthur passed away on April 25th 2009 at the age of 86.

The event was hosted by Angela Lansbury who looked as beautiful as ever in a white pant suit and heels, which didn’t keep her from opening the event with a song.  Lansbury starred with Arthur in the original Broadway production of Mame in 1955.  Other speakers at the affair included Rosie O’Donnell, Jerry Stiller and his wife Anne, Miss Coco Peru, and Rue McClanahan who played Blanche in the hit television series The Golden Girls.  Many told heart-warming stories of their time with Bea, including a short speech by each of her sons.  Bea’s love for comedy was not forgotten, however, and many stories kept the mood of the event quite light and humorous.  Rue told a story of the first time her husband introduced himself to Bea, to which Bea replied, “Rue.  Rue . . . I love Rue.  That Betty is a cunt.”  Here she was referring to Betty White, who played Rose on The Golden Girls. Betty was not in attendance.

The event included a video montage of Bea’s life long work including film, television, Broadway, off-Broadway, one woman shows, even photos from her childhood and her time spent at the New School acting with other greats such as Walter Matthau and her later husband, Gene Saks.

Donations in Bea’s name can be made to The Ali Forney Project to which she dedicated much time and money to helping LGBT adolescents find housing and other assistance.   A new residential center which is currently in the works will be named after Arthur and the 12 rooms used to house homeless LGBT individuals will be named after the various characters she played.

Additionally, Bea was a very big supporter of PETA.

Rest in peace, Bea, and thank you for being a friend.