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Aurelien Wiik

Look Who’s Back in the Game!

Lindsay Lohan may have just broken up with her girlfriend that was probably definitely a woman, Samantha Ronson, but that doesn’t mean that that’s going to hold a bitch back from getting her make-out on. Yesterday Lohan was caught on tape (sorry, no embed) sucking face with a dude after shopping a bit at a store called Church Boutique on Santa Monica Boulevard. According to TMZ, this bro is some French actor named Aurelien Wiik. That explains the smile she has when he’s holding the sides of her face and talking to her. The dude looks like John Mayer and has a French accent. Damn, Lohan. That wasn’t the kind of comeback I was hoping you’d have, but I will accept it.

TMZ is quick to point out that Lindz’ transition from having a girlfriend to having a boyfriend is awfully similar to another crazy actress, Anne Heche. I’m not so quick to agree. We know that Lindsay has a long list of men she’s bedded, but who knows who or what she’ll date after this guy. I’m thinking that she could blow through at least three chicks and two dudes before Valentine’s Day if she plays her cards right. More than that, Lohan has the potential to bring object-sexuality to the mainstream. There’s no stopping a woman on a mission, am I right?