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Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne’s New Album Cover Is, Um…


Avril Lavigne has a new album coming out and she posted the cover on her Facebook page and I don’t really know what to say about it. I feel like she’s trying to to go in a more artistic direction than she’s used to or something, as this kind of looks like what Marc Jacobs would do if he had to run Hot Topic’s creative. And he would never, ever do that.

She added the caption, “Thanks to all my fans for the amazing support! Here’s an exclusive look at the cover of my new, self-titled album!”

I will still defend Avril’s black wedding dress to this day, though not the dude she married it in.

What do you think of this cover?

Avril Lavigne Wore A Black Wedding Gown

avril lavigne wedding

Avril Lavigne married Nickleback’s Chad Kroeger while wearing a black wedding gown. I’m trying to find a joke in the sentence…but honestly, I’m in an emotional place right now where I’m discovering that after many, many years I actually like Snickers and it’s a wonderful feeling, so really I’m just happy for them. I have a new treat, they have a new marriage, she has a new dress, look at all of these new things.

According to People, the gown is,

a black Monique Lhuillier creation accented with matching jet roses [...]

I hate her eye make up other than that, whatever, yay for nontraditional wedding dresses.

avril lavigne black wedding gown

What do you think?

Wait! Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger Actually Got Married On Canada Day

chad kroeger avril lavigne

I know we all thought Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger were tying the knot in France on Saturday, but it actually happened on Monday, which was Canada Day, because of course their love is bigger than a national holiday. They apparently had a Canada-themed wedding extravaganza that kicked off on Saturday in Cannes and culminated in a big ceremony yesterday (which we have no actual reports of just yet).

Here’s what we do know, from E! News:

The couple’s three-day wedding celebration kicked off last night in the South of France in Cannes with a rehearsal dinner, a wedding source tells E! News.

“[Avril] picked Cannes because she’s spent significant time in Paris in the past few years and summered in places like St. Tropez,” the source said. “She’s very immersed in French food, ambiance and culture. It’s her favorite place to be.”

While the pair isn’t expecting a ton of celebs at their affair, former X Factor judge L.A. Reid is expected to attend the duo’s nuptials.

The actual ceremony will be held Monday night at an undisclosed location, and according to the source, not even the guests know where they’re going just yet.

They’re all being picked up from a location in Cannes and driven to the wedding venue.

Well, that’s… exciting. I’m sure they had a grand old time.